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Liverpool – Arsenal, We can do better

By Walter Broeckx

I must say that was one of the worst first 45 minutes of Arsenal this season. I don’t think we got more than 3 passes between Arsenal player in the whole half. Liverpool was pressing as they usually do from the start. And Arsenal clearly was determined to not allow a repeat […]

Kalm down kalm down kalm down

by Bulldog Drummond

It is strange the way that journalists seize on some issues and not others irrespective of consequence.

Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 at Stadium Wenger on 2 November 2013, lost 5-1 at the building site on 8 February 2014, and then beat Liverpool again chez nous on 16 February 2014.

Of course the […]

REF REVIEW Arsenal – Southampton

Referee : Andre Marriner

Please note this is one of a large series of ref reviews – a series that started some four years ago, with the reviews undertaken by numerous qualified referees.

With ref Marinner we had one of the more experienced refs in the PL and one of the better. On paper. […]

How the Arsenal transfer policy works

By Tony Attwood

According to those who don’t like Mr Wenger, the Arsenal transfer policy doesn’t work. Wenger is lazy, won’t spend money, and each time there is a player to get, we let someone else get him.

As I have been trying to point out all year, there are some big problems with this […]

Liverpool v Arsenal 21 Dec 2014 – The Match Officials. Don’t expect penalties!

Liverpool v Arsenal 21 December 2014 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Now Walter has posted his referee review of Mr Dean’s sorry performance in the Arsenal v United game – Imagine a ref who only gets half his decisions right: Arsenal – MU ref review here is the updated Table of Shame. Still […]

Imagine a club that…

A Friday Night Rummage By Tony Attwood

Image a club – one of the biggest in the land in which…

There is a constant shortage of money, so that every couple of months the club has to find another million or three in order just to pay the players (the season ticket money long since […]

Liverpool v Arsenal: the injury news

By Tony Attwood

And so, continuing the approach to Liverpool Reds (as one of their owners called them not so long ago) against Arsenal, here’s an update on the team…

Theo might travel. That is not the same as saying he is even on the bench, and certainly not to say he will start, but […]

A “small club mentality” or are players actually people after all?

By Tony Attwood

Some mornings the world is full of shocks. Like the headline in the Telegraph.

Liverpool betrayed small-club mentality in allowing Arsenal to sign Alexis Sanchez

Liverpool being knocked by the Arsenal-hating idea-stealing Telegraph? Well, quite possibly not, because when you come to think of it that headline somehow suggests that […]

Why Suarez flopped at Barce, why transfers are tough, and silly stories

By Tony Attwood

Arsene Wenger has made the point that Suarez ain’t doing so well in Barcelona because of the dominance of Lionel Messi in the Barcelona team. Suarez has scored once in seven games this season which is not really what is wanted after spending £80m or so.

Of course he is playing […]

It takes Arsenal 4.6 fouls to get a card. It takes Palace 8.1 fouls to get a card. How refs target teams

By Walter Broeckx based on the research done by Goonermikey who should get the credit for this article

A while ago Goonermikey came up with the stats about how Wenger has overachieved per £1m of net spend on transfers and how this compared with other EPL clubs over a decade. And now he […]

Ref Review : WBA – Arsenal. Biased by circumstance more than by nature

Ref : Chris Foy

Just look at that first half from referee Chris Foy! Only one wrong call in the entire first half. Brilliant one could say. If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that the only wrong call was a not given penalty when Mulumba kicked Giroud in the penalty area and […]

Arsenal-Newcastle, Mozart, the trip and catering report

By Marcel Bogaerts.

Marcel is the (excellent) treasurer of the Arsenal Belgium supporters club from our co-writer Walter Broeckx. He has been an Arsenal supporter since many many years and is the oldest (board)member of the supporters club. A supporters club that since Walter and the new board took over has prospered like never before […]

Barcelona sneaks in secret hearing with Arbitration Court

From the moment Barcelona were found guilty of child trafficking for a second time they announced that they would appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Sport. Technically the appeal would be against the decision of the FIFA Appeals Committee to confirm the decision taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Chamber in which the club was […]

Imagine a ref who only gets half his decisions right: Arsenal – MU ref review

Sorry for the delay but finally we can resume our referee reviews and we continue with Arsenal – Manchester United.

Referee : Mike Dean

Apart from Arsenal missing too many chances the big talking points in the first half was firstly the not given penalty for a foul on Wilshere. Shaw blocked his run […]

More on Monaco, our CL opponent next year

By Walter Broeckx

The first thing we must check when we look at this draw is : what did Wenger do on Sunday? He jokingly said this last Saturday in his post match press conference: “on the Champions League draw…

We have been well served in the recent years. Maybe I will go to church […]

Amazing what a couple of convincing wins can do.

By Tony Attwood

It is a regular complaint made about Untold: the main writers are too pro-Wenger, too biased, and surely should be more middle of the road, able to applaud when the manager, the team, the board and the catering team get it right, and condemn when they don’t.

Unfortunately such an analysis doesn’t […]

Cue pictures of Arsène as a young manager and suggestions it is a doddle

By Tony Attwood

It’s Arsenal v Monaco – “after the draw was incredibly kind to the Gunners” according to the Independent.

The games will be

Wednesday 25 February: Arsenal vs Monaco Tuesday 17 March:Monaco vs Arsenal

Arsène Wenger made his name in Monaco, and won Ligue 1 with them in 1987-88. But as the table […]

All the players we are going to buy in January

By Tony Attwood

The current prediction is that the Tiny Totts are going to be the big spenders in January. Or Man U. Or Man C. Or QPR. Or indeed Arsenal. Of course it depends which paper you read. I’ll come back to Arsenal in a mo, but first…

QPR certainly have the desperation, […]

Thank God we didn’t buy another defender

By Walter Broeckx

I will admit it from the start of this article so that there is no misunderstanding about it. One of the things I love most in football is to see a young player making his way in to the first team.

Of course bringing in Alexis and seeing him flourish is great. […]

The AAA case study: the man from row 9

The AAA a case study: the man from row 9

Tony alluded to this incident in his post Newcastle article where he also highlighted the very vocal support for our manager. I was one of the many in the North Bank who were chanting ‘One Arsene Wenger!’ as we beat Alan de Pardieux’s* Bar Codes […]

The impact of fans on a team, and the doings of Ian Wright

By Tony Attwood

I have put forward the argument several times that fans can influence a team, and that one of the simplest, easiest ways to bring your team down is to boo them, jeer them and criticise them publicly.

As we know, the jeering of Arsenal by Arsenal fans at […]

OOOOOhhhhh Santi the aniversary boy

By Walter Broeckx

A match against Newcastle who had just done us a big favour by beating Chelsea. Newcastle also a team that had the same numbers of points as Arsenal at kick off. So not an easy match it seemed. And ref Mason at the whistle….

Arsenal team that started against Newcastle: Szczesny, Bellerin, […]

Arsenal v the Zebras; just like when we won the Double.

Bulldog Drummond

There are some interesting historical perspectives for Arsenal against the Newcastle zebras, like for example 6 December 1997 [sorry there was a misprint when this was first published and it said 1987] when Arsenal beat Newcastle U away 1-0 in a sequence in which we won just two out of eight, […]

Arsenal v Newcastle.16/12/14 – The Match Officials. “An affront to all who value fairness”

Arsenal v Newcastle – 16 December 2014 – The Match Officials


by Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Lee Mason Assistants – S Burt & A Halliday Fourth Official – R East

The Referee appointments for Arsenal games don’t get any better, but for followers of Untold that will hardly come as a surprise.

Mr […]

Suddenly the debate about referees is on, big time

Premier League referees have to stop bottling decisions or someone is going to get seriously hurt

Wow. Take a look at that headline. Apart from the fact that the style is not very Untold, it could have been written on this site.

But it wasn’t.

Which is quite remarkable. Because it shows that whereas […]