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December 2009

How a story gets into the paper without anyone checking a word

I watched two things on TV last night, and both rang bells in my head.

The first was an old Hercule Poirot film with David Suchet, based on the 1924 Agatha Christie short story “Western Star”. It contains the lines…

Hastings: “I don’t know how they get these stories in the papers.”

Poirot: “They make […]

Proving that both the English league and Champs league are corrupt

I will admit at once that there are two problems in proving corruption exists within English football.

First, the only people who stand a chance of proving corruption are

a) the police

b) the football authorities

c) an insider in a club, or a journalist with exquisite sources.

As I will outline below, part of […]

A work of total genius

You have to be a genius to do this – by Walter Broeckx

On November 14 the worst thing happened again. The international games took its toll and Van Persie was out for what seems to be now 4 or 5 months. Van Persie was the focus of our attack. He was scoring goals, he […]

“Throw in a minute, you’ll get a throw in a minute” as we predict right again

So, to start with the important bit – the bit that kept me out all night with Billy the Dog celebrating our massive winnings – 2-0 to the Arsenal was the score predicted and 2-0 was what we got.

Several bookies ushered us out of their shops and we are having to place bets as […]

Arsenal v Stoke, the facts, stats, and the result before it even happens

Arsenal vs. Stoke preview

On Saturday, Arsenal play host to Stoke City on a day that marks the 100 year anniversary of the first ever North London derby!

Pulis is marking himself to be a bit of an Allardyce in terms of management approach: he makes no apologies for his side’s style of play, and […]

On the 100th anniversary of Arsenal v Tottenham, what sport tells us about life

Today is the day we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first ever Arsenal v Tottenham game.

There is a full article on this on

This day was, in a very real sense, the start of a process that led us to Highbury, Division I and Herbert Chapman.

So it seems appropriate for […]

Is this just a conspiracy theory, or is English football truly corrupt?

I wrote two days ago that I had reached the conclusion that football in England was corrupt.

In response to my article the majority of commentators agreed, but three arguments were put forward to reject the claim. They are important points, and I think they need debating.

1: As soon as Arsenal lose a match […]

Arsenal reserves vs. Man City; teams, tactics and the result

Arsenal reserves vs. Man City by Phil Gregory

Nothing like a bit of Carling Cup action to soothe the pain of the weekend’s result! When the draw came out, I was admittedly apprehensive, being that at that point, City were playing their first team in the competition and were on top form. Now however, I’m […]

The refs’ double standards

The refs’ double standards, the difficulties, the hidden things and the human side of it all. By Walter Broeckx

I already have written a few pieces on some double standards that were used in some Arsenal games the last weeks. Both against Sunderland and Chelsea the Arsenal players were allowed half of the physical challenge […]