Aubameyang’s dad sets the transfer market alight

by Sir Hardly Anyone.

It is, of course, most important to eat only in the best restaurants where one meets the right people and so the dinner which involved Ousmane Dembele and his chums at Arsenal has produced the wagging of tongues and the moving of mouths.

For there was our new superhero Mattéo Guendouzi – who it seems can’t stop grinning at the realisation of just how his life has transformed from the second division in France to all the joys of eating out in London.  And he was with the most awesome forward line in the history of awesome forward lines: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alexandre Lacazette last night.

So the quick run down on this guy.     You don’t have to see him play to see that there is something special going on here. 

He turned 21 in May here’s the track record…

Years Team Goals Goales
2014/15 Rennes II 22 13
2015/16 Rennes 26 12
2016/17 Borussia Dortmund 32 6
2017/18 Barcelona 17 3
France national teams
2013/14 France U17 8 4
2014/15 France U18 5 0
2015 France U19 3 1
2016/17 France U21 4 0
2016/18 France 16 2

So what makes anyone at Arsenal think they could buy such a player?  And why would we want to buy another forward when we have his dinner guests already available to knock in the goals – plus Mesut Ozil, and Alex Iwobi with his new contract.

Besides the money is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY outside Arsenal’s league.   When he joined Barcelona a year ago his fee was quoted at around £115m.   Even if we sold everyone we don’t want and threw in Ramsey we wouldn’t raise that much.

What fuels the flames is that Barcelona then bought Malcom and Dembele was clearly unexcited by moving down the order in which things are pecked.  Besides there were tales of him not being that taken with the way life goes in Barcelona.

When Dembele arrived it was as a replacement for Neymar, but he hasn’t lived up to that – although who could aged 21?  Only one or two players I suspect.  

View image on Twitter
 Credit: Auba’s dad on instagram

But on the plus side Dembele is good mates with Aubameyang as they played together at Borussia Dortmund. 

So the money looks impossible, and there is not much time left to get things sorted, plus how would we fit in everyone in this forward line that at home was doing so well last season?   With the new midfield and defenders supplying balls through to them, and Ozil seemingly having returned to his old form with the through balls from the number 10 position, I wonder if this is seen as a priority.

If so, then the story of the £50 transfer fund rising to £70m was completely wrong.  Unless of course Mr Gazidis is going and Arsenal get a transfer fee for him.


Mustafi leaving, Kulusevski deal on, NZonzi awaits, Cârjan deal done, Niang & Vida maybe, Dembele yes.

Nine weird stories, rows, twists and turns as the transfer window closure get closer.

How Arsenal will line up in the coming season, and being a trends editor.


4 Replies to “Aubameyang’s dad sets the transfer market alight”

  1. Ramsey, the thing is dependant solely on Aaron, if he wants to go, it’s a good deal, we may even be able to swing Meyer, who’s PL move still hasn’t been anouced.

    Speaking of which. Zaha is apparently keen on forcing a move to Chelsea, which would be about right, Willian doesn’t want to come back, with Barcelona picking up yet more funds. He also plays in Hazards position, with Real picking up funds here, and there. He fits the profile of what Chelsea look to want to leave as a squad. With Pedro extending, providing something of the consistency of Mata, pre United days and Zaha having forced through the failed move to Uited previously, this smells like fish, looks like fish, could very well be a fish, given it has gills.

    Osumane would be that pacey winger we are dying for, also a suppliment for the CF position, not quite thrusting the responsibility onto Eddie, and I could not fault Aaron if he said yes I want to go to BArcelona, it’s a fair deal.

    Interesting the Mirror have Mustarfi available for around %60 of his initial fee when he arrived in London. A reported £36.5m has crumbled to £22.5m 60% being 21.9 million pounds sterling.

    Meanwhile Sarri has suggested he thinks Willian will remain, that sounds like trying to force a premium to me, with the player looking clearly ess than satisfied at Chelsea. Whilst he says it’s up to Tibaut if he leaves, which it almost never is, so I suspect Tiault will be on his way to Real, as he has stated he wants to be closer to his daughters and has an affinity with the city. United and Athletico can exhale.

    And with that move, Real can see if they prefer to offload Navas, who has clear quality, seems possible given they signed a young GK already this window. But more importatly they have been quietly addressing the squad and offloading personnel, withoutlosing key players. They are moving on something, likely Hazard.

    PSG have been unable as of yet, to offload Di Maria, but largely have found balance and completed the deal they wanted, FFP compliance, to sign M’Bappe permanently.

    Roma and Napoli are in the business of a GK, which puts Navas on the radar.

    And Bayern have stuc a price on Jerome, presumably due to Barcelona being open to a move for Mina.

    Whilst Dortmund have failed to oust Mario, but held on to Pulisic, and jettisoned Shurle.

    But what I love is Pep, so much class, we apparently agree on many talents, and footballing philosophies, including work ethic. But what I love is his class……

    City had been in pole position to sign Jorginho and were close to agreeing a £46.5m deal for the holding midfielder before he sealed his £57m switch to Stamford Bridge.

    “So… yes, we were close. But in the end Jorginho decided [to join Chelsea],” added Guardiola.

    “We thought [a deal for Jorginho] was done, but at the last turn he decided to go to Chelsea. Similar to Alexis, he decided to go to United.

    “I want a player who likes to come to Manchester City and he doesn’t like to come, so maybe he was a little bit late to announce that.

    “But, when he decided not to come, then don’t come, good luck at Chelsea and I think English football is going to discover an exceptional holding midfielder.”

    He went for more money, not quite what I want, although he will be a league revelation and….

    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he is excited to “learn a lot” from Chelsea’s new head coach Maurizio Sarri this season.

    A statement of a adversary, that ridicules a man filling shoes he can never wear comfortably without sloshing.

    PRINT (pease)

  2. Oh and we offloaded anothr GK, Virginia has popped off to Everton, that club with the mate of our second largest share holder, 3 year deal at Everton!

  3. In related transfer news, Arsenal have begun to clear up the goalkeeper logjam at least in the youth levels by selling Joao Virginia to Everton.

    Kolasinic will also be out for 8-10 weeks due to knee injury picked up in the friendly against Chelsea.

  4. OT: Foot.Lon have not announced …

    that Carabao cup games will have any coverage in the medja. In fact, not only will fans be unable to find television or live commentary for any game, the medja are disallowed from reporting anything about the games after they occur.

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