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PL refs, a case study: Marriner

by Walter Broeckx

If you have not been here before, you might like to look at…

The most detailed study of Premier League Refs ever:The referees 2013.

Now onwards: for in our series to find out with which ref some teams perform better than average we have referee Marriner next.

One of the […]

When a club moves, is it “franchise football” or just a move?

By Tony Attwood

They do things differently in Women’s Football. Or do they?

Arsenal have just been knocked out of the Champions League, but have reached the FA Cup Final. Rather oddly Arsenal (the team that wins most everything in Women’s Football in England) lie sixth in the league – but then they have […]

Is Mr Wenger on the way out? Is Cesc on the way in?

By Tony Attwood

Being ahead of the game we’ve already done one piece on Mr Wenger leaving, but the story won’t go away. According to various paper reports (Le Parisien is one example) the top men at PSG have been saying Arsene Wenger will definitely be coming to PSG this summer. Failing that he […]