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Arsenal’s astonishing transfer window. 2 players being paid not to play.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

Astonishing? well yes. We need to get rid of two senior players in order just to get down to 25 before we start bringing anyone else in, otherwise we will be left with players we can’t get rid of and will have to pay.

Guendouzi has gone, but he is not […]

Tackles, fouls and yellow cards: the PL season so far

By Tony Attwood

Last season Leicester City raced to near the top of the league and for a long time were looking dead certs for at the very least a top four finish, if not a runners’ up spot. And then they fell apart and slipped right back down the table. So, in our normal […]

Yesterday was great fun, but the scores alone don’t tell us much

by Tony Attwood

In football reporting, every incident becomes a crisis, because every day needs a story. And yesterday we got two, with the defeats of Liverpool and Manchester United.

Such things have happened all the way through football history. There are famous tales told of Arsenal losing 7-0 away to Newcastle in 1925 just […]