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December 2013
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This is absolutely not a defining moment (and a quick change of plan)

By Tony Attwood

According to the papers this is the crunch moment for Arsenal. There are great worries. Lose to Chelsea and we could be fourth.

And that leads to the belief that such a defeat would leave us doomed because this is the DEFINING MOMENT.

But in fact nothing is sure to be […]

Does it “all even out in the end”? At last the answer!

By Walter Broeckx

This article is part of the series of the Referee Review 2013. You can find links to earlier articles on the bottom of this article.


On this site we have published all kinds of reports over the season 2012-2013.

We have dealt with the different teams. We have […]

The Untold Fast-Forward EPL Table. All the results BEFORE the games are played.

Revealed! The Untold Fast-Forward EPL Table

By Sammy The Snake

The holiday season is upon us, and most football fans are anticipating the upcoming 4 game days in the space of only 12 days. In the case of Arsenal & Chelsea, there are four games in the space of 10 days! Yeahhhhh…

In anticipation of […]

Managing expectations is the prime game in football

By Tony Attwood

“The biggest challenge for the next incumbent, however, will be to firmly realign expectations and aims with the cold reality of the Premier League landscape. That reality can be quickly understood with a glance at the balance sheets of the major clubs.”

That quote from the Daily Telegraph is surely one […]

Only the blind cannot see… if we punish Jack for a mistake, shouldn’t we punish refs too?

By Walter Broeckx

Jack Wilshere has been a naughty boy. And the people from the FA want to punish naughty Jack. Jack has shown his finger towards the City crowd and well…that is something you cannot do. So the fact that they will probably ban Jack for one or two matches is down to him […]

In And Out Of The AAA

In And Out Of The AAA

The Awenger

I succumbed to Arsenal’s charms three years ago.

Like most football fans from non-footballing families I started liking a team because I really liked a player playing for it. I showed an interest in Arsenal because I thought Fabregas was a fantastic player. The way he […]

Ref Review 2012-2013 : Wrong GOAL decisions a closer look

By Walter Broeckx

This article is part of the series of the Referee Review 2013. You can find links to earlier articles on the bottom of this article.


On this site we have published all kinds of reports over the season 2012-2013.

We have dealt with the different teams. We have […]

Real Madrid and Barcelona investigated over alleged illegal state aid

By Tony Attwood

It is a story that has appeared on Untold so many times that I can imagine that everyone is bored stiff with it.

It is a story that has had many people saying “it will never happen” because “Real Madrid and Barcelona” are far too powerful to face […]

Making fun of Blatter gets easier every day

One never really has to make fun of Sepp Blatter the top man in the morally bankrupt Fifa. You don’t have to, because he does it himself.

And lo and behold he’s just done it again.

It seems that a book of satirical drawings of a character who looks like Blatter and has the […]

Ref Review 2012-2013: Wrong PENALTY decisions, a closer look.

By Walter Broeckx

This article is part of the series of the Referee Review 2013. You can find links to earlier articles on the bottom of this article.


On this site we have published all kinds of reports over the season 2012-2013.

We have dealt with the different teams. We have […]

Rotten to the core

By Tony Attwood

Untold has been suggesting there is something fundamentally wrong with English football for about five years now.

During much of that time we’ve been a bit of a lone voice despite all the mountain of evidence produced which shows that the old notion that referee errors don’t matter too much […]

OUR SILVER LINING (an alternative view of Tottenham)

Yesterday Untold published the article “At this point in season two” which argued that by this date in Mr Wenger’s second season, things were not utterly different from the experience of Tottenham thus far in AVB’s second term. From that point Arsenal went on to win the double in Mr Wenger’s second season, but Tottenham […]

A referee review Martin City – Arsenal. An utterly unacceptable referee

By Walter Broeckx

Despite me saying that I would no longer do reviews the events of the Manchester City match forced me to have a go at this match with the old format we used two seasons ago.

For those who are not familiar with the rules: in case of doubt we give the ref […]

At this point in season two, Mr Wenger’s record was much the same as AVB’s. Maybe Tottenham should have kept him.

When compared with Mr Wenger at the same point in his north London career, AVB was not doing that badly.

By Tony Attwood

And so here we are again and again. Arsenal v Bayern Munich in the Champs League and Tottenham sack their manager.

We’ll deal with Bayern anon, but let’s just pause and try […]

I am not a pundit. (It’s a funny old game)

by Blacksheep

Let me make something quite clear, I’m not a proper football pundit. The evidence for this is obvious.

For a start I don’t own a wardrobe full of designer shirts. Nor have I played football at the highest level (I’ve not even played at the lowest level). I have no highly paid contract […]

Thanking the fans – the Germans will sort it out.

By Walter Broeckx At the end of the match it seemed that Mertesacker had an argument with Özil. Apparently Özil didn’t went over to the fans to thank them for their support and this angered Mertesacker big time. No I really wouldn’t want to face an angry Mertesacker. I’m not really that much of a […]

Today is not eternity (but goodness, life must be tough for the family))

By Tony Attwood

If you ever take a look at the “Arsenal Anniversaries” section that appears on the home pageof Untold you might have seen that today’s list includes a link to 15 December 1934 and the match which occurred that day.

All the details are on the Arsenal History site, so I won’t repeat […]

Individual errors, giving it away and not taking our chances

By Walter Broeckx

Individual errors and not taking our chances. That was the difference between the two teams today.

For the first goal Koscielny was asleep and he didn’t realise Aguero was behind him. Just before that we got the first real chance of the game but missed it. A sentence I am going to […]

Man City v Arsenal = the preview

I am sorry if you tried to comment on this article during much of Saturday morning. There was a fault on the page. It has now been resolved. I’d like to say I fixed it, but in truth I just fiddled around a bit and swore quite a lot.




Matters European


Man City v Arsenal 14 Dec 2013 – The Match Officials. With bias like this, is it worth turning up?

Manchester City v Arsenal 14 December 2013 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Martin Atkinson (3rd time this year) Assistants – S Burt and H Lennard (2nd time for each of them with Atkinson this year) 4th Official – R Madley (first time this year)

So a third game by Mr Atkinson […]

Oh Thierry just say no

By Tony Attwood

After Mr Henry’s first major pundit role on Sky this week, I wrote about how much I enjoyed his performance. Cool, calm, knowledgeable and, more than anything, much more Mr Arsenal than Tony Adams could ever be, after he left.

What we didn’t consider however was what Thierry might do next. He’s […]

Uefa, Celtic and the Guardian. How are we supposed to express our views?

By Tony Attwood

I saw a picture of a Celtic banner at a match recently which said Fuck Uefa. And I felt 100% agreement with that.

I saw a commentary in the Guardian newspaper (a liberal left broadsheet which has recently done, in my view, enormous good in revealing the extent to which the […]

The facts you never knew about Man City v Arsenal: a preliminary.

. By the Earl of Sidcup . Now I like to think that when Untold does a spot of the previewing for each Arsenal game, we give a bit of a different take on things. And indeed what we used to do also is provide a review of the betting, and then adjust it for […]

Poor Sky dig a hole for themselves in covering Arsenal, and spoil the Thierry effect

By Tony Attwood

Sky must have thought they had done it all. Starting their coverage of Arsenal over an hour before the game they had a real ace to play – Thierry Henry as a pundit.

And indeed he was superb. Calm, clear, speaking in the quality English he now has, he gave insights and […]

Surviving the group of death

By Walter Broeckx

Somehow 11 December is our unlucky date the last years. I will not remind you of what happened last year on this day but I still feel the kick in the **** from that day. A day that celebrates the birth of Arsenal (and not just Arsenal in my personal circle) so […]