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October 2008

Why we must applaud Tottenham’s plans for a new ground

Transforming yourself is important. You feel down, but you have to go out and play football or sell computers or write wonderful pieces of literature – so you have to reinvent yourself – and then those around you.

The master at this art is Mr Leavy at Tottenham Hotspur. The masters at not doing this […]

And now something completely different

I started this blog as an experiment just around a year ago. The experiment being to see if anyone was interested in following a different sort of approach to commenting on Arsenal – one that backed Wenger, covered issues that others didn’t bother about too much, including the financial background, and which maybe included a […]

At least we don’t have to buy a new team

This is not the only day I have felt bad about football. Like when we lost to Wrexham in the Cup – I can still remember the feeling the next morning. Took me days to get over that.

Or when we lost 6-1 to Manchester Bankrupt (or Manchester U as they were known in those […]

What can we do with Eduardo?

In a couple of weeks time Eduardo will be back in the squad, possibly playing as a sub in the Wigan league cup game, possibly being a sub in a subsequent league game.

Either way, assuming none of the others gets injured in the meanwhile this will be our forward situation

Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, […]

FA action against Nottm Forest, SFA against Rangers, and then Tottenham

There are two interesting reports doing the rounds today. One is that the FA have put out a statement about chanting by Nottm Forest fans against Dave Jones who is manager of Cardiff City. It says, “We strongly condemn any chanting which contains foul and abusive language or is of a homophobic or discriminatory nature.” […]

Mr Leavy takes action to save the club’s success

Making some sort of sense of what these Tiny Tott characters say can be a bit of a time-consuming job. Indeed I’ve been working at it all day and I still can’t quite make it work.

October 27th, 2008 | Category: Arsenal stories | Comments are closed

North London disturbances brought under control by police

Police services report that most of North London is now back to normal following a night of disturbances. A senior officer at the Met apologised to local residents and said that his officers were taken by surprise.

“Two sets of celebrations took place at once, and we really hadn’t expected it,” said DCI Yard, of […]

Tiny tott managers: a comparison

Points per game for best tiny tott managers

Martin Joll 1.51 Francis 1.39 Ramos 1.17

Points per game for Harry

West Ham = 1.31 Portsmouth first time round = 1.18 Southampton = 0.91 Portmouth part 2 = 1.42

So we can see that Mr Rednapp is not quite up to the Martin Joll standard […]

“Relegation is our aim”

So now we can guess why Portsmouth failed to push the case against the Tiny Totts over the behaviour of the Tott supporters who used racist abuse against Sol Campbell. It looks like Portsmouth were in negotiation with Tottingham over the manager’s job, and sending a file to the police would not have helped the […]

How the Curse of Arsenal is affecting Tottenham

The Curse of Arsenal was placed upon Tottenham Hotspur (the Tiny Totts) following the appalling scenes at the Portsmouth vs Tinies game in which Sol Campbell was abused. The failure of Tottenham to take any serious action over the incident resulted in the Curse being made official.

As we saw last season (when Birmingham and […]

Stop making sense

Sometimes the Lord Wenger says so much that is right, and so many things move in our favour, it is almost tempting to ask the Lord Wenger to stop talking and the world to stop spinning so we can take it all in.

Just think of yesterday (you remember yesterday, that was the day when […]

Oh please yes please yes yes please please (etc)

If you have been supporting the Arsenal for more than 12 years you’ll remember the dark days. I mean the really dark days.

Days so dark that you couldn’t even see the tunnel let alone the light at the end of it.

I speak, of course, of the year of the Rioch.

That dreadful year […]

Bentley speaks about life at Tottenham

“It’s been shocking.”

“It’s been a bit shit.”

“It has been a bad start to the season, especially for me.”

“We have not been together.”

“We have not known where we are running or what we have been doing.”

These are the statements of that ex-Arsenal player who left us to play in the highlife […]

Oh Thierry, what have they done to you

There’s this advert running on Arsenal TV in which they show the Henry wonder goal against the Tiny Totts, wherein he runs more than half the length of the pitch, beats the entire Tiny defence and scores, and then runs all the way back to go on his knees in front of the Tiny supporters […]

This problem with the midfield

On Tuesday 21 October Arsenal Reserves played West Ham Reserves. The Arsenal team included Bischoff and Merida, two midfielders looking to break into the first team. Coquelin was there as well.

They couldn’t call on Jack Wilshere because he was playing for England in a tournament, with the … Under 16s.

On the same evening […]

Arsenal/Everton violence – broader perspectives

Below is an email that has come into the blog. Although it appears in the replies column as normal, I thought it needed a wider coverage because to me it does reflect where we seem to have got to on the Arsenal / Everton game.



I have to say – though I enjoy […]

I met this really kinky girl last night…

I met this really kinky girl last night.


“Humiliate me,” she said.


So I bought her a Tottenham shirt.


Juande Ramos, shortly after another training session, comments to the head groundsman at White Hart Lane how impressive the pitch is looking. “It ought to,” […]

The FA could deduct points, and Everton fans speak.

Lucy Faulkner, the head of equality and diversity at the FA has confirmed that it is possible for the FA to deduct points from Tottenham for their racist and homophobic treatment of Sol Campbell at the Portsmouth Tottenham game.

However there is absolutely no sign of action – not even after the FA held a […]

Curse of Arsenal strikes again

There’s no doubt that they didn’t quite see this one coming. When the Tiny Totts played Portsmouth and their supporters engaged in racist chanting against Sol Campbell, they probably thought they could get away with it. The police wouldn’t act, the FA wouldn’t act, Portsmouth wouldn’t act, and of course we all know that […]

Cesc refuses to sign contract, Russia invades Leeds

On the Arsenal web site this morning (20 October) there is a lead story about Fabregas’ contract in which Cesc comments on a piece in a Sunday paper, which says that he has refused to sign a new contract with the club.

The fact is that Cesc hasn’t refused to sign. In fact there is […]

Everton are the new Bolton

It was there for all to see. All who have eyes that is (which naturally excludes most of the “professional” media, naturally.)

Rotational fouling and institutionalised timewasting. Exactly as perfected by Notlob under the Allerdyce manifestation, and developed further by the Oooze at Blackburn before he wandered off to Manchester Arab.

Rotational fouling is the […]

We must not get carried away

There have been many previous false dawns where we have thought, “yes, this is it. This is going to be THE SEASON.”

And then, sadly we have been let down. The lads have not quite been up to it. They have tried, we have urged them on, but in the end, failure.

However this […]

The scoreline didn’t reflect the result

According to 85.846% of all blogs that mention Arsenal today (including those that appear on sites in the north western port and home of slavery, Liverpool) Arsenal have got an INJURY CRISIS.

Apparently half the team have broken limbs, broken noses and headaches.

Which means that we will put out a very weakened team of […]

New attempt to stop internationals

A significant new initiative is being launched to stop all future internationals involving France (or Equipe F as they would be called if they followed the British way of speaking adopted during the Olympics where the UK became Team GB).

The French President Président de la République française one Nicolas Sarkozy has stated both categorically […]

A broken nose

Quote of the day: “After that goal, Scotland have the bit between their legs… I mean their tail between their teeth.” (Radio 5).

Injury of the day: Cesc has broken his nose playing for Spain.

Injury of a few more days: Djourou is injured and couldn’t play for Switzerland

Injury maybe maybe not: Robin VP […]