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November 2013

Now where exactly have we got to?

A philosophical analysis by the Untold Department of Certain Things

The inevitable recap from the start of the season

Goalkeeper – we must buy one – this is a major problem Bringing back Flamini shows how useless Arsenal’s management is. We need to buy not scrabble around with the free transfers Mertesacker is simply not […]

Cardiff Away | Mad Ol’ Wayne | Ozil the Quiet: its the Untold Preview

D-Sanchez Cabello

So after a painless Tuesday night in which ITV wasted no chance to talk nonsense, we return to the Premier League to play Cardiff.

As you may have seen: a Cardiff player had the nerve to be kicked by Ol’ Wayne last week! He escaped punishment, but I must implore, as an […]

Cardiff v Arsenal – 30 November 2013. Arsenal v 11 men and the ref.

Cardiff v Arsenal – 30 November 2013 – The Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Lee Mason Assistants – L Betts & M McDonnough 4th Official – R East


I’m beginning to get bored this year with the repetition of referees for our games – this is the fourth time for a repeat […]

FA email hacking and misuse of tickets case – arrests and forthcoming trial

Way way back on October 12 last year Untold ran the story that Greater Manchester Police officers had apprehended Dean Mohareb, the national referee development manager of the FA.

This followed a complaint by Janie Frampton the former national referee manager for education and training, who was dismissed from her FA post for professional […]

The Emirates: the view from on high

By Tony Attwood

I’m in London through most of today (Thursday), and not able to do any editing of Untold, so this article and (if it appeared when it should) the previous one by Blacksheep, have been set up to publish automatically at set times. If this one hasn’t appeared you won’t be reading it […]

The Emirates: a view from the cheap(er) seats

Sometime ago Untold ran a grumbling piece about the man from row 15 who couldn’t be bothered to applaud the team even after we had despatched Fenebache (and Fulham the weekend before). He was still urging (very quietly it has to be said) M. Wenger to ‘spend some f***ing money’. Well, his wishes were answered […]

The ref review: the final chapter (or is it?)

By Walter Broeckx

Most of the times writing articles for Untold is fun.

I also have found much joy in the referee revciews we have done. I can say it is something that I once started all those years ago and that has grown in to what you can see over here on this site […]

Qatar: a further insight

We have published a number of comments about Qatar of late. This was sent to me, with the aim of correcting certain misunderstandings. ——————- I was originally commenting on your latest FIFA article. I got caught up on the keyboard writing a much longer comment than I had set my mind too, I could write […]

Monreal – Gibbs, the best left back pairing in the PL

By Walter Broeckx

I know in Belgium they make a lot of fuss about the fact that Vermaelen isn’t able to get in to the Arsenal team this season. And they say it might ruin his chances for the Belgium national team.

Now to be honest I don’t give a fuck about that national team. […]

Could AVB make it 14 at Tottenham?

By Tony Attwood

We’ve often noted here that whether one supports Tottenham or Arsenal is often just a matter of chance. For me, my parents and both sets of grandparents were Arsenal fans, my dad went regularly and my grandfather was at Highbury in the earliest days. making the journey from the family home in […]

Arsenal – Marseille 2-0 : Pulling up the handbrake after 32 seconds

By Walter Broeckx

What a start of the game that was. We got the ball tried to do a spud start by almost losing the ball too easy, then slapped ourselves in the face, shouted: wake up and that is exactly what we did.

Within seconds Sagna released Wilshere on the right flank and after […]

Marseille playing at squad rotation, for Arsenal a win takes us almost there.

By D-Sanchez Cabello; with additional reporting from the Untold team lurking in the club carpark.

In our last article Walter explained each of the nine possible outcomes of tonight’s two group games. Now we’re at it again trying to find out who’s going to play – and that’s not so easy either…

Carlsberg is the […]

The Champions League group of death, possible scenarios, all the outcomes.

By Walter Broeckx

What might happen in the Group of death.

Standing now after 4 matches:

Arsenal 9 Napoli 9 Dortmund 6 Marseille 0

Let us first look at the Arsenal win scenarios:

Arsenal win + Napoli wins

Arsenal 12 Napoli 12 Dortmund 6 Marseille 0

Arsenal and Napoli are qualified but have to decide […]

Qatar, the Emirates, Disneyworld, football, religion, heat


Many football aficionados are mystified about Qatar and how it ¨won¨ the 2022 WC bidding, as well as FIFA’s seemingly incestuous relationship with these people. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, I know a little about how the social and economic dicta are applied there:

1) […]

A round up of the weekend; the joy, the utter disgrace

By Walter Broeckx

We are at this moment in time around about 1/3 of the season. I know that if you look at the maths thing it isn’t correct but if you do your maths then you will also know that next week we will be over 1/3 of the season. It is difficult to […]

60 Things We Learnt From Spurs Loss to ManC

By Sammy the Snake

Yesterday we tried to take a broader view of Tottenham’s defeat to Man C, comparing it with Arsenal’s 8-2 debacle against Man U two years back.

That’s one way of looking at it. One commentator gave us an alternative vision, saying that Arsenal were stagnating and that Tottenham were reforming, and […]

Man C 6 Tottenham 0; Man U 8 Arsenal 2. Which was worse?

By Tony Attwood

Heavy defeats hurt – and the defeat to Man U on 28 August 2011 was one of the most hurtful moments I’ve experienced as an Arsenal supporters of many years. Letting in 8 was atrocious, and it came on the top of a 0-0 draw away to Newcastle, and a 0-2 home […]

Win nice, win ugly, we seem to be doing it all

By Walter Broeckx


Our win against Southampton yesterday was not just a win. We were playing a team that could come level with us on top of the PL.


Now I do wonder how many pundits would have predicted this scenario at the start of the season? Do I see any […]

Arsenal – Southampton, the now completed incomplete match report

By Walter Broeckx

We are under way after a delay of some 15 minutes because of some underground disturbance. This will have its affect on this article as you will be invited to update it in the comment section once it is published. This is because of the delay I cannot see the final minutes […]

Arsenal – Southampton | Jack Wilshere | Benzema y Zizou

by D-Sanchez-Cabello

The international break was as droll as expected and watching England left me colder than this weather. Not to mention: when an Englishman celebrates a German scoring a header against his country – what bloody hope is there for international football?

Not much, I watched both games with about as much interest as […]

Arsenal v Southampton: how will ref Clattenberg treat to the Arsenal?

Arsenal v Southampton – 23 November The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Mark Clattenberg Assistants – S Beck, A Holmes Fourth Official – A D’Urso

A game between First and Third in the league, and also between the two teams least favoured by all of the referees.

Second time this year for […]

Injuries diminish, media talk positively, something’s not right.

By Tony Attwood

The media is talking positively about Arsenal and the Untold Editorial Board is in total panic.

This weekend is of course THE BIG ONE. 50 years since the launch of Doctor Who! (OK, so I got thrown out of the editorial meeting this morning for bringing that up, largely on the basis […]

Someone has to stop Fifa. Now!

By Walter Broeckx

Look who’s talking.

Joseph Blatter the big boss of the organisation that is out there in order to make as much money as possible out of football, uses all means including overloading players as much as possible with meaningless games on every occasion, (also known as Fifa) has spoken.

He has said […]

What’s the point of going on loan – is this the end of youth policy?

There is something a little strange going on at Arsenal in terms of the youth and reserves. I’m writing this, not because I fully understand what is happening, but because I am hoping that you will be able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge (not for the first time).

In the Uefa Youth […]

Pundits and their simple world image; Per Mertesacker and his total brilliance.

By Walter Broeckx

For years I have been wondering what it takes to become a pundit. Now maybe I am myself not the smartest person around but I think that I have finally found the answer to it. What makes you suited to become a person is to have the most simple world image possible.