Shocking claims: the ten biggest stories about Arsenal doing the rounds this evening.

by Sir Hardly Anyone and Marianne Trench.

Our complete update on the really big stories this evening that are showing us what a huge thing a football is.  But first, something no one actually said about Fulham but might have

  • While they were content to peck cautiously at the ball, the never spared themselves in their efforts to run around a bit.

OK so that was the match.  What else is the media saying?

1: Arsenal are on the up and not just in England

The European rankings from the last six games and published by who have just released this graphic…

Team form guide: Arsenal rise up the rankings as Man City surrender top spot

We are equal fourth, although for reasons which do not become clear we are placed fifth.

2: Shocking claims

“Arsenal star makes shocking claim about club’s top four chances” says Read Arsenal.

And the story is that “Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has admitted that it is too early to start talking about the club finishing in the top four this season, according to a report on the Daily Mail.”

And quite how this is a “shocking claim” is not actually revealed.

3: Loan Watch: Nelson scores for Hoffenheim 

That’s from Arsenal’s official site, and it is a goodie.

4:  We’re gonna buy him – we really are.

The Bleacher report tell us that “Arsenal are reportedly set to win the race to sign Atlanta United’s Miguel Almiron in the January transfer window.”

When one drainpipe tells us that another drainpipe is reporting a rumour we sometimes feel that maybe it is not that believable after all but rather a bunch of old outlets.  But when we see them say…

“According to Mike Allen of the Daily Mirror, the Gunners will pay in the region of £15 million to secure the attacking midfielder after his impressive season for Atlanta in Major League Soccer.

“In the report, it’s noted the 24-year-old is likely to miss the remainder of the MLS regular season due to injury.” 

…well now that does sound like Arsenal.  We buy someone who is injured.

5:  Arsenal head into the Nationalism break with both guns blazing

“The Nationalism Break” comes from 7 am kickoff.  I do like that.  It should replace the “Interlull” at least for a while.

6: He ain’t leaving after all!

“Arsenal news: Aaron Ramsey tipped to sign new contract and become club great.”

That comes from the Express, so just like the child’s toy found on Mars, it must be true.

7:  Emery Confirms Fresh Fitness Blow To Key Man After Arsenal Thrash Fulham 

Yes this is the big big big news.  Ozil didn’t play against Fulham because he was injured.  Who would have believed that?  I mean, really?  Wow!  Arsenal Fever gave us this one.

8: We shouldn’t imagine we are going to win the league

“Hold the horses with title talk” says  Pain in the Arsenal.  But who is talking Arsenal about winning the league?  Is anyone?  Seriously?

9: BBC pundit names the Arsenal player having the biggest impact on the team and supporters 

Football.London tells us that it is Lucas Torreira who is having a massive impact on Arsenal, and that the man who said it was former Tottenham Hotspur forward Garth Crooks.  Now that is big time punditry and revelation.  I mean, I haven’t heard anyone say that Torreira is the man who is making a difference.  Have I?  Oh actually yes.  I have.

10:  Gary Neville has doubts

“Gary Neville doubts Arsenal and Chelsea will challenge for the Premier League title this season” according to the Metro.  Once again we really needed the paper to tell us that.

And a brief commentary on the Fulham defenders as Arsenal closed in:

  • The Fulham team shuddered from head to foot; their legs wobbled like asparagus stalks.  No one told them that once in the premier league they would have to play Arsenal.

Ho ho






2 Replies to “Shocking claims: the ten biggest stories about Arsenal doing the rounds this evening.”

  1. Is Gary Neville the only one who doubts if Arsenal will win the Premier League Title this season? What of Allan Shearer who believes Arsenal won’t win the PL Title this season too? And according to him, Man City or Liverpool will win it if his recent comment in the media on the subject is taken with seriousness.

    But let these former greats of Man Utd and Newcastle wait till after the Nationalism break to see Arsenal win their next 3 games in the PL that will see the Gunners caged the Foxes at the Ems, stop the Eagles from flying at Shelhurst Park, then spank the Reds at the Ems and garnered 9 more points to go 1st or 2nd in the table before they start to underate Arsenal efforts to win the PL Title this season.

  2. Gary Nevilles is trying but to reverse years of being a **** it could take some doing.

    The rest is so ludicrous it doesn’t deserve acknowledgement.

    I like the way the crucifixion of Josè is going so well.

    Mourinho hit out in his post-match interviews and claimed there was a “manhunt” against him and “wickedness”

    Some cameras caught him using Portugese again. I think daughter of a whore was a little strong but it’s common colloquial use does make it about the same as the Greek use of chronic mastorbator!

    His response is aot; he’s applying the correct use of language for this one. With the Chelsea settlement package and what he foresaw at board level his last stint was probably about what he wanted.

    Interesting the sale of certain key figures at Real pronprwd his move there. I do hope they are at least midterm in their objectives, the players should go even at a loss it gets you two or three people to help and 3 defensive acquisitions would make them competitive.

    Meanwhile Hazard ask a how much do you want me as he expresses indecision over his potentially protracted move to real. I think once they compete accounting for the year they will go back with a slightly inflated offer which as I previously stated could prompt the exit of a few more players. Given the increasing tension between Russia and well everyone else, Roman has to be resting the waters regarding the club’s sale with a depreciation for any reason let alone a self inflicted one should be at the forefront of his mind; Russians are notoriously hard negotiators.

    It’s another Sky situation, is take 30bn in the current vlomate; investment heaven.

    Amid all the financial fluctuations and sales tall and reputation rebuilding 5-1 victories against newly promoted sides, Hector Bellerin is spotted outside tenament buildings on London hire bike; nice touch.

    Meanwhile a number of League contenders have been nominated with Ronaldo and Messi for the Balon Dór it seems increasingly likely that a Frenchman may win the title bestowed by Journalists on behalf of the French spots media outlet. But could Modric sneak in or will Eonaldos and Messi brief encounter with the World Cup be overlooked; again.

    Messi must be thinking a league title can’t be enough.

    Who do you think proved the form plays over the last Calendar year?

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