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It’s saturday night and time for another Untold Quiz (or not as the case may be)

Nat Whilk- Clerk.

Only nine questions today, for reasons that will not become apparent at this time

1: Who had the biggest Willie?

a) Willie Old

b) Wee Willie Winky

c) Willie Carson

d) Jeff Crabtree the man with the nicotine beard from the local tool hire shop

e) Arsenal, whilst Willie Young […]

Players Currently on Arsenal’s Books – Whose future has to be decided and how many players can we actually sign?


by Andrew Crawshaw

The senior squad for all Premier League teams is 25 players aged 21 or more of whom at least 8 have to be ‘home grown’. The age limit is calculated from the 1st of January in which the league season starts.

My understanding of Home Grown means a player who, irrespective […]

Man C discover that Uefa’s FFP if not dead at all but is still alive – and kicking

By Tony Attwood

I’m not always willing to admit when I get it wrong. Sometimes I prefer to hide under the sofa for a few months and hope no one notices. But today, well, today is different. If I have got this one wrong I shall be shocked, amazed, amused, annoyed and extremely happy, all […]