Bournemouth – Arsenal : 3-3 crazy match, great come back

By Walter Broeckx

A few changes at the start of this match in the Arsenal team. No Özil and from last match no Elneny who was off to Africa. Lucas dropped to the bench. Also Gabriel dropped to the bench.

As a result Mustafi came back in the centre of the defence. Coquelin started in the place of Elneny and Ramsey started in the place of Lucas.

Team at the start:  Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Alexis, Giroud.

On the beach: Ospina, Gabriel, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Reine-Adelaide, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas.

Iwobi starting at the right flank and Ramsey behind the strikers judging on the position  in the first hectic minutes. Not much fluent football possible with Bournemouth chasing all over the field.  A first shot for Bournemouth after 8 minutes but straight at Cech. Cech then having to come out in the feet of a Bournemouth striker and was on the ball. No real Arsenal fluent football in the first 15 minutes and so a 0-0 score still.

Bellerin then too far to the middle and Bounemouth crossed the ball to Daniels who went past Bellerin and put the ball in the goal. 1-0 to Bournemouth after 16 minutes. Bournemouth counter and Xhaka with a little push in the back in the penalty area and the ref put the ball on the penalty spot. And Wilson put the ball in the goal. 2-0 for Bournemouth after 20 minutes. A needless foul from Xhaka as the player was going away from the goal.  What a terrible start from Arsenal.

The passing from Arsenal really below par. Coquelin then on the floor with an injury and Oxlade-Chamberlain came on after 27 minutes. Ramsey dropping back, Iwobi central and The Ox came on at the right flank.  Ramsey on the turn but the ball was deflected just wide.  Arsenal still 2-0 behind after 30 minutes.

Bellerin with a foul and a yellow card. Mustafi with a good tackle to stop Wilson. Arsenal not making any dangerous attacks as they cannot find teammates up front. A cross from The Ox finds Iwobi but he drags his shot wide under pressure after some 40 minutes. Cook goes in the book for a flying tackle on Alexis after an advantage came to nothing.

A few players from Arsenal really below par. Mustafi not at his level from before his injury, even Bellerin looking slow. Another Bournemouth shot goes just wide.  Ramsey also in the book after a bad pass and he has to bring a man down. Arsenal 2-0 behind at half time after a disappointing performance. We will have to improve a lot but not many options on the bench going forward.

Monreal given offside at the start when he was not offside. Alexis going down but nothing given, and no replay shown. The Ox with a cross but Giroud couldn’t direct his header. Ramsey almost dribbles himself through  the defence but he is stopped at the last moment. Bournemouth now with all the players defending and Arsenal again with a bad pass. 77% possession in the first 10 minutes but no end product for Arsenal.

Bournemouth scores but the ref cancels it for handball. The ball was going wide and then went in from the arms. A foul on Bellerin where Fraser pushed Bellerin in the back was not given by the ref and Fraser scores. A clear push even worse than the foul from Xhaka. Oh well.. 3-0 after 58 minutes.

A shot from Alexis is deflected wide for a corner. At the other end Cech has to stop a free kick from Stanislas. After 62 minutes Lucas came on for Iwobi and Gabriel came on for Koscielny. The Ox with a good tackle on the ball when Mustafi was left standing. A cross from Bellerin finds Giroud who backs it on and Alexis heads it over the line. GOAL! 3-1 after 70 minutes.

Giroud with a shot but straight at Boruc. Alexis being called back for a handball when he was one on one and it was correct. Arsenal attack Xhaka to Giroud who puts it over the defenders to Lucas who finishes with a fantastic volley. GOAL!! 3-2 after 75 minutes!

Mustafi gets a yellow card for making another foul. He had made a few so no complaints from me. Gosslin with a turn around Giroud of all people but his shot went wide. Francis with a flying tackle on Ramsey and the ref pulls out the red car for Francis. A two footed tackle with both feet off the ground.

Lucas not happy with the “speed” that Francis took to get off the pitch. Lucas with a shot after a push but no foul given but a corner. Giroud just can’t reach the ball and then a bit later Ramsey misses his volley with his left foot. Boruc goes in the book for time wasting.

Lucas with a low cross but the effort from Giroud is blocked for a corner. Alexis with an opening to Lucas but the ball is just over hit.  6 minutes of extra time given. Gabriel now also up front and the cross from Xhaka finds the head of Giroud who head it over the line. GOAL!!! 3-3 after 92 minutes.

Cech then with a save when Bournemouth suddenly attacks. The ref then blows an end to the match before the 6 minutes in which Arsenal scored so time had to be added on but well in the end we have to be happy with the final result given the way this match looked lost after one hour.

Our defence looked bad in the first hour with too many players completely off the pace and looking pale. But in the end our character saved a point that seemed lost.

Untold Arsenal: 

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  1. i think the ref was wrong to disallow the goal
    even if there was contact with arm it was not intentional, much like with Cos goal against soton

  2. IMHO a great result considering the hole they dug themselves into but performances like this won’t win us anything….however we can show spirit and determination when down 2-0 so a big positive from a bad performance.

  3. Should have been a 3-2 win then had the ref correctly called the foul on Bellerin or 4-2 if the penalty on Alexis had been given.

    Have to hope for a draw between Chelsea and the Spuds tomorrow night for the interference from the PGMO to not prove too costly.

  4. The booking for Ramsey is absolute bollocks. He was fouled by Wilson twice & then gets called by Oliver. It was Wilsons leg across Ramsey that was the initial foul & again subsequently.

  5. ‘It was not very lucky for us in some decisions’ Wenger speak for ‘cheating selectively blind officials’.

  6. seems like the Bmouth player was offside though
    so two bad calls making a good call 🙂

  7. Oleg
    It came off his arms, if you consider that the shot was going wide I can’t see how you give that. Koscielnys goal you comparing to was different, he shot and the ox kicked his leg causing the ball to hit his arm, and the distance between Kos’s foot to his arm is within the margin allowed for it to be ball to hand. Now this one the player was 10-15 yards away, too far to be called ball to hand.

  8. Al, it can’t be handball when the hand is within body limits and there is no movement towards the ball

  9. Think a draw is the best scenario in the WOB derby tomorrow.
    Huge character shown in the end, but started way to slow. Seemed to take a while to get the Ramsey Xhaka thing going, although they were markedly improved in the late stages of the second half. Takes a while, a new pairing in CM.
    Guess the strong point was the spirit of the comeback, another performance by OG, and Lukas looking good. The negatives….poor start, some poor passing and defending, nativity in our penalty box….our players have to realise we do not get the breaks other teams do on that front. Also , know others have said it, but some of our corners need a bit of work. And, the ref not doing his job on their third goal
    But, in the end, the team should take the positives from this game to go forward, but some negatives to work on, tho tiredness would have been a degree of mitigation

  10. Fantastic second half from the boys but would it not be better if they get to start important matches like this on the front foot? The officiating improved in the second half but then the deed had been done. Arsenal have been discovered to shirk from the physical aspect of the game and teams are setting themselves up to take advantage of that weakness. I see many teams playing a cup game against Arsenal to further test our resolves.

    Well, we may be down, but definitely not out.

  11. Yommex you what?
    Dirty dirty Arsenal had three yellows and a pelanty against and committed the most fouls in the match before the very late red for the home team titled the card count in their favour

  12. Thanks Walter,!looking forward to the ref review on this one!

    Hopefully not too much damage to Coquelin and Koscielny.
    However there’s not much left that any souls could salvage from the reputation of the pgMOB and the PL after this Xmas crunch LOL!

  13. Poor performance by team but still managed to score 3 after 3 down… other than Giroud and Sanchez, everyone looked sleepy. But still all us fans need to maintain the hope and keep the faith even when things look down.

    As for the referee Michael Oliver… lots of decisions to make… good and bad. Another big ref report in the making (Damn You PGMO !!! You utter incompetent rotten potatoes!!! …. if only PGMO show transparency…then maybe we wouldn’t need these reports.)

  14. Handball is deliberate handling anywhere. Even if your hand is in your pocket. There are pundits that make up a lot of bollocks eg ‘a bit of the ball’ ‘marginally offside’ ‘not that type of player’.

  15. Regarding the disallowed goal.
    Handball should not even be the issue. The Bournemouth player was clearly offside on the initial cross, and the linesman failed to make the call

  16. “Handball is deliberate handling anywhere. Even if your hand is in your pocket. ” Menace, i don’t think you’re familiar with the rules of association football

  17. Yes I would like to echo the thanks to Walter for posting this so quickly. Having done the report on the match between the two at the Ems earlier in the season I know how tough this immediate reporting lark is!

  18. Giroud with 2 assists and another important goal. Lucky Wenger didn’t listen to the moaners who said we should give him away for free….

  19. a good strategy against this would be to not allow five fucking crosses and shots in those mere seconds

  20. Always defer to the bloke down the pub where the ratio of incorrect decisions against Arsenal to the correct ones for increases with units of alcohol consumed.

  21. has anyone done any analysis on when we get most shots against us?
    minutes 50-70 seem suspect, at least if you consider last two matches, and mu game also comes to mind

  22. OlegYch

    7am kick off does that sort analysis. You’ll need to follow them regularly though or look out for the “by the numbers” section on Arseblog which is done by the same guy (Tim)

  23. Olegych – no rules in Football only Laws. Rules are outside the Laws. The latest are on FIFA site if you want to refer to them. Instructions to officials vary as interpretation of Laws screw up the Laws.

  24. Leon, thanks, will have a look
    Menace, rules and laws translate the same to me, so not sure what you meant

  25. Menace, for your reference:

    Handling the ball
    Handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making contact with
    the ball with his hand or arm. The referee must take the following into
    • the movement of the hand towards the ball (not the ball towards the hand)
    • the distance between the opponent and the ball (unexpected ball)
    • the position of the hand does not necessarily mean that there is an
    • touching the ball with an object held in the hand (clothing, shinguard, etc.)
    counts as an infringement
    • hitting the ball with a thrown object (boot, shinguard, etc.) counts as an

  26. OlegYch – so which part did you not understand. The ‘rules’ do not say position of hand near body is ok. If hand is in pocket & moved to ball, it is handball.

  27. Pundits say if you make yourself big & the ball hits your hand it is handball. They are wrong. The hand must deliberately move towards the ball. The use of hands when ‘making big’ only can be considered a foul if the action prevents a goal.

    Koscelny’s was not a handball.

  28. PGMOL only consider the hand holding the money. Every other hand is moving towards the ball. If it an Arsenal hand it is visible. Most others cannot be seen.

  29. It was interesting that in his post match interview Eddie Howe said because they had had a day extra to recover compared to Arsenal they decided to really go at Arsenal at the start.

    And that is what happened. So Arsene Wenger’s complaint about the unequal recovery times between teams is shown in practice to be justified. Just enormous credit to Arsenal for fighting back and getting that draw. Heroic!

  30. Menace, i only meant that position close to body makes it less likely to be deliberate, you’re right that it’s not a decisive factor
    we’ve seen a lot of ‘hand not close to body but apparently still not deliberate’ with leicester in particular, so i think it’s worth some consideration
    in my view players of some teams tend to waive their hands a lot in hope that it ‘accidentally’ hits the ball

  31. Seems foolish that we’re all moaning about the ref today. He missed a clear foul before the Bournemouth 3rd, but the handball was questionable, and Arsenal fans would be furious if that red had been given against the Gunners. In addition, the ref was unbelievably lenient on Mustafi, who probably fouled enough for several yellows tonight.

  32. Coquelin has some kind of hamstring injury, it will be 2 days before they can run the tests. Koscielny is fine, he just had a bit of cramping and was tired. I guess Bellerin got some kind of knock.

    But other than picking up a few unwanted cards, and not winning, we came through okay. A win would have been nice.

    But, as a win didn’t happen, I guess we can expect a few days of dorks. Oh joy.

  33. ‘Seems foolish that we’re all moaning about the ref today”
    Actually, we’re not “all”moaning at all. Hardly anyone in fact, other than the usual suspects.

  34. Scuba the red card was well over the ball and rightly a red card, I guess people that like seeing careers ended would say it wasn’t a red, but for me red all day long.

  35. Besides I think it was him that was lucky not to get booked early on for a late one from behind on Sanchez…

  36. Valiant effort at a comeback but the hole we dug was too big to climbe out of completely.
    Bellerin looked like he might’ve had a touch of flue judging by his slower than usual blistering pace, but he should’ve recovered sooner from being drawn inside once the danger of Bournemouth overload was over, and should’ve been alerted either by Cech or Ramsey, who was just jogging along, of Daniels making the run down the wing.

    Once he recovered late, he overcommitted and made it too easy for Daniels to go past him with a little shimmy and slot it past Cech.

    Xhaka’s challenge was totally unnecessary and he should’ve just held his ground. Once he put his shoulder into Fraser there was only one outcome.

    Cech looks totally clueless on penalties. When you can afford to bring in a world class keeper and pay him £100k per week, maybe you should also bring in his world class keepers coach for about the same amount per year.

    Cech hasn’t been the same since he left Chelsea and I don’t think it’s the age catching up to him.

    Fraser’s third goal should’ve probably been called back for a shove on Bellerin, but I disagree with the opinion it was similar to Xhaka’s push in the back from before.
    For one, Xhaka falls down after making contact, which is always a bad sign for the player initiating it, while Fraser stays on his feet after he shoves Bellerin under his arm pit.
    The second challenge is much closer to being shoulder to shoulder and the fact the Bournemouth players stayed on his feet made the difference.

    Arsenal score on 70 minute with their first shot on goal and that just isn’t good enough, no matter how many days rest we’ve had.

    Giroud is one of the better headers of the ball in the PL but today without Ozil in the line up our corner kicks were just not good enough.

    Two points lost but Arsenal were never in the title race so no huge disappointment.

    Alexis throwing his gloves in anger to the floor before walking off the pitch without as much as looking at anyone let alone shaking hands, is an ominous sign.

  37. In his pre match assessment of the officials Andrew noted a large number of Arsenal draws under Oliver – a good prediction.

    Our start to the match was appalling – we were out paced and outplayed & two instances of poor defending cost us heavily. It could well be the short recovery time, after a heavy program took its toll.

    The fight back was excellent – ruined only by Oliver, today’s bandit in black, who prevented us from turning the match into a victory.

    Lets hope the injuries are not too bad.

  38. Tom, i don’t see how Mustafi going down is relevant, care to explain?
    on Fraser foul – how is that shoulder to shoulder if it was arm to back?
    how is Cech not being the same? how is he clueless about penalties? how is a coach going to help to 35 years old keeper (who supposedly had all the best coaching at Chelsea, from whom though?)?
    how would you define being in title race?

  39. Tom, would a one day rest have been enough?
    was Bellerin really any slower than usual? he didn’t seem to loose a sprint without being shoved in the back

  40. For some reason i went to sleep at about 5 o’clock and just woke up.

    Seeing we did not lose was a blessing.
    Seeing we did not win was terrible.

  41. Andrew Crawshaw

    “…4-2 if the penalty on Alexis had been given.”

    What “penalty” are we talking about? I’m sure you understand they are not supposed to be just “given” like Christmas presents or any other handouts. No foul, no penalty.

    3-3 looks like a decent result. Fraser definitely used his arm to beat Bellerin to the ball before scoring, but a couple of minutes earlier Arter put the ball into the net, no doubt via Wilson’s hand, but so what? Yes, the rules (laws) are extremely irrational, but I honestly can’t see how it’s perfectly OK for Kos to bundle his out-of-the-stadium-bound shot in with his own two hands as if this was something completely different and not comparable. As we all know by now the criteria presented by Dermot Gallagher among others – as well as conclusively stated here after the Burnley game – is “deliberate handball or not”. And that should apply to every incident equally.

    As for their penalty the only one to blame is Xhaka. Once again, it’s not down to the refs to let players off the hook only because they act stupidly.

    To claim we were robbed of two points sounds a bit “over optimistic” especially after being out of sorts for the first hour. Half a credit for the fight-back, though. I was confident we won’t lose as long as we pull one back before 75 mins. And we didn’t, mainly thanks to Alexis’ and Giroud’s persistence, the latter making amends after walking and spreading his hands for the entire 1st half. And Perez managed to flash his potential by burying his half-chance superbly.

    On the other hand Bellerin had a real stinker. Sorry to say but it’s true.

  42. Nine points off the pace before today from the CL free Chealsea is in MO
    Out of the title race.

    Unless you believe Fraser is normally quicker than Bellerin over a 40 yard sprint to the tune of a yard and a half, this is precisely the distance he gained on our fullback on that play.
    Fraser is quick but not Bellerin quick.
    Perhaps extra day of rest would’ve made the difference

    Check Arsenal player for up close replays to validate my points.

  43. Tom, you said ‘Arsenal were never in the title race’, how does that relate to ‘today’?
    not really sure how Fraser gaining a couple of yards (while still being behind) relates to his or Mustafi foul
    how do arsenal player replays validate your points about Cech or arm to back being shoulder to shoulder?

  44. Gord,

    I would tend to put Bellerin’s relative slowness towards the one less day of rest that we had compared to Bournemouth. Also, Kos looked knackered to me too when he got out. The match scheduling is crazy.

    I replayed the third goal several times on my DVR, and I still can’t believe the ref didn’t call a foul. It was an even stronger push in the back than Xhaka’s. If Oliver is not within 20 meters of the action, he doesn’t give anything. Maybe he needs glasses or contact lenses (shhh, no video review).

    As for the goal disallowed handball, I’m not even sure the ball is on target without that deflection. Maybe the ball could have taken a swerve, but its initial direction was away.

  45. Tom, for your reference Cech saved 6 penalties in PL during 12 years career at Chelsea, so only about one in two years

  46. What a fightback , well done the guys. Was hoping for all the points , but still one is valuable .
    Up the Gunners .

  47. Tom’s views on what went on on the pitch need to be taken with a shovel of salt, his footage is crooked and cannot be trusted.

    Last time he claimed an NBC still, showed Sane onside when the final ball was made. Footage everywhere else showed sane Offside. It’s like saying after the 100m race finished at the Olympics, when they froze the pic as Usain Bolt crossed the line the footage in my country showed 9.97 on the clock, when the rest of the world saw 9.81. It just doesn’t happen that way…, it’s called telling porkies!

  48. About the disallowed goal. Now even if the hand is in natural position, in this case protecting his chest, if the player tries to chest the ball towards the goal and the ball hits his hand (which is covering his chest), then shouldnt it be a handball. A deliberate handball?? Cos hez moved his hand to meet the ball.

  49. Scuba
    03/01/2017 at 11:40 pm
    You obviously don’t have the same passion or vision that I have. Cook was yellow carded for a foul on Alexis’ achilles & should have had a red card for that foul as he deliberately tried to injure a player without any attempt for the ball. Oliver is a smart cheat & has Rileys special selective vision. You are not that far different because you pick & choose what you want to see.

    My opinion is that all the PGMOL officials are corrupt & devoid of the excellence & honesty required to cope with football at today’s level. Just read the reports on this site to get some idea of what I’m talking about.

  50. Also worth noting is the off-side in build up to that goal.

    Also the player who scored the goal was also off side wasnt he. He was behind Cech when the ball was kicked towards him, With only Mustafi behind him at goal line. Offside rule states “2nd last defender” (dont remember that being changed), in this case that is Cech. The goal scorer should’ve been infront of Cech and Mustafi to be on side, but he was behind Cech. Hence should’ve been offside anyway. UNLESS, Koscielny played him on.

  51. Dawn, the headlines out there….
    Just typed “Arsenal” in Google and the headlines I see are like;

    “Arsene Wenger plays the blame after Arsenal drop points at Bournemouth”

    “Olivier Giroud celebration: Arsenal ace’so cringe scorpion tribute..”

    “Arsenal need to win at places like Bournemouth if they want to be premier…..”

    You’d think after being 3 nil down away from home with 20 minutes left the headlines would be a little more positive… Giroud will always get stick, regardless of what fine form he is in, even after scoring goal of the season. And I thought title favourites Liverpool also blew a 3-1 lead to lose at “places like Bournemouth”!

    Can see why some of our fans always seem negative; if you don’t have the ability to think for yourself can’t see how you can stay optimistic with headlines like these.

  52. OlegYch
    I think you must be confused , you keep mentioning Mustafi. I can’t see where Mustafi comes into play here.

  53. AL
    Glad to see you in good form in this new year.
    The reason I ignored your requests for proving NBC’s Offside line was a bit different than Sky’s is because I couldn’t care less what you think.
    You are easily the least knowledgeable person football wise on here and by a country mile, so satisfying your requests is at very bottom of my to do list, a few notches below feeling the need to stick needles in my eyeballs.

    Try to use your logic here though, and I know that’s asking too much probably but still, why would Florian ,who resides stateside and gets the NBC feed , say on the same thread “NBC pushed the offside line as far as the could….”
    If the footage provided by NBC was identical to those provided by Sky and others?
    Food for thought

  54. At each corner in the Bournemouth penalty area there were several holding, pushing & pulling fouls far worse than the barge that got them a penalty. It was ignored & not replayed. When the ball was being ‘pin balled’ in the area, there were several possible fouls but only the one that went Bournemouth’s way was ‘selected’.

    Despite all this sloping field technology, Arsenal will get the League Title. Wenger might have to accept a fine from the FA but he will come forward with a statement on the officiating. ‘Enough is enough’ was the start ‘unlucky decisions’ was the recent one but he will chastise the whole corrupt incompetent bunch in time.

  55. People pretending that the Koscielny goal and the Bournemouth goal are the same are a little bit short sighted.
    Koscielny kicked the ball against his own hand that didn’t move and was already in the air from a distance of around 50 centimeters and then it went in.
    The Bournemouth match yesterday had a player who moved his arms up in front of his body but also who turned his body and arms in the direction of the ball, add to that that the ball travelled some 10 meters before hitting his arm he should have made sure that the ball would only touch his chest and not his arm.

    Yes both moments are completely different. One hands standing still and then the ball hits his hand from very close distance, the other moving arms and ball coming from a distance.

    Oh, don’t talk about chest protection. This is not womens footbal.

  56. Don’t you find it strange that whenever we dodge the bullet or save ourselves a point , there will be a ‘select’ few who will come on here to piss on our parade and put down anyone who praises or recognises the team’s efforts .

    Should we ignore ‘them’ or should we retaliate ? For me personally , laughing at them is enough . What about you ? Read this and decide . From…

    Don’t give them a taste of their own medicine. They already know what it tastes like. Give them a taste of your own medicine. If they lied, let your medicine be honesty. If they play with your emotions, let your medicine be maturity. If they broke you, let your medicine heal. If they made you cry, let your medicine make them smile. These remedies of yours may take years to work, but they work. And they last. So be patient. Stay true to yourself. And remember this: it is better for people to value you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. Who you are lasts a lifetime. Who you pretend to be CHANGES like the CHANGE of seasons. Don’t be afraid to BE yourself, even if it means removing yourself from lives that YOU want to be in. You are, no doubt, worthy of BEING valued for who you are. So be who you are.
    -Najwa Zebian

  57. FAITH….

    A very poor woman with a small family called-into a radio station asking for help from God. A non-believer man who was also listening to this radio program decided to make fun of the woman.
    He got her address, called his secretary and ordered her to buy a large amount of foodstuffs and take to the woman. However, he sent it with the following instruction: “When the woman asks who sent the food, tell her that its from the devil.”
    When the secretary arrived at the woman’s house, the woman was so happy and grateful for the help that had been received. She started putting the food inside her small house. The Secretary then asked her, ”Don’t you want to know who sent the food?”

    The woman replied, ”No, I don’t even care because when GOD orders, even the devil obeys !”

  58. Try as they may the pigmob and their payed clowns sitting in the sky studio just can’t accept it, ManU are finished – going the way of those scouse dodos, and we shall never bow down.

  59. I am so tired of this man and his whining. Blaming the schedule is ridiculous. Yes, it was unkind, but we got blitzed by Bournemouth and we made them look like Bayern Munich!!

    Furthermore, the team was flat from the first minute to the 70th, then woke up. If his argument were true the team would be up for it untl the 70th minute and then fade. So his argument is inversely flawed.

    This was another one of those matches where in the 10th minute you know we aren’t taking three points. The players aren’t moving for one another, passes aren’t connecting, and Wenger is slumped over in his long coat. Where is the fight? FFS! They give up three and finally realize they’re in a PL match.

    Mentally they just aren’t in the right place and the bottom line is that it’s ok to not win under Arsene Wenger. The attitude, urgency, and effort in must win matches shows this. Year in, year out.

    Title race is over and the race for 4th is on. Go ahead and criticize me as a terrible fan, but if you have supported this team for ten or more years, you know how this story ends. Wenger out

  60. Tom Don’t really understand your point about the push , if the Bournemouth payer had fallen over as well they wouldn’t have scored. How you can say that is not blatant when it’s a push from behind I don’t know.
    Re Sanchez rather than ominous think he was pissed with referee for earlier foul not given to us in box, no extra time added onto injury time although we scored a goal and Oliver blowing whistle on Arsenal attack.
    Apparently Bellerin did have slight touch of flu but that didn’t excuse push in back which gave them 3rd goal

  61. Trev I wouldn’t criticise you as a terrible fan, but I have supported Arsenal for far, far longer than ten years, and I know that the story can end any way. If you want to talk of ten years, you can talk of longer – and if you want talk about losing to Swindon in the league cup final.

    But the point is, this doesn’t get anywhere. You give a list of opinions without any larger scale reference to events beyond, and there is no explanation or justification in your piece to explain why it is “ok to not win under Arsene Wenger”. We have had spells of not winning under every manager whose Arsenal team I have watched. The difference is that Wenger has a higher win percentage than all of the permanent managers.

    If you want to make your point you could do us the courtesy of giving a logical set of arguments with points that can be analysed and tested. As it is we know that Liverpool recently lost at Bournemouth, and their manager was one of the people who was supposedly going to be better than Mr Wenger at managing the club. That might be a point you could consider – although you would need one hell of a lot more serious analytical rigour in your consideration to make sense of it, than you have put in your commentary.

    Incidentally if we made Bournemouth look like Bayern, what did Liverpool make them look like?

  62. A fantastic game for the neutrals but not for us Gooners. We were poor first half but terrific fighting spirit second half despite (according to popular belief) having no leaders and no backbone in the squad.
    Oliver gave away his real intentions by allowing the Bournemouth 3rd goal and blowing the final whistle dead on the 6 minutes in extra time (adding nothing extra for the Giroud goal) and whilst we were mounting a promising attack in full flow, thus destroying any chance for us to nick the win.

  63. Highamspkgunner
    I agree, Fraser should’ve been called for a shove on Bellerin even though I don’t think it was quite like Xhaka’s on Fraser.
    However, there was still quite a lot for Fraser to do after he had dispossessed Bellerin, and Cech should’ve come out more aggressively to narrow his angle. Instead he barely moved off his near post even though his two central defenders took away the square pass as an option.

    I do agree with Walter’s interpretation of the Bournemouth disallowed goal for the handball, but I see Sanchez’ frustrations with other things not just referee’s decisions.

    He was unhappy with Ramsey and he was swearing up a storm on more than one occasion during the game for whatever reason, if you can lip read profanities being mouthed in Spanish,

    I do hope I’m wrong about that though and it was just frustration with the ref.

  64. So Tom, you agree the ref should have blown for the Fraser shove on Bellerin but you still blame the team for the goal. Not the ref. If Fraser takes out a significant defender and then scores it must mean something.

    Your comments are as usual determined to bring out the negative. And you seem to be able to read Sanchez’s mind.

  65. After the game, Alexis dint shakehands with the referee, so you know where his frustrations were.

  66. By the way, Arsene Wenger says the reason Koscielny had to be substituted was he had cramp in both legs. Bears out the point about not having enough recovery time.

  67. Arsenal 13

    Alexis ‘dint’ shake hands with anyone, so his frustrations were more than just with the referee.

  68. I feel a bit sorry for Xhaka. He’s given away 2 penalties, both of which were understandable decisions by the ref but both incidents are things he’s seen the opposition not be penalised for doing…
    The arm in Joe Allens face was a minor incident compared to the two times Theo got a forearm smash from Wanyama, and the gentle push on a flat out Fraser was little compared to the major push that Fraser did to Hector who was at a much slower pace and slowing even more (so more force had to be used to push him off the ball).

    As for the ‘hand ball goal’ that wasn’t given, the fact the player turned into the ball rather than away from the ball means it was undoubtedly a hand ball.

  69. Trev, I’ve supported the team for a damn sight longer than 10 years and I’m still certain that AW is the best manager we’ve ever had in my 50+ years of life.
    I fear for the day he leaves as we’ve seen very regularly that new managers rarely do any better than us until they spend more money than this club has available at present… So they’re not likely to be an upgrade in any way.

  70. dan, the marketing dept of the PL want either Liverpoo! or Man-DisUtd (their preference) to be at the top of the PL regularly as they are the 2 teams with historically the largest international support. We’re unlikely to ever see Man DisUtd go more than 5 years without success as the PL marketing dept puppets (PGMO) will ensure they win something soon (FA Cup maybe?) and they’ll get given the PL in the next 5 years.
    Liverpoo! have spent so long in the mire of mediocrity that they’re international support has dropped considerably but they do still have a lot and keeping them in the top 4 with the odd cup win (before being given the PL probably within the next 5 years as well) would be very good for the marketing dept.
    In most years the PL is more about selling the PL ‘Brand’ than about how deserving the top team is.

  71. Whilst the trolls were emptying their full load on this thread following a draw for the Arsenal Tony has kindly dismissed them (again) in his next article where they appear to be strangely silent.

    Unlike the former and current PL professional footballers who have taken to Twitter to rip the piss out of the pgMOB farce this Xmas.!

    Well. There it is. Whose words hold more value?
    Sagna or Rise etc. or an idiot failing to troll Tony’s blog.

  72. Andy,

    Are you suggesting that a manager the calibre of say, Carlo Ancelotti, couldn’t get more out of this squad than Wenger? Conte has transformed the mentality of a Chelsea team which completely lost it’s way under Mourinho only last season and he’s not spent a small fortune like the Portugese twat, but simply used what was already at his disposal. I agree that it’s probably better the devil you know, but it’s also possible that, as fearless Wenger supporters, we’ve become blinded to the potential of others to drive the club forward.

  73. Not forgetting the data in question (the blog) none of these earnest critics have the footballs required to question.

    Their technique is almost as good as A. “goal kick” Townsend (as opposed to A. ” Get In” Townsend )

  74. Off topic I know, but this morning’s papers are reporting Draxler has signed with PSG. He won’t win the Champions League with them either.

  75. Trev, it will really be helpful to come here when every match is at 10 minutes mark and advise whether to continue or not. Think it will be
    helpful for some faint hearted- like you?

  76. Any side in the top six who scores three goals, home or away, should win the match. End of. It’s a relief we came away with a point after such a disastrous game, but let’s not get carried away with talk of ‘mental strength’ or ‘team spirit’ because we shouldn’t have been in the position to begin with. Chelsea are showing the same qualities in forging winning positions within games and closing them out. They’re showing these same qualities putting together a frightening winning run, the sort of run we were building up to until back to back losses.

  77. Untold once my favourite blog .
    You educate many like me why and how is difficult to win the league when there is no money to spend.
    And i believe you and it was really believeable.

    Now that the club spent to the tune of 90 million ….what can we say ?

    One of the basic things that i was expecting is the Le Prof to consider the Xmas fixture and bring some bodies that can help his 11 favourities.
    But no.

    In my eyes it is a copy carbon of the loss at Everton and Mancity the draw with Bournemouth.
    Completely bullied phisically in all occasion and the strange thing is not phisical inability but not full commitment.

    Le prof he is been found that is shamble of high level.The sooner he go the better.

    13 point ahead of the Manure and now just 1 point.That is what it hurts not that i believe with this crap manager and his pets to win the league.

    Untold to support the club is one thing but not to expose its weakness or hiding deliberately it is guilt of consciouness.
    With this man at the helm there is no way we win the league.

  78. Menace

    A question. In the build up to Arsenals 2nd goal Ramsey was in front of Perez and in an offside position.
    Based on the current interpretation he quite rightly wasn’t flagged for offside however you argued in the Silva goal he should have been flagged as offside and likewise argued as he was in front of the keeper he clearly was iin his vision.
    Should the Perez goal in your opinion been disallowed?

  79. Great comeback but disappointed that the Gunners couldn’t get the win. I guess a point is better than nothing. It’s unbelievable that Arsenal had only two days rest plus they have to travel to Bournmouth while Bournmouth at home has 3 days rest, no wonder some of the Arsenal players look tired and Bournmouth looked lively.

  80. Tom
    You lied, and that’s got nothing to do with my footballing knowledge. Deal with the lies you told. It’s a clear case when they draw the line, it’s when the ball leaves the boot. You can easily tell that they had frozen the pic before the ball left the boot, easy to see.

    As for you saying Florian said the same thing, I didn’t see or read any such comment from him so only you know best what you talking about.

    Just do us all a favour and stop lying to us here. We have eyes and know what we saw with our own eyes. As can be seen from above you seem to portray as being able to have gone into Sanchez’s mind… I don’t really care much about what you say also, as long as you stop lying.

  81. @Mike T, I’m not sure why you are making that comparison both are different, in that Silva made an attempt at the ball whereas Ramsay was nowhere near the ball or in line with the keepers vision.

  82. Polo

    Menace maintained throughput that the player, Silva, was in effect interfering by being in the offside position and that the asst should put his flag up irrespective.
    Take a look back at his comments

  83. Mike T & Polo

    That Siva goal has really divide opinion. My view was & still is that he made an attempt to play the ball while in an offside position so became offside irrespective of where Cech was standing, while last night Ramsey came back from an offside position while at no time interfering with play in any way whatsoever before the ball was played to Perez.

  84. Re added time last night. There’s criticism of the ref for not adding more time for goal celebration etc. I can agree with that, but I’ve never understood who other than the referee gets to see what’s on his watch & how the TV studio’s Digital Onscreen Graphic is anything more than an estimate of elapsed time. I suppose there’s a technical solution that I’m not aware of, but I’d love to know how they do it.

  85. Eddie Izzard completed 27 marathons in 27 days whilst enduring temperatures in excess of 40 degrees. He’s a cross-dressing stand up comedian.

    Arsenal’s professional football players ran around for approximately 180 minutes across three days and people want to use the excuse they lost because they were ‘tired’.

    Penalties, handballs, offsides, tiredness, bobbins. We beat Bournemouth already this season, towards the end of a packed November consisting of 6 matches and having already faced Spurs, United and played twice in Europe.

    This was simply a very poor Arsenal performance negated by an absolute collapse by the Cherries, who should equally hang their heads in shame. Neither side comes out of this match looking good AT ALL.

  86. Flares, I did say RARELY when referring to new managers. It’s not impossible but by far the majority of new guys with big reputations fail or spend ridiculous amounts of money to gain success. Is that a risk we can take without a sugar daddy…
    We’ll have to find out one day but only an idiot would volunteer to take that chance when the odds are so badly stacked against us.

  87. I think Sanchez was a little pissed by the wild celebrations at 3-3 . Wasting precious time instead of getting on with the kick-off as Bournmouth were then rocking .

  88. @ Flares, not sure why you making that comparison, maybe Eddie should try playing a full match of professional football where he will get kicked, sprinting with the ball up and down the pitch, chasing players around, have to be constantly aware of his surrounding, getting verbal abuse by unknowns, and deal with the pressure of winning the game. Then next day head back in training, and the following day off doing the same thing again but playing an opponent who has an extra day of rest. Let see if his performance will be the same. There’s the physical tiredness and there’s also mental tiredness, combine both and your performance will dip.

  89. Regarding goal celebrations…Have you seen the time taken for restart after second goal we scored??..

    Giroud celebrating the goal wouldn’t have added much of a time…. Also referee stopped the game before the allotted minimum 6 minutes.

  90. Mike T
    I have listened to your explanations with regards to the ‘new offside interpretation’, you say distance comes into play, and they take into consideration how far the player was from the ball. Look at the images below, you can see Silva is almost in a straight line between him, Cech and sterling. Add to that the fact the Silva attempted to hit the ball…

    In the other image Perez is at the left side of the 6 yard box, while Ramsey is near the penalty spot which is center of goal. Ramsey didn’t attempt to play the ball either. Who in your mind do you think the above new interpretation should ‘exonerate’ from being in an offside position? It’s clear from what your explanation says that Ramsey is far from ball (nowhere near goalie’s line of sight), nor does he attempt to play the ball. On the other hand, Silva seems to go against both points. My conslusion is your explnations would be best suited to allow Perez’s goal, while disallowing Sterling’s goal.

  91. We needed 18 points from the next six ‘winnable’ matches after the defeat against Manchester City. They could not afford to drop any if they had any hopes of catching Chelsea. So even if Spurs do take the spoils tonight, it will only benefit others. Arsenal have blown their chance. If the defeats at Everton and the Etihad did not convince you this side does not have what it takes to be champions, then the goals conceded against Bournemouth surely do. The comeback last night was enjoyable, but the hole the team managed to dig themselves into before being able to muster an attempt on target was a horrorshow of the first degree.

  92. Giroud goal celebration was 15 seconds to be exact; from time ball hit the net to him getting back to the centre circle.

    Mike T
    I put some images showing Perez and Sterling goals, which went into moderation due to the links. But if you check back later you’ll see which goal should have stood and which shouldn’t, according to the new rules as per your explanations.

  93. Of course that’s not to suggest Oliver should only have added 15 seconds. It’s just to explain the suggestion Sanchez might have been pissed off by the celebration.

    The time it took to get players into position and for Bournemouth to get us underway again would definitely have taken more than another 15 seconds, meaning we should have got the mandatory 30 seconds allowed for goal celebration.

  94. @ Shoot, I see it differently, I think Alexis got peed off because at the final seconds of the match when Arsenal was attacking Xhaka passed the ball long across field instead of passing it forward to him on the wing.

  95. Mike T – where was the ball played when Ramsey was potentially offside? It was played to a player on the other side of the field probably 15 yards away. The player controlled the ball & shot at goal while Ramsey was already played on side by others. Your clutching at straws to save Silvas offside is admirable but the sad thing is that it wasn’t called.

    On a technical note the assistant never flags a potential offside unless the ball is played in that area. In Silvas case it was in the area but the assistant selected ‘blindness’.

  96. Pat
    We can’t all blame it on refs all the time can we.
    If calling it like I see it is too negative for you then skip my posts and go straight to Al’s and others like him.

    I’m not disappointed by Arsenal performance in this game or any other because I have come to terms what this club is all about and where it stands in the footballing food chain.

    I don’t want Wenger gone and I don’t care what players come in or leave.
    I enjoy watching them play win lose or draw but I’m not naive to believe they can win the title.

    I can’t read Alexis’ mind but I speak enough of Spanish to discern what he’s mumbling under his nose and it’s not about the ref.

  97. Shoot
    04/01/2017 at 1:49 pm

    Probably the only thing you got right all day. You probably peed on your shoes the rest of the time.

  98. Ok, Google has it translated as ‘ Al is a genius at football’. You two need to grow up.

  99. Polo
    Why do I need to grow up?

    Is it my fault someone chooses to drag my name in your conversations?? I called Tom out for telling blatant lies, should I get attacked for that? Why are you allowing him to get away with a lie again that he lip-read what Sanchez said? I’m not amused..

  100. This is what this mf called Tom does, you call him out on something he diverts attention by talking about something else. He’s a pathetic liar, lying bastard.

    And this rat called Leon thinks it’s funny? Asshole

  101. Polo,

    My beef is being utterly fed up with the tiredness excuse when it comes to professional footballers and underperformance. I expect them to be fit enough to play every day, quite frankly. Let us not forget that players often move across the pitch at walking pace or at best a light jog, pretty much similar to what Izzard utilised whilst traversing over 1,300 miles across South Africa, at 54 years old mind, not in his twenties. The main point being that after all that effort he had to run two marathons on the last day to reach his target (about 51 miles), whilst suffering from dysentery and blisters. If that doesn’t shame the poor little lambs who played the day before yesterday, then I don’t know what does.

  102. Also Man Utd won both games – they played Saturday/Monday. Even the mighty West Brom won both games playing Saturday and Monday, and they both had a long journey to travel. They had no excuses, they just knuckled down and did what they needed to do.

  103. Can I say again, Eddie Howe, the opposing manager of Bournemouth, himself pointed out that his team went all out to exploit their one day recovery advantage. This is a fact. To be fair, both teams should have had the same amount of recovery time

    Injuries like Coquelin’s, and the fact Koscielny, most untypically, had to be substituted with cramp in both legs, show that this was not a minor factor. This sort of thing happens to Arsenal more than normal.

    To mention the refereeing once more, Fraser got a penalty for a foul which was less obvious than the foul Fraser committed on Bellerin before he scored Bournemouth’s third goal. I watched Thierry Henry saying ‘He should have got in front of Fraser’ just before the replay showed Fraser push Bellerin over. I laughed. Henry the pundit.

    Tom, normally I do skip your posts and go to Al, Gord, Menace etc. But this time I had a look. More fool me.

  104. @ Al, I’m not having a dig at you and my apologies if my comment come out that way, I just want both of you guys to stop attacking each other because I don’t want this forum turn into like other sites where people abuse each other. I hope you understand my point.

    @Flares, your point is fair and I accept that and Eddie was amazing for what he did and achieved but I still think both is not comparable, anyway we agree to disagree.

  105. @ Trev, this what Mourinho think:
    Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho repeated his complaints about the Premier League’s festive fixture pile-up after his side laboured to a 2-0 win at 10-man West Ham United on Monday.

    The Portuguese coach blamed United’s mixed performance on having to play their second game in three days, the trip to London coming barely 48 hours after a stirring 2-1 comeback win at home to Middlesbrough.

    “It’s very difficult to play football in these circumstances within 48 hours. It’s amazing for the fans around the world, everybody has the Premier League, I’m more than happy to do that but it’s very hard for the players,” Mourinho told reporters.

    Yes, they won but they played against an out of form West Ham team who by the way played with only 10 men almost the whole match. If it wasn’t for the red card I wonder if ManU would have won the match though.

  106. All the evidence is pointing once again to a battle for 4th place.
    We are struggling to win any of the tougher matches this season, and considering the away fixtures to come you would have to be a blind optimist to think a title challenge is possible.

    The question is will a top 4 finish persuade Wenger to stay or will he maybe consider that it is time for him to step aside. Tough decisions for him in the coming months.

    The best thing everyone on here can do of course is to get behind the team!

  107. Polo
    Point taken. I don’t wish to attack people too, but some posters come here with the sole purpose to provoke, without any desire to back up their (usually outrageous) claims with any evidence. Unfortunately we may lose our cool from time to time but I fully agree we shouldn’t allow that to be the case. And i apologise too for my outburst.

  108. Trev
    Aso Polo pointed out, man u needed to play almost the entire 90 against 10 men, don’t you think that helped them. Even then they had to require an offside goal to guarantee the 3 points. Meanwhile we had to contend with a 3rd goal for Bournemouth that shouldn’t have stood. I still believe that even though we made a poor start, we eventually did enough to have come away with 3 points had everything been equal on the night, and I can’t ask for more.

    Also the fact an opposing manager says their gameplan was to take advantage of our fatigue shows it’s a factor we can’t just dismiss.

  109. Backing up my evidence that I mentioned earlier we have not beaten any team away from home from the top half of the Premier League this season.

  110. “All the evidence is pointing once again to a battle for 4th place”

    Really? REALLY?? We’ve just dropped out of the top four for the first time since match week 5, and in that time Liverpool, United, Chelsea, City, Spurs and Everton have all dropped out of the top four places. The form guide across 20 games actually suggests Man U and Spurs are the two clubs most likely to be battling for it, since they’ve spent most of the season jostling around 4th, 5th and 6th. If anything, it’s United fans and players who should be asking that question of their club, rather than spouting absolute rubbish regarding challenging for the title.

    We’ve won the same number of games as Spurs and one less than City and Liverpool. There’s absolutely f*ck all evidence suggesting we’re destined for fourth, since there’s ten points separating the top six, which is chicken feed at the halfway stage. Chelsea losing last night blew it wide open, so take your doom and gloom someplace else.

  111. @ Al, thank you for your understanding and accepting my comment.

    @ Top Gun, there’s a long way to go and anything can happen, remember ManU was written off at one stage by experts saying they will miss top four and now some experts say they could be title contenders, then ManC at start of season was on fire and some experts say titles is theirs, now they are struggling to hold top 4 and some experts now think they could miss top 4. Then Chelsea, some experts didn’t give them a chance at contesting for title now they are favourite, all this happened and we are only half way through the season. Let keep the belief in the team and enjoy the roller coaster.

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