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  1. Blacksheep
    6 February 2021

    I really don’t think it is all that relevant to discuss money spent tbh Tony. We have done better recently because of the emergence of Saka and EMR, neither of whom cost us very much: and while Nico Pepe is doing quite well at the moment no one could argue he’s been worth the 72,000,000 he cost us. Chelsea and City have very deep pockets but City’s stand out player at the moment is home grown, as is Villa’s for that matter. Liverpool have lost a high priced defender (to their obvious detriment) but some of their best play comes from their (relatively) cheap wing backs. Leicester’s squad is (and importantly was when the won the league) pretty cut price but they are doing pretty well with it.

    So money matters but not always as much as fans believe (when they shout ‘spend some f*****g money’).

    Good managers are hard to come buy and one’s ‘guaranteed’ to bring success cost a lot of money and are very rare (or are rare and so cost a lot of money – basic economics). Would Pep bring us success, or Tuchel, or Klopp, or Mourinho (just kidding)? Maybe. Would Lampard have developed a title winning Chelsea side given time and resources? We’ll never know now.

    I do think experience counts so long as it is backed by a good squad, some sprinkling of star quality, a good youth system, all backed by solid support within and without the club (i.e from the board and supporters). So Arteta – who is learning his craft while managing a team in transition – not easy! – needs backing for 2-3 years. He needs to clear out the remnants of both Wenger’s final years and Emery’s short custodianship. He needs to give youth a chance (he is) and he needs to be allowed to make errors and not fear that he’ll get his P45.

    If, in season 2022/23 or 23/24 we are not challenging for the league and finishing in the top 4 then that would be the time to think about change. That presupposes that Arteta is given what he needs. If he isn’t then we are setting him u to fail anyway. And that would be on Kroenke, Edu and Vinai.

    Finally (honestly!) Wenger is part of Arsenal’s history now. In my opinion the greatest manager we’ve ever had, eclipsing even Chapman. But he’s gone and its time to move on and stop bringing his hounding out up every time it looks like we’ve gone backwards.



    • Mikey
      6 February 2021

      @ Blacksheep

      Some extraordinarily good points there.. your argumen5 re spending some f***ing money may have some benefits but to be quite honest there’s so much more to it than that.

      If the PGMOL decide they don’t want us to win the league, we have to be so much better than all other teams just to make the Europa League.

      Until English football/the PGMOL are in court and prison sentences are the outcome I can’t be bothered. I will always check the football results and want Arsenal to win but seriously, the playing field is approaching vertical. I had my first season ticket in 1968 and never have I been so disillusioned with the state of the game.


  2. Franck
    6 February 2021

    We chose to sign an inexperienced manager…Arteta has had no managerial experience before Arsenal appointed him.His first transfer window told us that he is all about defending..his leaving out Ozil meant that he didn’t give a damn about creative players..His signing Willian meant that he does not know what would make his team better..I still believe our problem is the Manager we have chosen to sign.Give him £200m to sign players and he would still not be able to get into Europe..


  3. GoingGoingGooner
    6 February 2021

    nice tap in by Joe today.


  4. Rosicky@Arsenal
    6 February 2021

    Weren’t we were supposed to win the league once Arsene Wenger leaves the club?


  5. John L
    6 February 2021

    As the abundant evidence from other threads has shown for several seasons, the major influences on Arsenal results have been the decisions of match referees, with the recent addition of their VAR accomplices.

    Therefore it is hard to judge or compare the records of different managers and managers of different clubs.


  6. goonersince72
    7 February 2021




  7. Arome
    8 February 2021

    @Blacksheep, Everytime you comment on untold, it’s a blessing. Unfortunately you don’t comment much anymore


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