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March 2021

Arsenal’s Bargain Buys


It’s been a painful season for Gunners fans around the globe, but the start of 2021 has seen a revival in form and the team’s potential is beginning to show. The side are still as temperamental as ever though, and it’s tricky to guess which Arsenal will turn up on any given match day. […]

Why the clamour to restart football is fuelled by gambling firms


By Tony Attwood

The football industry, which consists of the clubs, the players, the non-playing staff, and the businesses and industry that get an economic boost from it, want football back, because it’s their living, their way of life, and in many cases, it makes a profit. By and large the fans want it […]

Top earners take no cut; media attack, gambling firms lose money

By Tony Attwood and Christophe Jost

So we have had weeks and weeks of pretending nothing is happening, or if it is happening it is only those silly foreign people getting into a tiz, while we English know that it is all alright, and indeed it would all be fine in Europe if only those […]

Football: With reporting like this no wonder corruption is rife

By Tony Attwood

How will Brexit affect the Premier League? See the video

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of things wrong with football.

There’s the big debate on gambling (and yes I am neither blind to the problems that gambling causes nor to the fact that in order to keep […]

Soccer Betting Tips


Get to know your teams

Before placing a bet, you need to know your team inside out. Their strengths and weaknesses play a very important role in their evaluation. You should be able to learn their home and away records. You also need to pay attention to each individual player for getting to […]