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Arsenal transfer index: all the players we will sign in January 2019

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There was an awfully large amount of fuss about shutting the 2018 summer window early so that transfers were done before the season started. Which makes it seem rather odd not to say illogical not to say bizarre that we now have a one month transfer window during the season launching […]

Football is changing, although most of the time it doesn’t look like it.

By Tony Attwood

“The Arsenal and The Arsenal” theme suggests that there are two different groups of people interested in the club, and each sees what is going on, and considers what is important, in ways so different from the other that there is just no connection between the realities, except that they are […]

If there were match fixing in England would we ever be told?

By Tony Attwood

As you may have read, in Belgium there has been a series of arrests at football clubs and elsewhere related to fraud and match fixing. These followed around 50 raids in Belgium and another raft in France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

Reports suggest that the Brugge coach Ivan Leko and […]