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November 2017
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Arsenal didn’t beat Tottenham, it was the referee’s fault, according to Mr Pochettino.

by Tony Attwood

Mauricio Pochettino announced after the match that it was referee Mike Dean who did it all, with two mistakes.

Although, as Walter pointed out in his post-match review, only one of the goals could have been offside, Mr P wanted to go further and say that the free kick involved in the […]

The little bit late match report Arsenal – Tottenham 2-0

By Walter Broeckx

Team at the start Cech – Koscielny – Mustafi – Monreal – Bellerin – Kolasinac – Xhaka – Ramsey – Özil – Alexis – Lacazette

A firt shot at goal from Arsenal when Alexis intercepted a ball high up the Tottenham half and he gave it to Lacazette. Lacacazette tried to create […]

Arsenal 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0. Even the tiny details of commentary can be misleading

By Tony Attwood

Having had the exhilaration of being at the Emirates this afternoon, followed by the push and shove to get on the Underground, the walk back to the car and then the tedium of the drive home (85 miles up the M1 in case you are interested) broken only slightly by the tedium […]

Arsenal v Tottenham: The teams, and the need to kill off under performing players

By Bulldog Drummond

It is interesting that with the first team seemingly fixed on three at the back, with two full backs helping them, the under 18 side is playing with a back four in a 4-2-3-1 formation – or at least that is how it seemed as they were beating Norwich 3-0.

However […]

Arsenal v Tottenham: the tragedy of a journalist’s pathetic lack of knowledge

By Tony Attwood

Of course the figures […]

Arsenal v Tottenham Saturday 18 November 2017 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

So we now know the punishment for Arsène Wenger for his (correct) disparaging remarks on the quality of refereeing in the EPL. A visit by the referee who is probably most hated among Arsenal fans – Mike Dean.

Referee – Mike Dean Age 49 from Meryside Assistant Referee 1 – Ian Hussin […]

Arsenal v Tottenham: return of the triumvirate, the battle of the midfield.

By Darren Stinsman

Arsenal go into a crunch North London derby on Saturday lunchtime knowing that defeat would leave them seven points behind their bitter rivals. Tottenham are in fine form at the moment and will be full of confidence following their recent 3-1 victory over European champions Real Madrid at Wembley. Arsenal were in […]

Apologies for our down time and here’s some tittle tattle

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Sincere apologies for the lack of posts through some of today. We suffered another attack, and it took a while to recover. This time it was different – the site was still visible and comments could be posted but we were unable to put up new posts for a while. If […]

WSL1 Arsenal v Sunderland Nov 12 2017 – The Untold Match Report

Sorry for the delay in bringing you this report – we had a technical problem yesterday.

by Andrew Crawshaw

Sunday Nov 12 was dry, bright and very cold. Fortunately for me my journey from South London to Borehamwood was clear of upgrade works giving me a simple journey involving only one change of train.

It […]

Arsenal v Tottenham. Objectivity and perspective, not quite the same thing

By Bulldog Drummond

It seems many of us have different definitions of fairly ordinary words. “Objectivity” I take to mean working hard to take out any sort of bias. “Perspective” I think means in the context used, “a point of view”. Which is how one person can say to another, “You’re approaching the problem from […]

Arsenal v Tottenham: a little bit of perspective

By Bulldog Drummond

I don’t have any difficulty in admitting that Tottenham have been doing well of late, not do I try to deny the utterly obvious. That, for example, last season for the first time in a number of years (quite a large number of years in fact) Tottenham came above Arsenal in the […]

2 years 5 months after it was predicted, “New Thierry Henry” will finally sign for Arsenal!

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes it was in June 2015 that we first pronounced upon the fact that Nabil Fekir was about to sign for Arsenal, and we knew that because the bloggettas were full of it and full of it and full of it again.

He turned up again in the following month, […]

Why, as another Fifa corruption case starts, will the FA not say, “we don’t deal with crooks”?

by Tony Attwood

Imagine your ran a business. You were trading with a company and suddenly you find a whole stream of its senior people being hauled into court and charged with corruption in general and taking millions of pounds worth of bribes in particular.

One after another they are charged and they eventually plead […]

So what does the PGMO lack of Referees actually do for clubs?

by Andrew Crawshaw

There have been 11 rounds of matches in the Premier League so far and the referees have been announced for matchweek 12- nearly a third of the way through the season giving a total of 110 games played.

The PGMO have used 18 referees so far so each one should have officiated […]

Leicester City; the sound of chickens coming back to roost

by Tony Attwood

Whenever we cover the dodgy doings by football clubs on this site, we get emails saying “your club is just as bad” and “why don’t you just write about your club” and then a few things that are not really repeatable.

So we’ll take those as read, and remind everyone […]

Monopoly suppliers need regulators or democracy. In football we have neither.

By Tony Attwood

Sport, as the EU recognises in its regulations, is different. There is competition within it – that is by and large the whole point – but that competition is different from that of firms competing in most open markets. The competitive route is structured in a particular way – primarily through having […]

Why all the football statistics now available still leave us uncertain as to what is going on.

by Tony Attwood

Some time back, I criticised a book called The Numbers Game – which purported to reduce all football to a valid statistical analysis – and I was reminded of it again when another book appeared doing the same sort of thing: claiming it had analysed every aspect of the game and was […]

Chelsea’s technical director goes but Arsenal remain the masters of football chaos.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, as we well know, is left in disarray, tatters or chaos (sometime all three) when a player who was “on the radar”, “according to reports” says (allegedly) that he has no intention of going to London, not even for a shopping trip.

The club is also in chaos when thousands of […]

As long as we fail to ask “why?” in football, nothing will ever change

By Tony Attwood

The news that Sepp Blatter has been accused by Hope Solo, the USA women’s football team goalkeeper, of having sexually assaulted her at Fifa’s Ballon d’Or awards ceremony in January 2013 doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, simply because nothing comes as much of a surprise with Blatter. Or come […]

Stop, don’t move. There’s a new player we are going to sign. Honest it’s true. Or so I am told

By Sir Hardly Anyone

OK here we go. Some stories that you have heard, plus a new name. How exciting!

1: According to Ozil, Arsenal is still the club he wants to play for. “Massive boost for Wenger: Highly-rated star confirms he wants to play for Arsenal”. That’s pretty much doing the rounds these days.


How to knock the Arsenal without bothering to check a single fact

By Tony Attwood

I notice Jonathan Liew has seemingly moved from the Telegraph newspaper to become Chief Sports Writer of the Independent web site.

A change of publication, but not it seems a change of style, for today he has published this:

“Henry Norris, the former Arsenal chairman, is perhaps best known as the man […]

Fake News Index: Ozil staying, Wilshere to Palace for the sake of the country, Wenger grip loss.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

What, one may ponder, is the difference between fake news and headline writing? Indeed I think it is fair to say that in the public house lounge bars in the leafy shires, they speak of little else. Let us therefore ponder!

Fake 1: Ozil’s future (Red London and the Metro)

It […]

You will not believe how much PL referees are paid. No wonder they want secrecy in all their dealings

As Germany looks to sort out the mess left behind from the chaos surrounding its refereeing system, they might choose also to have a look at the salary structure of referees in various leagues.

And the first thing we have to note is that just as the PGMO have gone […]

Germany teetering on the brink of potential referee crisis. “Never lose control of your referees”.

by Tony Attwood

Headlines from German and French language papers about the current football crisis in Germany give a warning of the path that they might be tempted to follow

The German Football League calls for a new order of referee structure in Germany after the recent chaos. An independent organization of refereeing should solve […]

Fake news index: striker next season, striker we should have kept, horrific loans

By Tony Attwood

One of the problems with being in the fake news business, is that you not only have to keep inventing it, each piece of fake news has to outdo the previous bit. Thus we have the headline from ArsenalShorts which reads

Wenger confirms 54 goal striker will play for Arsenal next […]