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Untold Refwatch. Arsenal v WHU: what we can expect from this referee

RefWatch: Mike Jones – Arsenal Vs West Ham 30/Oct/2010

By DogFace

  • Referee: Mike Jones
  • Assistant 1: Dave Bryan
  • Assistant 2: John Flynn
  • 4th Official: Keith Hill

This weekend we entertain Western side of the provincial hamlet of Ham in what promises to be a cracking encounter… probably.  But enough of all that – the build up will obviously be covered with far greater élan by Billy ‘The Dog’ – I hear he likes a bit of ham… or likes to ham it up a bit  (Careful – Ed)

Moving on…

…Watching, as it were, a referee in a West Ham game must be taken into context with what seems to be the incredible ‘luck’ that the hammers tend to get in the EPL; this is the sort of luck that ‘@ v end of v day’ doesn’t ‘even out’.

To the casual observer it seems that they get most 50/50’s, 30/70’s and, indeed 0/100’s in their favour in every league game they ever play (remember this time last season the 2-2 draw).

This coupled with the EPL’s refusal to dock points from the hammers for breaking the rules (off the pitch) such as those relating to transfers and insolvency makes it all quite remarkable that they still seem to bounce around the relegation zone every season… with, of course, the aforementioned illegal transfers given special dispensation to participate in these ‘relegation battles’.

Quite frankly it’s all getting rather embarrassing – shape up, pull your socks up or ship out!

But still, talk of the devil; let’s take a look at the Ref – Mike Jones:

Full name: Mike J. Jones

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Date of birth: 18 April 1968 (age 42)

Place of birth: The footballing hotbed of Chester, England

Favourite Colour: Unknown

Mike Jones is fairly new on the scene, being one of the chosen three to be promoted to Premier League/European action last season; the other two being Stuart Attwell and Kevin Friend – so one would assume that these guys were ‘the cream’ of refereeing talent – the pick of the bunch…

Kevin Friend I’m currently undecided on as he has never pinged my radar where as Stuart Attwell’s fuckups are well documented (it would be, of course, my immense pleasure to collate and document them again should he ever grace us with his presence).

Our man Jones has also had his share of the media spotlight for the odd gaffette; and we’ll look at these now:

Mike Jones, if you recall, was in charge of the match between Sunderland and Liverpool where an outside agent crept onto the pitch (to wit, a beach ball) and gave Darren Bent the opportunity to demonstrate his immense skill of both football and snooker by getting an ‘in off the red’.

Correct me if I’m wrong (Walter) but should that not have been a drop ball on the edge of the area?  It seems that the cream of the crop does not fully understand the Laws of the Game… well – either that or an ‘outside agent’ crept into his dressing room and deflected a brown paper envelope into his back pocket?  Was it Wenger who once said, après mugging, that the ref must be either corrupt or incompetent?  Wise words indeed.

Don’t get me wrong though – I don’t hate all refs… there are some very good ones like Walter and, closer to the EPL, Andy D’Urso – but they never get games!  Promotion to the select group of English refereedom, in my eyes, seems to be entirely based on how shit you are i.e. the more you can be relied upon to cock it up, look the other way and randomise the result, the bigger the games you get.  When I say ‘bigger’ I mean in terms of overall gambling liquidity – you know – sky games, sky bet, red button, in-play… etc.

Where was I… oh yes – I’m wrong.  Mike Jones was eventually dropped, actually, (for one game) after totally mugging off Hull in Burnley’s 2-0 home win, in which he awarded Burnley a dubious (see ‘bollocks’) penalty and disallowed a Hull goal, that would have given them the equaliser, before sending off Geovanni for no apparent reason.

I know it’s only Hull and quite funny to see Phil ‘the power’ Brown fuming in his post match interview but one would still hope he used the time off over the summer hols to swot up on the old rules eh?

Has he learned his lesson, will we get a ‘home advantage’ – or will we just all end up chanting “you don’t know what you’re doing”…


Answers on a postcard please!

8 comments to Untold Refwatch. Arsenal v WHU: what we can expect from this referee

  • walter

    Dogface, you are right about the beachball. It should have been a dropped ball at the place of the impact with the beachball. The referee and the corner flag are no “foreign” objects on the football field so if they get hit by the ball play continues.
    But anything else on the field apart from the players are foreign objects and when the ball hits such an object play should be stopped. The foreign object should be removed and then play restarts with a dropped ball.

    So no need to bring beachballs as I think he will have learnt his lesson. I hope and I will be watching him.

  • Steve Palmer

    Hopefully we wont see a beachball, but we may see a few dodgy decisions, and while we are talking about dodgy decisions, isnt it time the offside rule was changed, in the game against the Geordies(am i allowed to say that)Wallcots, goal where Bentner was in an offside Position, but never went for the ball,i cant convince myself that ,that is right, the refferee deemed Bendy not to be interfering with play, surely the back line getting out fast is to put people offside so it must interfere with play, i know it was in our favour but it could have been against, i am not going into what happened with Bendy off the ball, because its the rule that needs to change, we need to get back to, when your offside your offside

  • Finsbury

    Thanks to all Untold Towers for this season’s series on referee’s.

  • Finsbury

    > all at

  • A Casual Observer

    I can’t believe that DogFace failed to mention the other Sunderland game involving Mike Jones – the game with, guess who, West Ham where the lucky Hammers were 1-0 up in extra time and Guillermo Franco handballed in the area before finding the net.

    Jones, rather than let Sunderland take the quick free kick; instead stood on the ball and allowed West Ham to celebrate the disallowed goal until the clock ran down thus giving them a 1-0 win… not that I’m saying that Sunderland would have got one back in the dying seconds but still – it ranks high on the Jonsey dodgey-o-meter!


  • ArsenalDubai

    Ref made several mistakes today, but I wonder how he allowed Parker to commit so many fouls without showing him a card. Unbelievable!
    Good win, though.

  • Simon

    Ref today was rubbish failed to protect the team trying to play football i.e. arsenal and didn’t book players when he should’ve booked; did brandish yellow when he didn’t need to!

    not the best from the Gunners today but they had nothing except obdurate defence and the Ref and we ground out the three point with Citeh losing a good Saturday and we march on This week we qualify for the round of 16 in the Champs League, Sweet!!!

  • Bexxy

    Poor ref today. Both teams were hard done by at times