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What the car thieves did to Premier League players in the international break.

By Tony Attwood

Yes the car thieves – the international managers who go round nicking players, wrecking them, handing them back and then demanding that that players are made fit for the next round of games.

So who suffered this time around?

Well they certainly worked hard with the wrecking ball, knackering as many players […]

In football, why are individuals called to account, but not whole nations?

By Tony Attwood

There are two stories floating around at the moment. One involves the possibility that the royal family of Saudi Arabia might be thinking of buying Manchester United, the other involving a West Ham coach of their under 18 side who has attended a rally held by a right wing group.

Which is […]

Meeting a player you have admired can be such a very strange experience.

By Tony Attwood

There are ex-players and ex-players, and when you meet one for the first time it can be quite a shock. They come from different backgrounds, have different approaches to lifeā€¦ that of course is to be expected. But so often one finds that the man is different from the player.

And that […]