While others mature with age Mourinho gets more idiotic.

By Tai Emeka Obasi…


He called himself the special one and ever since has been living in the Utopian world of truly being the best. He still sees himself as not only the best coach in the world but also the most important personality in the business, if not ever created.

The ex-Chelsea coach is perhaps one of the only two living individuals that can start a fight in an empty room. The other is, of course, the United State’s president-elect, Donald Trump.

The Portuguese has been characteristically wetting everywhere with the incongruous spit escaping from his mandibles while dishing out excessively irate diatribes.

It is a huge surprise, shocking really, that Jose Mourinhio is suddenly agreeing that the word LUCK exists in football. He now sees his team, Manchester United, as the most unlucky side in the English Premiership. Suddenly Arsenal, of all teams, were lucky against his team.

But in the not-too-distant past the sacked Real Madrid coach never accepted any piece of his trophy haul ever had anything to do with luck. It usually was his tactical acumen. During the time when volcanic ash forced then best team in the world, Barcelona to travel by coach to their away game (since UEFA refused to postpone matches because of their being no flights, the then Inter Milan manger got the better of a fatigued Pep Guardiola-managed side by 3-1.  It was a setback the Catalan giants couldn’t overturn in Camp Non and the always dramatic Portuguese only thumped his chest while celebrating his tactical nous.

All the time he got out-played by Arsenal and even in many cases when the North London outfit were reduced in numbers via questionable officiating for Mourinho to beat Arsene Wenger, the ‘special one’ saw no luck.

But in a match where the only real chance Man United created resulted in Juan Mata’s goal, Mourinho has been screaming how he could have massacred Arsenal by 10-0. Arsenal’s Petr Cech made only two noteworthy saves in the entire 90 minutes … and neither of the efforts should have beaten any EPL goalkeeper. The only effort that deserved to go past Cech went past him. Perhaps Mourinho chooses to ignore the fact that the best chance of the entire game fell to Alexis Sanchez, who nodded wide.

One could see the Hollywood-worthy artist remonstrating on the side lines for what he believed was a penalty when Nacho Monreal appeared to have upended Antonio Valencia in the Arsenal’s box. But the Portuguese, in his known abject hypocrisy, chose not to gyrate when referee Andre Mariner ignored giving Mattaeo Darmain a deserved second booking and early showers just before the ‘penalty’ incident. If the referee had done his job on Darmain, Valencia would still be trying to restore balance – avoid conceding to a team with superior man advantage – than thinking of marauding into the opponents’ box.

But the ever cantankerous Portuguese would ignore all these issues and stick his evil dagger into Wenger saying – ‘he hasn’t built a championship team in 14 years’. The under pressure Man Utd manager would want the press to question Wenger on why he has not won in 14 years instead of coming after him that hasn’t won in 18 months.
Question is – who defines success? Mourinho?

The Arsenal board set their targets … and have kept Wenger for 20 years and counting, meant those targets must have been met by the Frenchman. While the ex-Porto coach is obsessed with trophies as the only thing that matter in football, those who invested genuinely-gotten wealth know otherwise.

First things first – football is business.

Wenger was winning trophies on yearly basis for the ten years he managed at Highbury. But after changing the face of the English football with his attractive and result-oriented football, the ex-Monaco coach knew his club, as a brand, needed to aspire for real greatness. And Le Prof has been a resounding SUCCESS on this front, a fact the entire board cherish. The Emirates Stadium is an edifice that dwarfs all Mourhinho’s trophies even if he wins more 100. And more – the Arsenal board know that.

Coming to building a championship team , if Wenger had spent over £150 million adding Paul Pogba, Eric Baily, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to his last season’s squad, he’d be at least five pints clear this very moment.

The loud-mouthed Portuguese would think of trophies and building teams. Yet, he let talents like Cech, Kevin Debruyne, Romalu Lukaku, Mata, David Luis, etc leave Chelsea. Today, Anthony Martial, who won the best world youth player last season is dwindling under Mourinho. Who knows how much longer Marcus Rashford would last if Man Utd board are crazy enough to keep the Frustrated One beyond this season.

Why this obsession about everything Wenger? Mourinho once called Wenger a voyeur in those early days he felt on top of the world. Today is is obviously Mourinho who is clearly that voyeur.

But whatever Mourinho does don’t ever underrate the loquacious one. He’s only winding Wenger up to distract the Arsenal gaffer. Of the five ‘big’ coaches in England – Wenger, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte … Mourinho has not beaten any of them in the league this season. And besides Wenger, he has inferior head-to-head with the other three. Any coincidence that all three are well ahead of Mou on the table? Plus Wenger, of course. So what is Jose trying to do? Distract the only one of them he hopes to overtake, distract him well enough to falter so that he, Mourinho makes top 4.

I just hope that Le Prof is far smarter than falling to the antics of the Fr.ustrated One this time around.

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29 Replies to “While others mature with age Mourinho gets more idiotic.”

  1. It’s gone up to his head they say in my mother language.
    To be honest nobody ever said what is going up their heads but U can only assume it is their own shit that goes the wrong way.
    And even though I am not a doctor I can imagine that shit in the brains is not a good idea.

    I hope that Wenger just ignores him.

  2. Absolutely correct. Mourinho should grow up rather than always childishly picking on Wenger. For me, Mourinho is only a lucky coach of the past.

  3. Mourinho has had success with his former teams but has not been magnanimous in victory. He has not shown respect for his adversaries. And, now that his team is not doing well, he is taking some stick and is not enjoying it. I would say that he is on a deserted island of his own creation.

  4. Mourinho is a fallen angel looking for whom to drag down abyss with him. Unfortunately, he chose Wenger who’s too focused on his job to take his bait. Like a bad work man, the Loquacious One is quarreling with his tools, players and all instead of looking for ways to shore up his falling fortunes.

  5. Mourinho is completely self-centred. He claims personal credit for any success, rather than acknowledge the contributions of others. Conversely, he refuses to accept a shred of responsibility for when things go wrong, blaming officials, his own players, his own medical team etc. etc.

    I know some long-standing MU fans who greeted his appointment with dismay, because of his personality, his record of bad behaviour, his unattractive style of football and the mess which he usually leaves behind when his 3-yr term ends.

  6. I used to think he would make an ideal governor of a provincial jail under a fascist regime. He had all the qualities to be the boss out in the sticks, creating his freedom while down on his knees to an authority far away in the capital city, choosing perks and privileges for the inmates, between him and the inmates and the exercise of his whims and the capricious taste of his will, the solid ranks of the prison guards.

    After the incident with the doctor, I am no longer certain he fits what I thought. To pick a fight with the team doctor is bad enough, you lose the team.

    To pick a fight with a female team doctor is worse by the number of women on the planet, you lose the team and half the people on the planet, and the children, minus the ones who want to be prison governors.

    To pick a fight with a female team doctor who speaks, or understand, all the langauges you yourself speak and understand, and you started out as a translator, he has lost the team, lost the memory of what he started out as, half the people on the planet, the children, minus those who want to be prison governors, and his ability to accurately translate who he is, from one language to the next. Luck floats by dazzling him.

  7. Moirinho is a thin skinned part time clown and a full time egomaniac who will use any and all resources available to him to get what he wants.
    He is a vile hypocrite and the opportunist , with a hint of misogyny sprinkled on top.

    When Chelsea lost 2:4 at home to Bradford City in the FA cup in 2015 , Mourinho went in and personally shook hands with every Bradford City player and coach, in what seemed at the time more like a PR move than a genuine gesture of a gracious loser.

    Afterwards I said Mournho would make a successful politician and by saying so I unleashed a backlash of monumental proportions on these pages, prompting people to call me all kinds of nasty names.

    Fast forward to November 8, 2016 and the American electoral college have elected a virtual Mourinho clone for the President of the US.

    I take no pleasure in calling this one right ahead of time btw.

  8. Do i smell the media slightly turning on the Arsenal in the last two weeks? May be its me alone. But any way, I pray we win our next match, we will make 2 points on both Spurs and Chelsea; and endure another week of Mourinho bickering! I like that.

  9. He signed da ting!

    Probably not who you were expecting, but Emi Martinez has signed a new contract (Arsenal.com front page).

    It is nice to see that Emi feels this is still the place to be, even with Cech, Ospina and possibly Szczesny still ahead of him in the pecking order.

  10. Well Tom I couldn’t agree more with your submission…Trump is the political version of Mourinho.

    JohnW…well, can’t blame the press getting back on Arsenal. When we refuse to get away from a norm there’s little anyone can do but accept the punches when they rain in. November CURSE has become real, more so this season.

    Zedsaunt…till this day the Frustrated One still feels too big to apologise to that innocent woman…just like he called his own player Samuel E’toO old man. Mourinho is one of the two best antagonist characters for a Oscar-winning movie. The other is Trump.

  11. The only thing that I would strongly disagree with you is in calling David Luis , ‘a talent ‘ !

  12. Tai Emeka Obasi.
    You have written well and you can write too. You are an Igbo Nigerian as your last 2 names have suggested. Ehn? How are you?

    Jose Mourinho is a big adversery in the wait at any time against Le Prof as his latest jibe against him has shown without any doubt. And as long as he’s in football management in the EPL, he’s not likely to abandoned his believes against Le Prof. So Le Prof cannot ignore him per say. But he shouldn’t allow Jose’s persistent anti friendly comments get to his nerves unnecessarily to the extends of distracting his focus on his Arsenal games. More so when Arsenal next play against Jose’s Man Utd.

    Is psychological warfare an accepted nouns at the top ends of professional football, boxing and wrestling? I am yet to know when the FA have charged any manager in the PL for making inappropriate jibe or comment against a fellow manager before a game is played, during the build up to a game and after a game has been played. But they charge any manager for inappropriate comment against match official(s) before a game or after.

    There are things we can’t takeaway from José Mourinho, e.g. his successes at Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea where he has won titles. But in as much as we the Arsenal fans hate José for his continuous unsavoury attacks against Le Prof, Arsenal under the guidance of Le Prof should win the quadruple or treble that included the PL & CL titles at the sametime this current season. This sounds difficult but they are not unwinnable.

    And for Arsenal to achieve these feasts this season so that José will be forced to relent in his barrage of attacks against Le Prof and refrains at least for sometime, Arsenal MUST vastly improved on their current ways of playing games as we evidently witness yesternight when the Gunners woefully failed to defend the lead they had against PSG but undisciplinedly defended to concede an equaliser. And not only that, they almost conceded a backbreaker goal to PSG if Cavani had more marksmanship to his attacks. In search of the winner, the Gunners were pouring out and thus left exploitable gaps in their half for PSG to exploit. But fortunately for us, they failed to score that backbreaker goal against us which we are supposed to have scored had we patiently played with discipline in going forward and not to be too axicious to score. I think we have to analyze this shortcomings and improved on it before we play against Bournemouth and Southampton at the Ems this month of the so-called difficult month for us.

  13. Emma Emeasoba….I sight you.

    Yeah Sam, you’re absolutely correct…thanks.

    BG…under Antonio Conte David Luiz has been some stalwart of sort. Something Mourinho couldn’t achieve…Look at Victor Moses…a chap the Frustrated One treated like s**t.

  14. @Tai Nigeria.
    But we all know within ourselves that Eto’o is older than he claimed to be. It wouldn’t have become an issue, a public one for that matter had Eto’o not made it an issue and went public. Sometimes, it’s better to be quiet and leaves the sleeping dog to lie. More so if one knows he’s guilty.

  15. Mourinho speaks about luck? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Let’s see this…

    UEFA Cup 2002-03 – Porto play the first leg of UEFA Cup Semifinal against Lazio. The visitors came to Portugal without their best defender and arguably one of the best in the world Jaap Stam. Porto won 4:1, in the reverse fixture it ended 0:0 with Claudio Lopez hitting a woodwork from the penalty spot and Mourinho reached the final.

    Champions League 2003-04 – Porto ended up second in their group, lost to Real Madrid at home (1:3) and played against Manchester United in Ro16. Porto won the first leg 2:1. United had a goal disallowed for non-existing offside at 1:0 for them before Porto got a late equalizer that sent them through. Until the end, they played Lyon, Deportivo and Monaco. It looked like all best European sides were shooting themselves into the foot (Arsenal lost to Chelsea, Chelsea lost to Monaco, Milan lost to Deportivo after 4:1 victory in the first leg) so that Mourinho and Porto could win the Champions League in the same year Portugal would host EURO (it’s a coincidence – or not – that Greece won EURO 2004 just before Olympics that were hosted by…Athens). You play the worst Manchester United side in years, a good but nothing spectacular Lyon side, a Deportivo side that conceded eight in the group match against Monaco and four at San Siro and a Monaco side that lost their best player Ludovic Giuly in the opening stage of the Final.

    Inter Milan 2008-10 – you play a league with all rivals heavily hit by Calciopoli and almost lose the title to perennial losers Roma. You beat Barcelona (without Iniesta) 3:1 thanks to an offside goal and then you play with nine defenders for 90+ minutes at Nou Camp. You somehow survive it and then you play Bayern who lost Ribery to an injury before the game.

    Chelsea 2004-07 – you win the league twice while having endless budget and main rivals going through austerity (Arsenal), team transition (Manchester United) and Liverpoolness (Liverpool). In the same time, you get schooled by Rafa Benitez in Champions League. Twice.

  16. I would like to point out that:
    Nice people are just naturally nice.
    Horrible people are just horrible people trying to be nice.

    Mourinho is now reeling from the “offer” he has been made:

    Managing MANUTD is not a job like managing Arsenal, he will not be the BOSS. He has to be a “yes man” at ManU, can’t see him staying there long unless he continues to keep his tail between his legs as ordered, albeit with the occasional flicker (subtle comments in his press interviews) which now come across like the flickering(oh man) embers of a dying fire, a half broken man.

  17. Mr Samuel Akinsola
    why does where Emeka come from matter in your contribution? i don’t mean to sound disrespectful but you can be characteristically sentimental in your analysis. please try to be more reasonable in your contributions. thanks.
    meanwhile a very nice piece from Emeka.

  18. @ Emma Emeasoba

    “Mourinho is a fallen angel looking for whom to drag down abyss with him”

    Fallen angel, my foot! More like a fallen devil, if it’s possible for a devil to fall any more!

  19. I heard Royal Mail shelved the idea of printing stamps with Mourinho’s face on it. During trial runs, they realised that people were getting confused which side to spit on!

  20. Frankly Mourinho is all about show, or son et lumiere as the French say. I believe Shakespeare summed him up perfectly; ¨full of sound and fury signifying nothing¨. It is all a game to him, the PR, the whining and mind games he plays with everyone and anyone. He is a tiny little frog in a very big pond and he thinks that by bellowing and croaking louder than anyone else, he will be mistaken as the king but he’s been found out and everyone now sees him as the jester.

    I don’t believe that he’s an idiot or a fool, just a person who enjoys winding up others and loves to be the centre of attention, winning OR losing.

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