How football can be saved from itself: a simple 15 point plan.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

The argument about a new super-premier league and other arrangements being put forward by Manchester United and Liverpool! should not, in the opinion of the Untold Executive be allowed to go forward unchallenged.

So we’ve come up with our own 15 point plan for the longterm good of football.

  1. There should be a cap on salaries paid out by each club per season.  This should include players and administrators.   A different maximum should exist in each League and  should aim not just to stop one club winning the league over and over, but also should reduce the interest in football of those who love money rather than the game. Points can be deducted for any club that goes over the limit, and clubs that do break the limit cannot win the title or promotion that season.
  2. The should be a cap on transfer fees that can be paid out by each club per season.  Again there could be a reduction of points and a statute that rules that a club that breaks this rule cannot be promoted or win a title in that season or the next.
  3. No club can spend more than its turnover from football activities each year.  With rules like this, the mega rich who have invested in clubs, suddenly find their investment worthless.
  4. All professional and semi-professional clubs must make a profit each season.  Any club making a loss to be relegated one division.   Teams of auditors appointed by the League can go through the clubs accounts, and this has to be paid for by the club on an hour by hour basis.   So if the accounts are not totally transparent the club ends up paying more and more to have its accounts sorted.
  5. The FA and Leagues to be wound up, replaced by one organisation running all professional football in England – the Professional Football Association.  A similar body should run the amateur game, and a third should run the game for children of all ages under 16s.  The first two bodies should between them run the FA Cup which can be renamed (since the FA won’t exist) as the Football Cup.
  6. A sum to be given each year from the body running professional football to the bodies running semi-pro football and amateur football to cover all the costs of their administration.
  7. The ban on televised football at 3pm on Saturday to be ended, and each league should be free to negotiate its preferred television arrangements season by season or to set up its own TV channel.
  8. TV money is to be given directly to the clubs in equal amounts for that League.  Thus the sum given out does not depend on where the club finished in the league or how many times it was televised.
  9. International football between countries should be stopped except for amateur players.
  10. Fifa should be wound up, although all criminal cases currently proceeding against members of Fifa should be continued.  Uefa should continue and be allowed to run European competitions, but all the earnings should be shared between countries depending on the number of coaches qualified at the top level from that country who are actively working in football.  Thus the more fully qualified coaches there are in a country, the higher the percentage of the money that country gets.
  11. The PGMO should be wound up and all referees currently working for PGMO and all officials working within PGMO should be banned from football for ten years.  A new body should be set up which trains and oversees referees at all levels in the country.  That body should be open and transparent at all levels. Referee accuracy should be tested each season and any falling below the PGMO’s claim of 98% should be banned for two years.
  12. Referees should be free to be interviewed by the media after a game.
  13. All restrictions on players who can play in England, dependent on their nationality, should be abolished.
  14. Journalists should have to pay to go to football matches in the same way as anyone else.  They should also have the same entrances as everyone else, use the same toilets as everyone else, and get food from the same locations as everyone else.  Just so they know what it is like, and can write about it if they wish.
  15. Any club found guilty of breaking taxation laws regarding its own finances or the paying of players should be docked 20 points for each offence.  An offence by a director of a club should be counted as an offence by the club. Any player found guilty of breaking taxation laws should be banned for six months in addition to any punishment handed out by the state

That should more or less do it.

3 Replies to “How football can be saved from itself: a simple 15 point plan.”

  1. The above article 15 point suggestions to move the Coronovirus professional football stadia gate takings hit forward is a step taken in the right direction. Despite that not all the points suggested in the article posting will be agreed with by the football stakeholders across the professional football Leagues. For instance, point no 6 and other points too as well.

    But nevertheless, what has led Liverpool and Man Utd owners to suggest a revolution of football Leagues plan is glared. And has to be attended to if the vast number of the EFL club sides who currently are distressed financially will be saved from going into administration and subsequently go into extinction. But save If the UK Government, the FA and the football League include the PL clubs quickly puts their heads together in unison to inject the said £250m bail fund into the EFL to save the clubs playing there from operation stoppage,

    But what have the rest of the current 20 PL clubs ninus the proposed top 9 PL gang up club sides are saying over the revolunalizing of football as being tabled by Liverpool and Man Utd owners for considerations?

    Apart of West Ham Utd who are reported to have spoken out to opposed and condemned the Liverpool and Man Utd proposed football Leagues revolution, no any other PL club sides have come forward to make any suggestions of theirs on how professional football can be moved forward to have a good greater effect. Neither have the FA and Premier League made any useful suggestions as to how they want to see football move forward to revolutionized. But there is still time for them to make their own suggestions.

    But opposing and condemning the Liverpool and Man Utd football revolutionizing suggestion as currently sponsored by the duo club sides will not be okay as that’s not a revolutionized football takes that the game currently needs to survive and be acceptable to all facets of the League. Which the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled it’s revolutionizing to take place so as to save the business side of the game from going into doldrums instead of it staying in the special affluent business position it is occupying in the world. For, no one can say when the pandemic will go into extinction which if it did will allow football fans to return to the stadia. Thus if it happens, will possibly brings to an end prematurely the Liverpool and Man Utd joint sponsored attempt to revolutionize professional footballi to a greater advantaged but to the big-six clubs that is conniely extended to a big-nine clubs to garner support.

  2. Use the same toilets as everyone else – what is the point of being a journalist?

  3. Sir Hardly you have outdone yourself this time! I particularly like and support the diversification and redristribution of revenues you suggest AND that the Sweet FA, the PIGMOB and FIFA be relegated to the scrap heap of Football history!
    On requiring a 98% accuracy rate for officials, it would basically condemn Football to robot referees since in my 40+ years of officiating wroldwide I have NEVER seen anyone approach anyway near that accuracy rate….how about a realistic 80% accuracy?

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