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What’s wrong with PL refs: a case study. Oliver

by Walter Broeckx

In our series to find out with which ref some teams perform better than average we have referee Michael Oliver next.

But first let me explain in short the average, under and over thing that you will see in the last row. This is for new readers of course. Regular readers can […]

Kill the referee: who has blood on their hands? The implications of RVPs push of a ref.

By Walter Broeckx

I was planning to write an article about the death of the referee in the US but then I saw that Don McMahon had already written a great article about this. I then was starting to write a comment but found out that it was something that was both involving the un-red […]

FFP: The legal challenge begins

By Tony Attwood

As we’ve mentioned on Untold before the issue has not been whether someone will take Uefa to a European court, but whether it would be a club claiming that Uefa has gone too far in laying down the code of practice, or another saying that Uefa has not gone far enough […]