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After several days in the pub Dial Square Dave emerges; Blatter immediately resigns

Saturday, (cup bleedin’ final day) 30 May 2015

Bloody hell, it’s Tuesday and I’m just in from the boozer. I have to say that was annoying. I don’t think that Monsignor Venga bloke has any idea about the history of this great football club.

We’ve now won the FA cup two seasons in a row […]

20 changes that would hugely improve football next season – part 2

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from the previous piece which contained points 1 to 12.

13. Stop running paid for press releases in newspapers.

I’ve covered this so much I’m sure you are bored, so at least I have relegated it to 13th on the list. Newspapers are increasingly poor and biased in their […]

20 Things that would hugely improve football next season: part 1

By Tony Attwood

These are, of course, just my thoughts. They won’t happen, but sometimes dreaming is nice…

This article contains items 1 to 12. The remaining eight appear in the next piece.

1. Change Premier League scheduling so that December / January are not the busiest times.

I know that the crowds are big […]