Arsenal don’t do swaps. They have just found a money tree.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

If it were “all go” on the transfer front I’d say it was all go on the transfer front, but it isn’t, so I won’t.  Even though in the blogs and the newspapers and TV stations, it is.

Mind you it is fun watching Barcelona at the moment.  Looking at their new manager, a Mr Ronald Koeman, today, I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.  Compared to him Mr Arteta looks positively euphoric.

So given that the problems of the Koeman are not our problems, let us move forthwith to the tattle and the tittle concerning the Arsenal.

1: Coutinho (Team Talk)

“Arsenal are reported to have reached an agreement to sign a Barcelona star, while an agent has touted a top Liverpool star for a move to the Nou Camp.”

This is after Coutinho joins the current exit tendency and informs Barcelona that he like everyone else wants to leave.  And in his case to leave for Arsenal.

“Philippe Coutinho will inform Ronald Koeman he wants a move to Arsenal when he holds talks on his Barcelona future…. Koeman was hoping to give Coutinho the chance to resurrect his Barcelona dream after a season on loan at Bayern Munich.  However, according to Marca, Coutinho has already decided he wants to return to the Premier League….Furthermore, Sport claims the Gunners are willing to pay Coutinho £200,000 a week were he to switch to Arsenal.”

This is interesting because last week Arsenal had no money for anyone, now they have loads of money and no one is asking where it came from.  It is so good when the printing presses are repaired.

2:  Elneny’s future

“I know Mo really well. He’s a really positive character to have around and he will be given all of our support. We don’t know [if he’ll stay].”   (Football.London – oh do try to stop laughing when I’m passing on the news, it is most off putting).  He actually played very well in the midweek game, and might well get a game or part of a game against Liverpool!

3:  Lucas Torreira and Diawara swap deal  (dello sport x 2)

Both Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport allegedly have this story, although I am blowed if I can find it put as anything other than a wild whimsy in either.

However Arsenal are now the money club, so they don’t want a swap deal they want to pay everyone they can find with a player loads of dosh in each case.   €30m to Roma – certainly here it is.   £27m’ for Diawara, no problem.  Arsenal have their own printing press.

4:   Bellerin out!   (Metroid)

“Hector Bellerin is wanted by Juventus nd is yet to get back to his best following his anterior cruciate ligament rupture in the 2018/19 campaign,” we are told.

5: Martinez injured, or ill or unfit or emotional

The Evening Standard gives us every possibility and then a few that are anatomically impossible to explain where Martinez is, and why he couldn’t find his way to Milton Keynes.  Allegedly he has been in quarantine since breaking down in tears after winning the cup.  Not I hasten to add that there is anything amiss with any man showing his emotions.  We support it totally.

6:  Is this news?

Michael Owen has predicted that Liverpool! will beat Arsenal in the Community Shield 3-1, with Auba to score.

7:  Gabriel Magalhaes not coming to Arsenal after all

Napoli we are told, has made a larger offer than Arsenal to sign Gabriel Magalhaes.  That is in the Daily Canon.  It looks to us like a set up for a tale about Arsenal dithering.

The Daily Star however tells us that the deal is absolutely certainly on.  so one of the two is lying.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?   I mean really?


One of the interesting points in all this is that blogs and other media who get their tales of transfers wrong (which in fact means 98% of the time) take the view that they should never apologise for giving out the wrong information.  Their view seems to be that the readers do not want apologies and if one is published other scurrilous publications (such as Untold Arsenal) only take a mean advantage of them, and laugh.

Which is by and large true.

4 Replies to “Arsenal don’t do swaps. They have just found a money tree.”

  1. The swap deal between Torriera and Diawara is defo real !! and its looking like it is going to happen sooner rather than later !! I have it that Arsenal have given up on Partey and want to rid themselves of a Player that doesnt want to be at the club in Torriera !! Diawara is the replacement !!

  2. Martinez has been on Holiday in Portugal and has to Quarantine for 2 weeks when he gets back !! nothing more !! and gabriel has already signed and as i have it they are waiting for Auba to sign on the dottedline and announce both on the same day !!

  3. But when is Aubameyang going to sign that dottedline to extend his current contract deal at Arsenal? What is making him to delay his signing an extension agreement to it with Arsenal? Mikel Arteta has not made the delays encountered known to the public in his pre Community Shied match news conference today. Maybe it is a club classified information that shouldn’t be revealed to the public that stopped Arteta revealing the information. So if it does turnout to be so, then we leave it at that and patiently wait for the announcement to be made.

    But in regard to Arsenal delaying announcing their signing of Gabriel Maglhaes this summer, I think Maglhaes has just reported this Monday or was it last week to Arsenal to undergo his medical at the club. And reading from what Arteta has said in his news conference today, it looks as if it is the medical thing that Maglhaes is undergoing at the club that has not yet finish that is causing the delays in announcing his signing. If it so, let us hope he’ll pass his medical this weekend so that the announcement of his signing by Arsenal will be made.

    Torreria – Diawara purported swap deal between Arsenal and Roma could possibly happen this summer. But if the media reports on the two players signing exchange transfer deal between the duo club sides turnout to be true. Someone on this site has commented that it can be taken as a de-facto transfer swap deal if it happens, despite that Arsenal will pay to sign Diawara and Roma also will do the same thing to sign Torreria. But I don’t know anything about who Diawara is as a football player as I have never watched him playing to know if he will be suitable for Arsenal to sign him. But that should be my own problem. But any way, L will google him now to know about him.

  4. @ carl

    That’s very specific information so you must have sources for it which are better than the media and also suggests that AFC have issues in terms of their staff maintaining confidentiality?

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