VAR is a mess says Uefa chief, which I suspect most of us would agree with

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By Tony Attwood

“If you have a long nose, you’re offside these days,” said Aleksander Ceferin in a recent interview.  It didn’t get much coverage in England (not even the Daily Mirror ran it and it was said in an interview with them), perhaps because historically it wasn’t the most delicate thing to say, perhaps because British newspapers didn’t understand it, or perhaps because British journalists don’t like anything said by foreigners.

Probably the latter, although that is a bit of a shame because Aleksander Ceferin is President of Uefa, and he’s the guy who also recently pointed out that match-fixing in Europe was now utterly out of control and Uefa could no longer tackle it.  Another story that the media didn’t like.

Anyway, what Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin was discussing was the offside rule and how it needs to be amended following the introduction of video evidence in the Europa League and Champions League.

“The lines are also drawn by the video assistants, so it is a subjective drawing of objective criteria,” he added which would utterly have lost the journalists.

So maybe it was that sentence the journalists didn’t quite get.  “Subjective” and “objective” all a bit difficult for publications that refuse to acknowledge things like “statistics”.

I found it interesting because this story broke just after I had recorded the latest in our series of videos which asks the question, “What do we need football journalists?”

Anyway the Uefa boss suggested we need a tolerance of 10 to 20 centimetres – which again probably confused the British media.

Uefa also announced, after a meeting with some of the leading coaches in Europe that they are going to take another look at the topic of handball in the future.

“All the top coaches of our European teams (were there), and our referee boss Roberto Rosetti showed a video of a possible hand ball and asked ‘Hand ball or not?’ Half the room says yes, the other half says no.”

That certainly reflects the debates we have had here, where, you may recall, we pointed out that the speed of the ball is generally too fast to allow players to get out of the way when a ball is kicked towards them in the penalty area.

What wasn’t mentioned though is that the Premier League interpretation of VAR arrangements differs significantly from that in the rest of Europe, what with the lack of checking the pitch side monitors.  Certainly just sitting and watching Arsenal games in the stadium we have seen enough to suggest that something is seriously wrong.

Meanwhile on the managerial front, TBR quoted Nice-Matin as saying that Arsenal are going after Nice manager Patrick Vieira; but it is not too much of a tale since he was already on the list we published a few days ago.  Foootball 365 run the same story saying that Arsenal have now decided it is Patrick who is taking over.

Read Arsenal are quoting the Daily Mail (never a wise move in my experience) to say that “Leeds United will lose Eddie Nketiah’s services for the second half of the campaign” because Arsenal want him back.

6 Replies to “VAR is a mess says Uefa chief, which I suspect most of us would agree with”

  1. It is not the VAR machine device that is a mess. But the operatives of it are the ones deliberately messing it up for their own selfish aims.

    Normally, the introduction of the VAR machine device into football matches for use to sanitise the incorrectness and unfairness that have been widely seen, detected and figured out in match officiating by match centre referees and the 2 match assistants i.e. the linesmens as they are often called would have revolutionized match officiating to make it flawless in match refereeing. But the match officiating officials have been the ones found out to be sabotaging the efforts being made so far to sanitise the injustices and unfairness that are in match refereeing and looking to be embed in match officiating officials. More so, these ills in match officiating that have turned match officiating in the PL matches to a mockery seemingly, is seriously looking to be chronically embed in the institution body, the PGMOLwho are in charge of match officiating officials duty schedules and work roster and whose collective aims and objectives are to cheat and perverse justice in dispensing their functions as if it is righteousness they are advocating for.

    But when will Arsenal be set free from the house of bondage that is the PGMOL who have held them captive since from 2005-2019 season campaigns in the PL?

    Who is the Messiah that will be sent by the god of PL football to come and set Arsenal free from the land of the PGMOL captivity? Or has he already been sent in disguise in Freddie Ljungberg to set Arsenal free? But for their being impatient, the Gooners are trying to reject him thinking he is not the Messiah who will set Arsenal free. Well, personally I don’t know if he is the Arsenal Messiah to set them free from the strangle hold of the PGMOL on them. But I am suspecting he could be the Arsenal Messiah head coach who will set Arsenal free from captivity after their being held up there for 14 consecutive seasons.

  2. I feel they’re trying hard to discredit VAR, but screwing teams they don’t like in the process. Arsenal and City are the ones most hard done by, we could have had at least 4 penalties in our match v Brighton if it was liverpool.

    What I can’t stand is fans who see these decisions, can see the team has been robbed of 5 decisions in a match, but then go on to slate the players if they don’t win.


  3. Same here: completely incomprehensible how people cannot see how utterly corrupt and incompentent the FA officials are. Manchester derby: big sick joke. I dont like city but VAR and the refs handed United the victory on a platter. Nobody calls it out!! Arsenal is f*** over by the refs week in week out. Many of our fans and supporters aim their wrath on players coach and other fans. We should collectively aim our energy at one thing: the ref system needs fixingl!! We need an common sense transparant system! Not this utterly unprofessional lot of feudal and corrupt clowns!

  4. We got arsenal tv on YouTube we need something opposite of aftv being some positivity you guys thought of making a YouTube site? Add the wrong doings so a tally can be made of shit decisions we get done by vs shit we do get

  5. Just watching the Man City vs. Fulham “match”. This is Danny Murphy’s VAR logic, when a goal is being checked: “This is the problem with VAR-”
    *VAR correctly confirms goal mid-sentence*
    “It still took too long… We could see from here…”
    *realizes he couldn’t see better than VAR*
    “…th-that there was nothin in it”
    –> thus states the argument for VAR: the naked eye couldn’t tell in real time whether it was the right call.

    And the public are expected to listen to this garbage.
    I often have football matches on mute (when I don’t, it’s for the crowd noise, which is far more valuable than the commentators) because of intellectual powerhouses such as Danny Murphy.

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