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August 2008

Satanta coverage of Arsenal an absolute disgrace

Setanta Television, the diminutive Irish satellite channel, delivered a performance on Saturday 30 August 2008, that was so appallingly biased and self-opinionated that it will be hard for them ever to recover any respectability as a commentator on the game.

The channel used the build up to its live coverage of Arsenal vs Newcastle to […]

Man U finances in trouble; Arsenal flying

It was much reported this week that Arsenal are at last saying openly, “Just read our financial statements and reports” in the face of endless mindless commentary about Arsenal having no money.

What was not reported however was the fact that Manchester Bankrupt’s situation is so bad that they are now having to cut costs […]

Platini offers Arsenal everything

If you are reading this it is either because

a) you don’t want to read any more of the negative stuff that it pouring out from Arsenal blogs hour after hour – all saying that we are bust, we are doomed, we’re going into the Conference, no one wants to sign for us, Wenger has […]

Arsenal night: Guardian very funny, BBC truly awful

There is a piece in the Guardian today concerning last night’s Arsenal / Twenty Twenty game which really made me laugh out loud. Scroll down through the report, to the be underneath, and there you will find a minute by minute Dutchness rating of the McClaren. Not to everyone’s humour I’m sure, but it had […]

I told you journalists were dodgy

Although this column is about Arsenal, a central part of our thesis is that much of the problem in football is caused by the way certain journalists and their editors report the doings of football clubs – in particular Arsenal. The malicious twisting of the stories about Arsenal’s finances are a case in point.

Thus […]

The secret behind the transfers, getting wet and going bust

Two important pieces of transfer news and some big financial chit-chat. First: Senderos – exactly why do Milan want him? According to the Sun (yes I know its not going to be true, but sometimes you get a laugh) the Manager said that Milan had searched high and low for the best possible big central […]

2012 Olympics bad news for Arsenal

The next Olympics (they are being held in London – but maybe you knew that) will cause Arsenal much bigger headaches than those that have just been held in China.

This time we only lost Song. Looking at the number of youngsters coming through the chances are that we are going to be decimated in […]

Dont panic: its just an injury thing

This article was published a little while back, but didn’t get logged on the news sites, so I thought I would give it another go.

Going into the Fulham match Arsenal had 8 players unavailable: Silvestre, Eduardo, Rosicky, Diaby, Fabgregas, Senderos, Bischoff and Vela. No other club had disruption on that scale.

Here’s the […]

Arsenal’s problems are entirely down to injury

Going into the Fulham match Arsenal had 8 players unavailable: Silvestre, Eduardo, Rosicky, Diaby, Fabgregas, Senderos, Bischoff and Vela. No other club had disruption on that scale.

Here’s the run down (figures from the Guardian on Saturday morning 23 August)

Aston Villa – doubtful 0 injured 2

Blackburn – doubtful 0, injured 0

Bolton Notlob […]

Arsenal do not have to emulate Tottenham

The Tottenham response to failure, year after year is to buy, buy again, sell someone, buy a few more, spend £30 million, buy and then buy. Year after year they fail, celebrating widly when their first team beat our kiddies in the diddly widdly cup. That’s what they get, that’s what they win, that’s what […]

Arsenal in time warp mode: but there are positives

To say that the disaster against Fulham realised all our worst fears is nonsense. It was a terrible display – rather similar to watching Arsenal in the 1960s – but that doesn’t mean its all over for the season, and we can write everything off now.

The same players as we saw at Fulham have […]

Forward, forward, forward, winger, overseas, injured

Not every Arsenal story gets listed on sites such as GoonerNews. It is not that there is censorship going on, its just something odd about the way the system works. So, from time to time, I’ll try and do a summary of the exciting, stunning, amazing and overwhelming stories that Untold Arsenal has covered recently. […]

Do Arsenal fans really need to copy Tottenham?

It’s bad enough Arsenal supporters doing the bidding of the Daily Mail and News of the World, but when they are reported to be copying fans of the Tiny Totts, it really does get a bit much.

I speak, of course, about the booing.

The Tiny Totts boo Berbatov because he has said he wants […]

Attack, attack, attack, attack (don’t apologise)

I guess it is only one when goes abroad for a while and you bump into supporters of rival clubs who (c0ntrary to popular belief) do not have six heads and can manage more than a couple of grunts in response to questions on Britain’s entry into the Euro and whether Paul Ince is actually […]

Virus contracts Wayne Rooney: a world perspective

Viewing events from high up in the Julian Alps gives one a new perspective on football affairs, and none more so than in the extraordinary case of the virus that caught “Wayne Rooney”.

I can tell you that in much of the world this was a story of considerable concern, and many were deeply worried […]

Silvestre may be more than a player

I have no insight as to whether the notion of signing Silvestre is true or not – but if it is true it is almost certainly for three reasons:

a) To allow some of the younger talent to come through Consider Havard Nordtveit who has recently toddled off to Salamanca on loan. If we look […]

Just because its different, doesn’t mean its wrong

Wenger is building a very young team – and every day on the radio, on TV and in the press there are screams that he has to buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy.

You’d think that somewhere an editor or a producer might say, “Hang on guys, we’ve run the story about Wenger […]

It could be Alonso, it could be a house

Bluffing is the game – you go out and say you want player X but then say, “but the price has to be lower”. Or you see that Manchester Bankrupt are looking to sign Y, so you jump in quickly with an offer that you are never going to see through.

Cynical, nasty, bent, with […]

Those who boo Ade simply support the Daily Mail anti-Arsenal campaign

I don’t have any doubt that the Adebayor summer show was run by a pimp (aka “footballer’s agent”) trying to get more money for his slave (ie “player”).

Knowing that football journalists will print anything they are given and that clubs like WC Milan and BarBarBarcaSheep will grab at anything to divert attention from their […]

How much did Wenger really know

Summertime – when football journalists remind us just what total prats they are. They make up stories, rubbish our club, and then… play the pretend game.

Ade will sign for Barca tomorrow, screams the dribbling little child, and then when Ade turns up ready to sign his new contract, they say, “while some sources predicted […]

BBC reveals its full anti-Arsenal approach

The BBC has revealed just how far it will go this year to knock Arsenal.

In a Radio 5 piece in Drive on 1 August a piece about Arsenal covered all the players who had left (including Lehman and Gilberto), and said that Adebayor might leave too. They then listed the players in, totally missing […]

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn’t come along that often

I love Mr McClaren. He is my favourite twirp. He’s also a turnip, and several other vegetables as well.

And today, the wonderful magnifico Mr Mc said, and I quote here directly without any little extra words added or subtracted, he said…

“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn’t come along that often.”

Isn’t […]

Bentley gets on top of himself – not a nice sight

Bentley – “player” whom Tottenham have had to pay Arsenal for – is busy creating a role for himself. “I’m the one they are going to boo” he dribbles from his crib.

It is a bit like Paul Ince – desperately anxious to create a role for himself, so he makes up his own nickname, […]