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  1. Chris
    30 August 2020

    Right on.

    Some people don’t have a life and need to try to destroy others’ lives to feel they are living.

    I guess what Robin Williams said it in Good Morning Vietnam would apply to any of these tweeters

    You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any man in history.


  2. Chris
    30 August 2020

    JustArsenal, which I would say is supposedly a blog about Arsenal – and thus should somehow support the club posted a piece of junk.
    I won’t post a link, it would bring them more traffic.
    But the piece tells us that Arsenal has the worst record from an english against Messi.
    I mean, is this stat worth anything other then bashing Arsenal with data that is worthless ?!?

    Interestingly, the piece then says that Mssi will have a hard time adapting to the Premier League and that Arteta will come up with a game plan to neutralise Messi.

    So guess the punchline is just baiting, and the peice ends up on a positive note.
    Then again, it needs someone to read it all which I imagine most will not.


  3. ken1945
    30 August 2020

    Chris, read the article you are alluding to and, quite rightly, it has produced negative reactions.

    I’m not sure what the article was intended to do, but every site has it’s negative posters, some more than others.

    I’m pretty sure that you have posted on Just Arsenal, as I do… surely one just has to separate the wheat from the chaff?


  4. Chris
    30 August 2020


    No I never posted there.
    To be honnest, I still don’t get the point of the article.
    If and when I post, there is a subject and an opinion.
    Here we’ve got a supposed statistic and some sort of explanation thereof, all of that ending in a positiver way then the way it started. maybe some robot just wrote it up. Artificial whatever but not intelligence !
    Had the article gone into Fergie time, maybe the writer would have announced Arsenal will win the PL ? ;=))
    Maybe one of these days we’ll be treated to a ‘Liverpool has a negative track record against Arsenal’…since septembre 2019….

    Gues this is baitclick and nothing else.


  5. Sammy The Snake
    30 August 2020

    AW had to leave one day, and we needed a Moyes type manager after him. Emery was our Moyes.

    Let’s rejoice in finding a fantastic new manager who is one of our own and has won 2 cups in his first half season in charge amid a pandemic. Compare that to Chelsea’s young manager, or Jose from Spurs.

    The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!


  6. nicky
    30 August 2020

    As we now look ahead to a new season of the EPL, as well as in the Europa competition, the presence of Ozil in everything except an Arsenal shirt continues to be a source of despair.
    There appears to be no plan to play him and as the first team blossoms, his future until the end of his contract would seem to be bleak in the extreme.
    I only hope that the dressing-room doesn’t become adversely affected by the situation.


  7. Menace
    30 August 2020

    Every instrument has a place in Arteta’s melody. Right now he is planning his orchestra and as instruments become available he will decide the orchestration to suit his choice of melody.

    Stay calm and keep the silence till you hear the first movement. We have before us a maestro to entertain us with sounds we’ve been craving.


    • Tony Attwood
      31 August 2020

      I agree with the first part Menace, and I’m glad we’re both still on this journey, but I am not (for my part at least) that sure about keeping the silence. At least not as far as Untold goes.


  8. Chris
    31 August 2020


    nice image.
    But as for the silence, there is enough of it in the Emirates… and we’ve got to be behind our team lest the usual troublemakers become audible again.
    This is why, IMHO, they ought to be called out each and every time.

    Apart from that, I’m very positive about Arsenal.


  9. Menace
    31 August 2020

    The silence refers to contracts of new and current players. Ours is a pause till Arteta confirms his beliefs have been ratified.

    It will then be our moment to enjoy, yet again, another glorious moment.


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