Yet every club has players who lose value – especially at the moment.  So many clubs are in such dire financial straits that the value of players generally is tumbling.  But that’s too complex a tale for the average football journalist.

Now because of the pandemic, the situation is worse.  We can expect Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG to buy as always because the pandemic doesn’t affect those with the greatest wealth.  But look at Barcelona, and the top Italian clubs – and undoubtedly many more.  They are in real trouble and this reduces the value of players, because value is simply what a club will pay.

And of course we never know the value of a player until he is sold.  Football Observatory had Bukayo Saka as worth £100m in earlier this year.  Transfermrkt had him at half that. 

But for what it is worth here are the market values of our players as estimated this week by Transfermarkt

Player Age Contract ends Value 2021 Value 2020
19 June 30, 2024 €20m
Partey 28 June 30, 2025 €50m
26 June 30, 2024 €52m
24 June 30, 2024 €20m
30 June 30, 2022 €48m
24 June 30, 2021 €32m
32 June 30, 2023 €56m
26 June 30, 2023 €32m
23 June 30, 2025 €28m
29 June 30, 2023 €28m
28 June 30, 2023 €24m
20 June 30, 2024 €25m
25 June 30, 2024 €9.5m
Smith Rowe
20 June 30, 2023 €2,7m
22 June 30, 2022 €11m
21 June 30, 2023 €16m
26 June 30, 2022 €14.5m
28 June 30, 2022 €5m

So we have six players whose values have increased – and of course we can always argue about the details of some others.  I would say Willock’s value has increased dramatically because of the loan to Newcastle, and Chambers has gone up considerably, because he has overcome his injury problems and played consistently in what was the third best defence in the Premier League last season.

But to me the main thing to remember is that declining values are, at the moment, everywhere.

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