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November 2018
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The unsavoury face of youth transfers raises its head. Enquiries are being made.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It seems we live in interesting times, and as the Chinese saying would have i,t that is not always a good thing.

For we are told by those who claim to be in the know that Manchester City are getting close to being given a one-year transfer ban from Fifa. This […]

Tottenham advertising stopped, new delays, Arsenal bribery allegations

by Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw, senior psychologist at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

As regular readers will know I am usually called in when we have a spate of mind readers writing to the site telling anyone who cares to read just what someone else is thinking. Checking with […]

Arsenal not interested in Euro league but there is a breakaway brewing

by Tony Attwood

Breakaways, breakaways, everywhere we look are breakaways.

But not it seems involving Arsenal.

Arsenal has become the first (or if I missed it while arguing with Man City fans, one of the first) clubs to put out a statement saying that they are not interested in the notion of the European Super […]

Football after the UK leaves the EU. The FA remains in total denial of the research.

by Tony Attwood

A while back I saw a survey on why some people in the UK voted to leave the EU. As we all know, fewer than half the electorate voted to leave the EU, although just over half of all those voting did vote Leave and that is taken as the definitive […]

Football headlines and the strange stories that follow them. (The two are not connected)

by Sir Hardly Anyone

These days, even when the news report seems to have some semblance of reality within it, and comes from a decent enough source, the headline invariably has to be written to give a different impression.

Take for example this headline from This is Futbol: “BBC expert: Arsenal have tabled loan-to-buy […]

A defence of Manchester City appears in the press, and it is very worrying

By Tony Attwood

The Manchester Evening News has evolved a staunch defence of Manchester City in an article under the headline “Man City Football Leaks revelations are missing a key piece of information”

The article is by Stuart Brennan who is best known to many of us who watch the ducking and diving of […]

The 7 top players Arsenal are signing this January (you can count them).

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One story says that Arsenal are losing money (largely because of two seasons out of the Champions League), and the owner has no intention of putting any extra money in to fund further purchases.

A second story says we are buying everyone imaginable.

In the midst of all that we have […]

And now another major set of football allegations. Who’d have thought it?

By Tony Attwood

There is a simple point at the heart of the scandals and allegations so far and that is that Man City and PSG, according to the released documents, have broken Uefa rules and threatened to elminiate Uefa from the landscape unless Uefa is complicit in covering up the affair.

And while […]

Why do some home teams commit so many more fouls than away teams?

by Andrew Crawshaw

With no Men’s Club games for a couple of weeks and my back now allowing me to sit down in front of my computer again, I thought I would take a look at some of the data I have been recording and see if there was anything new that jumped out at […]

Reiss Nelson looks to Arsenal return, Arsene Wenger turned down Fulham

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Two interesting tales emerging this day: one that Fulham asked Mr Wenger if he fancied being the manager and the other, positive sounds from Reiss Nelson. Plus a load of tattle and some tittle, which I will come to in a mo.

To take your Reiss first, I was […]

What are our chances of getting top four this season?

By Tony Attwood

There is a lot being said and written about Unai Emery and the changes he is making to Arsenal in relation to the style of play and his methods of training.

And of course the result of this so far – as with the way the team doesn’t score in the […]

How much money raised by the FA in the names of charities goes to charities?

by Tony Attwood

If you have been reading Untold for a while you may well have picked up on the fact that one of our bêtes noires is the Football Association, largely because of its willingness to spend public money without accounting to the taxpayers who give it, while ignoring the fact that the […]

The whole football system seems to exist only to protect and enlarge itself

By Tony Attwood

The Premier League has said it will take action in the Manchester City case if any of its rules have been broken. Uefa (now under new management since the Manchester City scandal was initiated) has said that it could go back and look again at the 2014 FFP investigation. This is a […]

Reiss’ great record, loanees done great, transfers that won’t happen, international insanity

by Tony Attwood

Let’s open with a nice piece of news: Reiss Nelson has scored six Bundesliga goals this season. No non-German player has ever reached six Bundesliga goals at a younger age.

Actually it wasn’t a bad weekend for our loanees: Matt Macey played for Plymouth as they won 1-0, David Ospina played for […]

Renaming Manchester City to make it sound more in keeping with its sponsors’ activities

by Tony Attwood

According to Amnesty International, Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi owners are “brazenly trying to “sportswash” their country’s “deeply tarnished image” by pouring money into the Premier League club.”

And indeed given the level of support that Manchester City has, their success in the league, and the utter reluctance or perhaps inability of any […]

Arsenal player wins Women’s PFA player of the month

Arsenal Women’s Nobbs wins October Women’s PFA Bristol Street Motors Fans’ Player of the Month Award

Arsenal Women FC’s Jordan Nobbs has been voted the October Women’s PFA Bristol Street Motors Fans’ Player of the Month by football fans across the country. In a tightly-contested vote, run by fan engagement […]

How personal gratification and a desire for profit create the negative feel at Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

According to the banners and the chants when Mr Wenger left and a new manager was found the fans wanted and expected to get “our Arsenal back”. Quite what that Arsenal was, was never made clear, but the chants of the away support at Fulham suggested that was the Arsenal they wanted […]

Live match report Arsenal – Wolverhampton : 1-1

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal team at the start : Leno; Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac; Torreira, Xhaka; Iwobi, Özil, Aubameyang; Lacazette.

On the beach: Cech, Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan, Nketiah

All stood up in silence to hear the always impressive Last Post and an even more impressive minute of complete silence to commemorate the end […]

Arsenal v Wolverhampton team news and the need to avoid corners

by Bulldog Drummond

Mr Emery has been talking about the evolution of Arsenal under him and the way in which the game against Liverpool showed the direction he was taking the club in terms of the power within the team. “Our idea is to repeat matches with this pace over 90 minutes,” he said.

“It […]

Arsenal v Wolverhampton and what to do after Danny’s injury

By Bulldog Drummond

The terrible injury to Danny Welbeck has highlighted another aspect to the growth in players running down their contracts. Danny, like Ramsey and Cech will be free to leave the club this summer and find themselves a new club to play for.

But of course if the player gets a serious career […]

Arsenal v Wolverhampton: the form, predicting the score, and the last time we played them

By Bulldog Drummond

As we saw against Crystal Palace analayses of home and away team performances don’t give an exact indication of how a match will go, but over time we have found they are one of the very best ways of making predicitons, and are more often right than wrong.

So despite the failure […]

Which teams are benefitting most from referee decision making this season?

By Bulldog Drummond

As we saw in Gordon’s super-analysis of referee actions earlier this week, Arsenal have inflicted the need for treatment on the opposition 11 times this season while Wolverhampton have inflicted the need for treatment on opposition players 5 times. So we shouldn’t have too much worry about fouls from them resulting in […]

Danny’s out, but how does that affect our immediate chances?

By Bulldog Drummond

Only one place to start the preview series for the Wolverhampton game and that is with injuries; we are virtually top of the list. Danny is of course the latest to go on the list – details from Physioroom as always.

Who? What? Back? So? Playing? Welbeck Ankle Injury No Date […]

How Infantino, now head of Fifa, fixed FFP on behalf of PSG and Man City.

By Tony Attwood

At the heart of the story that has been revealed by the hacking of emails concerning Financial Fair Play, Manchester City, PSG and Uefa, is the involvement of Gianni Infantino who is now the head of Fifa.

It is a story that many, I suspect, will choose not to believe. But before […]

Which clubs inflict the need for treatment on others, the most? The weekend fixtures.

Game Day 12 – The Rememberance Day weekend.

by Gordon Haverland

Largely in rememberance of WWI and WWII. Matic has memories of a Balkin war that bothers him.

Game Day 12 takes place over 2 physical days (Saturday and Sunday). On Saturday there is one early game, 4 games running in the middle time slot, […]