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Lost in bureaucracy 3

Lost in bureaucracy 3

Written by Adam Brogden.

This article follows on from part 1 and part 2

To put everything thus far into perspective the actual agenda of the EC is to have a fair and balanced competition independent of financial means. Yet, they are aware that the very essence of a transfer market […]

Lost in Bureaucracy part 2

This is a continuation of the first Lost in Bureaucracy article

Part 2…

We could actually be witnessing the slow power struggle between football’s governing bodies if FIFA does not take the lead in this matter.

With UEFA having every right to alter the rules of entry into their competitions, could we see European clubs […]

The Legend of Robin Van Persecuted and St Totteridge Day latest results

Introduction: St Totteridge: recent results

Season Tottenham Arsenal 2012/2013 5th 4th 2011/2012 4th 3rd 2010/2011 5th 4th 2009/2010 4th 3rd 2008/2009 8th 4th 2007/2008 11th 3rd 2006/2007 5th 4th 2005/2006 5th 4th 2004/2005 9th 2nd 2003/2004 14th 1st 2002/2003 10th 2nd 2001/2002 9th 1st 2000/2001 12th 2nd 1999/2000 10th 2nd 1998/1999 […]