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November 2020

Platini and Blatter now prosecuted for fraud, but don’t tell the English

By Tony Attwood

I received a note at the end of last week pointing out that Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, who have been under investigation by Swiss authorities for some time, are now suddenly facing a more serious charge of fraud. This comes after Swiss federal prosecutors intensified a five-year investigation into the pair’s […]

Why are Arsenal doing so poorly at the moment? The hidden truths.

By Tony Attwood

There are a number of reasons that are fairly easy to think of.

1: Arsenal have had three managers in the past three years.

That is not the way to create stability and growth.

Settled clubs do much better than clubs in turmoil, not least because three managers means three sets […]

Arsenal v the W’s. The “confirmed” predicted team, including Nelson’s twin.

By Bulldog Drummond

The news doing the rounds is that Bukayo Saka has recovered from the dead leg he suffered against Leeds last weekend. We know Pepe is out, Willian and Partey are doubtful, and Elneny and Kolasinac are the victims of the insanity of continuing with international competitions during a crisis. Except some pundits […]

Arsenal: with one goal in the last 5 league games the revival is needed now.

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal are 12th in the league in terms of home performances, while Wolverhampton are 14th in the league in terms of away performances. And in fact the performances of the two clubs home and away are identical – two wins and two defeats for Arsenal at home, the same for Wolverhampton away.


Arsenal’s absentee details, our unfortunate league position and hope of a rise

By Bulldog Drummond

One good bit of news is that we can’t sink any lower down the league between now and the end of Sunday, but on the other hand a win could see us shuffle up a few places, depending on others. Here is the rather alarming league table as of Sunday morning (UK […]

Arsenal v Wolverhampton: the tactics and why Arsenal are still getting injuries

By Bulldog Drummond

If you have been paying attention you will know that this season we have been analysing what clubs are doing in their matches in the premier league in terms of tackles, fouls, yellow cards and penalties.

And some quite amazing facts and figures are emerging overall.

But more than that, this now […]

Arsenal reduced to the level of wolves

by Bulldog Drummond

The league table this morning shows something of an odd sight – and I don’t just mean the situation at the top of the league….

Team P W D L F GA D Pts 6 Everton 9 5 1 3 19 16 3 16 7 Aston Villa 8 5 0 3 19 […]

The emergence of brilliance, the idiocy of the media

By Tony Attwood

For football journalists life is black and white, good and bad, yes and no, with no bits in between. And the reason for that is simple: they treat their readers as idiots who can only understand black and white, rather than real life.

After last Sunday if you had just taken your […]

Molde v Arsenal: the teams. The chances of a game for Pepe…

By Bulldog Drummond

Although Arsenal went through the group stages last season as winners, there was a serious bit of slipping up going on in the second half of the campaign – exactly the point we are now at.

With three straight wins everything was plodding along nicely (although that third match saw something of […]

Molde V Arsenal: injuries reach a new height and playing in front of a crowd

By Bulldog Drummond

While Arsenal appear to be challenging for the longest period without a league goal from open play, Molde have been getting on with the business, in their

Date Comp Home Score Away Res 01/11/20 League Mjøndalen 1 – 3 Molde W 05/11/20 Europa Arsenal 4 – 1 Molde L 08/11/20 League Molde […]

 Optimism to succeed and the case of Pepe

A further reflection from AKH

I have mentioned in a previous article I have penned for Untold Arsenal, that I have been watching and following Arsenal for over 65 years! I have been following the team through thick and thin throughout this time under the stewardship of the following managers including the likes of Swindin; […]

Farewell honeymoon, the knives are now out for Arteta.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

This is a time when Arsenal need all the support they can get in order to recover some form and move up the table.

And it is good to see it coming from at least one quarter with Tony Adams saying that he was totally wrong in his assessment of […]

Arsenal: a decade of mismanagement? How does the evidence stack up?

by Tony Attwood

A comment in response to an earlier article really got me thinking. It read…

“Let arteta be trusted to do the job,like they say Rome was not built in a day.Klopp was given time at Liverpool and allowed to build a team on his principles, this has worked:If he had been told […]

Arsenal: we have a problem, but the proposed solution is a problem also

By Tony Attwood

So Arsenal have a spot of a problem. Actually make that five problems.

a) Some fans are turning on our most expensive purchase who is currently in the squad.

b) The management has turned against our most expensive player who is currently not in the squad.

c) We’ve had three managers across […]

How the top clubs foul with impunity – this week’s statistics analysed.

By Tony Attwood

This season we have been looking at some statistics that seem never to become headline news in the media, but which, when we look at them really give us pause for thought.

This is the table we have gradually been building as the key issues have arisen. Exceptional numbers are in bold. […]

As Arsenal sink lower changing the manager again is not the answer

By Tony Attwood

And so we have now had the first suggestion that we should get rid of Mr Arteta and bring in… Brendon Rodgers. That’s the media’s idea of course, I’ve no idea what other Arsenal fans think of it. Not something I’d like to see.

But it goes on and on. We got […]

Leeds v Arsenal: the team selection from across the media.

By Bulldog Drummond

We enter the fray as we have been for much of this season so far, on a mountain of negatives. Dani Ceballos and David Luiz are said to have come to blows – but of course no one knows. Aubameyang spent the night on the floor of an airport ahead of an […]

Leeds v Arsenal: when we were the greatest of rivals and the away win issue

By Bulldog Drummond

Games between Arsenal and Leeds are shown as being surprisingly balanced in the records: 47 wins to Arsenal, 41 to Leeds United and 32 draws.

But these figures hide some interesting features.

To begin they don’t include matches between Arsenal and Leeds City – which was pretty much the same club as […]

Internationals inevitably mean injuries and here they are all lining up

By Bulldog Drummond

Compared with the week before the international nonsense the number of players who are now injured is utterly outrageous. Why the top clubs allow this to continue is completely beyond me.

However they do, so here is the top of the injury league as supplied by

Liverpool: 10 Brighton and Hove […]

Arsenal v Leeds: tackles, fouls, penalties, yellows… what to expect

By Tony Attwood

Of late I have been trying to get a handle on the very curious statistics that started to emerge in the Premier League last season and which are continuing this season.

These in particular include tackles, fouls, yellow cards and penalties (given and received). Much of the discussion has of course centred […]

International managers are like car thieves. And football’s fake news

by Tony Attwood

It was Arsene Wenger who once said (and was then severely censured by Uefa for saying it) that international managers are like car thieves. They take your vehicle, use it however they want, in ways that are often completely unsafe, and then hand you back the wreck with orders to […]

The lengths some journalists will go to, to attack Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Referee changed after Liverpool demand; even the excuse makes no sense

By Tony Attwood

Taking certain referees off the rota is just one of the things we have campaigned about for years in relation to PGMO – the ultra-secretive agency that handles refereeing in the premier league. We’ve also questioned the regional bias of the referee group, the fact that we have far fewer referees […]

How the FA have manipulated the stats in order to try and gain more power

By Tony Attwood

My little series on FA cock ups and disasters has reached part 8. We have published enough FA stories of this sort to go on for another 15 or 20 articles, but we’re heading towards the resumption of proper football in a couple of days, so I will make this last […]

Could Arsenal adopt Leicester’s tactics and follow them up the table?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Leicester are different for two reasons. One is that their statistics suggest they play a tactical game in a completely different way from other clubs. The other is that they are rather neatly changing their tactical game from time to time, depending on whether the referees have tumbled what they are […]