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September 2008

Arsenal injury news ahead of weekend

Silvestre is apparently still not ready to play, but should be ok for midweek. Carlos Vela is still asleep having driven all the way back from Mexico in a Ford Mondeo which broke down in Iceland. Could be redirected straight to the first Champs match. Nasri is uncertain, but then that’s what we are […]

If it had been Arsenal v Croatia this is what they would have said

You’ll know how fanatical and over-the-top the English media has been today about England’s performance. And of course we are all delighted beyond belief at the way Theo has come on since suddenly waking up in the game against Liverpool Insolvency in the Euro£££ Cup.

But just pause for a moment, in order to get […]

Football descends into farce and chaos

Today comes the news that Chelsea are being charged by the FA with failing to control their groundsman….

You remember those odd days in the summer when everyone at Arsenal was leaving to go to Barca or Real Mad or WC Milan or something. No one wanted to play for us, and anyway we […]

The even more golden generation than the last

Welcome to the future. Golden Generation II (TM) is here and it is led by Theo Walcott. According to the Daily Mail England are now so good that the World cup doesn’t even have to be played and FIFA will hand it over next week.

England will also win the Olympics – and indeed Theo […]