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10 Myths about football that need to be questioned

10 Myths about Football that need to be questioned……Don McMahon

In this interminable hiatus between Arsenal’s FA Cup supremacy and our new season expectations, I felt that an article touching on the pseudo-reality some media and fanboys propose as the ‘ truth’ would be insightful. I will try and refrain when possible, from using AFC […]

All the weird and wonderful stories are piling up at once.

By Sir Hardley Anyone, Dept of the Weird, University of Certain Things at Enfield.

What a strange day – all the weird and wonderful piling up at once. Of course some of these stories broke yesterday and some the day before but it feels like they are all swimming around in a sea of football […]

The Untold Banner: update and information for contributors

By Blacksheep

I am pleased to report that Arsenal have agreed our design for a banner that says ‘Football should be an art’ – the shortened version of Mr Wenger’s phrase “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art,” which has appeared on […]