How Arsenal has taken on the media, and the club is winning

by Sir Hardly Anyone

One of the constant tricks by the media is for the newspapers and broadcasters to make up a story, and then when it turns out to be utterly untrue, present that, not as “we got that one wrong” but either by

a) ignoring their previous commentary

b) claiming that Arsenal has done an about turn – often described as a “dramatic U-turn”.

The first option – ignoring their early statements – treats the reader as an idiot by suggesting in fact that the reader is not bright enough to remember what the paper or broadcaster said previously.

The second option – the club has done an about turn – treats the club as being run by idiots.

And what is particularly interesting is how all the blogs and “professional” (I use the word lightly) media quickly agree which approach they are going to use in each case.  One or two run the approach and instantly everyone jumps on board.

This of course is helped by the fact that the Daily Mirror owns Football London.  With both running the story in the same way it looks like the media is in agreement, and so everyone jumps on board.

The Guendouzi Affair is a case in point – which turns out to be very similar to the Xhaka affair where we were told that Xhaka was off to Berlin, and indeed had signed a deal – a story quickly buried as the next week he came back into the team.   This time we had in the Metro  “Matteo Guendouzi snubs plea from Arsenal teammate David Luiz over argument with Mikel Arteta” and was on his way out – which turned out to be a pack of lies.

Amidst all the recent redundancies it is good to see that at last Arsenal has got its media team working solidly to take on the story tellers and fantasists that populate the media.  And to find they are not just ignoring the media as they used to do but are now putting out stories that bring the media back on track, as with, “‘Everybody starts from zero’: Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal outcast Matteo Guendouzi will get another chance to impress after falling out of favour,” which turns up in the Mail and elsewhere.

So we are again treated as idiots by the media.  Guendouzi was leaving with no way back, we were told in the Mirror, Metro, Sun (Top ten stars to quit Arsenal), 442, TalkSport, Football 365, Goal (their “‘Guendouzi is not the type of player to knuckle down’ – Arsenal” really put the boot in), Express (Guendouzi off to PSG), Star (telling us who would replace him), TeamTalk (he’s off for £30m) Mail (he has been exiled) 90 min (banished), GiveMeSport…. and on and on and on.

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  1. Am suprised that the press has not cotton to the notion that MA and the Arsenal have forgiven Guendouzi , after the news that the entire Brighton team and their management had made a heartfelt plea to the Pope to forgive Matteo for his youthful, but foolhardy transgressions .

    There are allegedly clips from ZOOM of this online historic meeting on the internet , and on Brighton’s YOUTUBE Channel. Check out the ,” Forgive him Holy Father , for he knew not what he was doing !” , clip.

    Is this Papal Bull legit ?

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