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September 2015

Ignoring facts and turning a blind eye to further an agenda


Ignoring facts and turning a blind eye to further an agenda

Let it be known that I am writing this while I am still seething from the extreme injustice that we faced yesterday. It has happened far too often for my liking and still nothing has being done about it. You would have thought […]

Money laundering, tax evasion: we can’t rely on a media that just wants to tell us what to think

By Tony Attwood

Once upon a time the mainstream media was there to tell us some news. In football terms that meant giving the football results and having a factual run-down of the match.

Now we don’t need that because we have the internet, so instead the mainstream aims to hold its position by telling […]

Ref Review Arsenal – Stoke

By Usama and Walter


COMPETITION: English Premier League


DATE: 12th September 2015

VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Jonathan Moss 1st LINESMAN: Harry Lennard 2nd LINESMAN: Adrian Holmes 4th OFFICIAL: James Linington

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For […]

Costa didn’t commit a single foul.

“He can do what he wants and he stays on. Everyone else that responds to him has to be sent off. It’s unacceptable. But he always gets away with it. He will do the same again next week, and the week after, and he always gets away with it….

“If you look at the […]

PGMO 2 Arsenal 0: why on earth should we even bother to play the matches?

By Tony Attwood

The season before last I watched a Chelsea shot going away from the goal, and then be handballed. The referee sent a player off, which is the wrong punishment because the punishment for deliberate handball which does not prevent a goal is a yellow card.

But worse, his lack of vision of […]

Dean 2 Arsenal 0: Useless, bent, both or even more? 3 more points robbed as predicted

By Walter Broeckx

Chelsea with an early shot but Cech saved. Then Arsenal with the most attacking in the first minutes. Walcott just couldn’t get round Begovic to get an angle to shoot. A few shots from distance but no real opening chances. Chelsea leaning backwards most of the time trying to play the counter […]

Which player who will play in Chelsea v Arsenal has scored 11 goals in his last 11 league starts?

by Bulldog Drummond

Jose Mourinho, hero of the aaa, said recently,”Normally when bad results happen the first thing that comes into your laptops, iPads and pens is to find a dramatic story: ‘Somebody punch somebody in the dressing room’, ‘The manager doesn’t want to speak with this guy’.

“‘Diego Costa fought with John Terry […]

The Untold Arsenal Banner is unveiled at the Clock End

By Tony Attwood

The Untold Banner is now on display at the Clock End.


I must immediately thank Mark Brindle of Arsenal who encouraged and supported our efforts to bring this to fruition, and of course Blacksheep, who travels with me to Arsenal games, and whose idea this was.

One day, in a […]

Chelsea v Arsenal 19 September – The unacceptable face of Match Officials

Chelsea v Arsenal 19 September – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

No referee reviews to report this week so straight into the business for the weekend

Referee – Mike Dean Assistants – S Long & S Burt Fourth Official – M Oliver

All well known to us. Here is the table of last year’s […]

Chelsea v Arsenal live

We’re gonna lose places in Europe, and it’s all Arsenal’s fault

By Tony Attwood

England close to losing Champions League spot screamed the Telegraph

Why the Premier League is on the brink of losing the fourth Champions League spot – the Daily Mirror added helpfully.

England in danger of losing a Champions League place as UEFA co-efficient continues to slide and Italy catch up said the […]

PGMO admit there is a problem, but they are still hiding the scale of the problem.

By Walter Broeckx

While I was lying around on the beaches of South France Mike Riley took this opportunity to release a few numbers. I must admit I had to wait a while before I could react to them but now being back I found the time to see how the PGMO numbers look compared […]

A disappointing night, but plenty more to play for.

A disappointing night

by Tim Charlesworth

Two days ago, I eyed a tricky looking set of upcoming features and wrote an article for Untold about it.

My article tried to focus on the really important things to look out for, other than the obvious ones of whether we scored goals, and whether the opposition did. […]

What is wrong with football? What is wrong with football supporters?

By Blacksheep

As Tony and I made our way back from the recent AISA agm we started to discuss some of the issues raised by the meeting and this led into a rather more wide ranging debate about the state of modern football. I have to admit that I have a tendency to ‘go off […]

A bad day but not just from our players

By Walter Broeckx

I couldn’t do my usual match report form for this match and will not be able to do so for the next matches because of other obligations. But I did see the match live on a stream not of the greatest quality and with a few times it going down so I […]

Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal: under 19s report and full preview of the evening match

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal won the under 19s game against Dinamo Zagreb 2-0. The team was

Keto Moore Bola Pleguezuelo (C) Bielik Willock Nelson Iwobi Sheaf Hinds Mavididi

Chris Willock and Ben Sheaf scored the goals, to win the under 19s first Uefa Youth League game this season. report the first goal thus: […]

Dinamo Zagreb v Arsenal: the under 19s game and prelims about the big boys.

By Tony Attwood

Getting information the Uefa Youth League match that kicks off at 3pm is tough, but I’ll offer what I can. If you have more please do let me know. is making much of the inclusion in the squad of Tolaji Bola who played for the under 18s last season, and […]

Four away games in succession pose Arsenal some problems.

What can we learn in the next three weeks?

Tim Charlesworth

As we head into a tricky looking run of fixtures, us Gooners are torn between optimism and fatalism. On the one had Walcott is coming good, the team looks solid, three clean sheets, and the form of the second half of last season looks […]

Campaign to fight against State Aid for WHU stadium wins a victory

By Tony Attwood

On 6 August Untold ran quite a long article about the way the new West Ham stadium is being financed with the club paying little towards the transformation of the ground into a football stadium, and the state financing the building costs, and the day to day running of the stadium.


Exclusive, read all about it – Arsenal in crisis. (Shock horror: feckless liars earn a living)


Exclusive, read all about it – Arsenal in crisis

By Proudkev

Media reporting has always been short on facts and agenda driven but since the advent of the Internet it has gone from bad to worse. It seems anyone can write an online article; all you have to do is have something negative to […]

Think for yourself: the most radical and dangerous idea in football. Here’s to the counter revolution.

By Tony Attwood

“Why do you keep on talking about the media? Surely an Arsenal blog should be about football.”

That is a fair point which was made to me last week, and one I fully accept. But there is a contrary argument which says exposing the tricks of the media is utterly about football.


The Chelsea Fabregas conundrum; the Liverpool Vampire problem

By Tony Attwood, and no this is not a picture of me

Ah the Liverpool dilemma. Or to put it at its most succinct

Insipid, confused and lacking direction, this Liverpool side makes no sense

That is the Telegraph, and I have left the link in this time, just to prove we don’t make […]

Why we should be deeply worried about refereeing in the Premier League

By Tony Attwood

At the start of this month we published a really interesting article by Tim Charlesworth, “What’s going on with English refereeing“. Not only did it get a very high readership it also got over 100 comments – which is a particularly encouraging since Untold has pioneered this type of discussion.

Walter then […]

Arsène begs board to make bid, serious injury rumour, Mourinho next Arsenal manager.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It has been on my mind and troubling me somewhat: after the fearsome battering that Untold gave the blogettas and their allies at the Metro, Daily Excess, and other fish and chip holders, would there be any change now the window of transfers is dusted and done?

Would […]

Arsenal to build a new stadium

By Tony Attwood

Every now and then a story arises that Arsenal are looking to build a new stadium. The idea is that it could be used for the home matches of Arsenal Ladies, Arsenal Ladies reserves, and Arsenal men’s under 21 and under 18 cup and league games.

The story that has circulated is […]