Arsenal make a complete cock-up; I’m sorry I believed they would get it right

On the Arsenal web page!match-news

there appeared on the afternoon of Friday 18 December information concerning the Arsenal under 23 game against Leicester City under 23 along with the notice

 Audio available on

However this was totally untrue.  There was no audio.

Which may not mean much to fans who are not interested in the under 23s but for myself, a season ticket holder who didn’t get a ticket for the matches that allowed small crowds in, it would have been nice to follow this match.

It is a tiny detail, and probably the number of people who are interested in following the game is small, but really is a big enough organisation to be able to get something like this right.

Football after all is a game in which matches are won and lost on matters of a fraction of a millimeter so getting something like this right is surely not that hard.

And it couldn’t be that hard because did keep us up to date with the score, although not with anything beyond the score and the scorers.

It is one thing that Arsenal don’t feel like being bothered about bringing fans information concerning the under 21s – that is a matter for them.  But to suggest they are doing this, and then not do it, and then not have any mechanism whereby we can clarify what’s going on, and then not even bother to apologise, actually puts us mere fans in our place.  An apology would certainly be welcome.

The score at half time as 1-1.

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  1. So Martinelli didn’t play? Does that mean he’s going to be in the squad for tomorrow’s game?

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