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  1. Menace
    16 October 2020

    Once again we have a cheating lying conniving US citizen trying to seize power together with a group of non tax paying foreigners who own English Football clubs. In the case of one individual, he should be dressed in a condom as he delves into the depths looking for cigar smoke from a usually ping pong playing orifice. Yes, it is what we often refer to John Henry as – a big dick.

    The shameless attempt to take control of a league that has already lost its soul to greed is not surprising. The younger generation of England’s football loving families will not be able to see quality live football for a long time. Their recreation on a Saturday afternoon has now been set to make money for the wealthy at ungodly times, impacting homework and family meal times. There is no discussion or consultation that would normally be seen as mandatory before society was deprived of its national sport.

    The finger of blame must point to the FA and the government for allowing foreign ownership of Football clubs without any financial examination and limiting terms and conditions to safeguard the social benefit of the game.

    We cannot accept legal entities as shareholders to safeguard moral obligations when financial benefit is involved. Shareholders of football clubs must be individuals with British nationality. The FA should not have members beyond the age of 70 and again must be British Nationals.

    The officials must be FIFA qualified and appointed by ballot 14 days prior to matches. There must be a pool of at least 28 officials on a simple retainer basis with additional match fees when appointed.

    Following this basic change in the structure of English Football, the financial equations can be worked out to cater for all levels of the game. The assurance that the income that the game generates is to remain in the UK will grow everything that depends and supports the game in the UK.


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