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Tottenham complain about fixtures, but Arsenal have it worse. And Barce have no cash.

By Tony Attwood

Just as the Mirror has told us that Arsenal are travelling without a backup keeper but with Ramsey, so other sources are telling us Ramsey has not travelled. It really is all very confusing. After all if we can’t trust our newspapers who can we trust? (That’s irony. The opposite of irony […]

Qarabag v Arsenal: bizarre squad spotted by national newspaper. We can’t be that daft can we?

by Bulldog Drummond

There is the strangest thing on the Sky site today (at least at the moment I write this) in which they have a page which they proclaim as covering the recent results of Arsenal and Qarabag.

What it should be called however is a “selection of results from the two clubs with […]

8 utterly extraordinary Arsenal stories circulating this morning

By Sir Hardly Anyone

These stories have all “broken” this morning. I thought you might enjoy seeing some old favourites.

1: Arsenal get more injuries than anyone else but now Tottenham are overtaking them

Headline: ‘Nightmare’, ‘Turning into Arsenal’ – Some Tottenham fans react to reported season-ending injury.

Source: This Is Futbol

The tale: Luke […]