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Premier League Betting and Odds

How gaslighting excuses Burnley’s tactics, and knocks Arsenal’s reputation

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from “Why do we keep pointing out errors in what the media says”


Here is an interesting thought, published in the Guardian in an article headlined, “Are Burnley a rough team? Their red card record suggests not.”

The piece makes the point that their […]

Here’s a turn up: CAS are supporting Arsenal against Fifa

By Tony Attwood

In the last article Have Uefa and CAS finally had enough of club trickery in avoiding FFP? I reported on the way that Uefa and the Court of Arbitration in Sport seem to have had enough of the way Manchester City are using the rules in order to escape punishment in the […]

Have Uefa and CAS finally had enough of club trickery in avoiding FFP?

By Tony Attwood

This article answers the question raised in the July 2020 article “What will Uefa and the clubs that obey FFP do now that FFP has been wrecked?”

In recent months and indeed years both Uefa and the Premier League have required that Manchester City hand over documents and give information that is […]

Why do we keep pointing out the errors of what media says when everyone knows?

by Tony Attwood

“Scoop” recently wrote a comment on this blog relating to our regular pieces on what some of us consider to be wholly misleading articles in the media about football.

Scoop expressed the opinion, which is often heard here, that “calling it out here is not going to change anything at all, and […]

TONIGHT: Arsenal Women in the Champions League. Group Stage preview

by Andrew Crawshaw

The matches within the four groups that form the last 16 of the Women’s Champions League commence this week

The clubs involved are:-

Group A Group B Group C Group D Chelsea Breidablik Kopavogur Arsenal Bayern Munich Juventus PSG FC Barselona BK Häcken FF Servette FC Chēnois Real Madrid HB Køge Olympic […]

Biennial World: Europe unites in opposing the commercialised bi-yearly world cup.

By Tony Attwood

I have often noted that European commentators on football have a vision that goes far beyond that available to English sports commentators. Indeed I can’t imagine too many publications renaming the idea of the holding of the World Cup every two years into “Biennial World”. Nor can I imagine them running the […]

The big six are still the big six when it comes to squad values

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As we know Arsenal has the youngest set of first team players in the League. But who has the costliest?

The Football Observatory has just produced a chart showing how much each team in the Premier League is currently worth. So it is not recording how […]

Why WHU can foul 3 times as much as Brighton before getting a yellow card

by Tony Attwood

It is time to return to the fraught issue of tackles, fouls and yellow cards. If all was equal, then there would be a common ratio between the number of tackles that would result in a foul being called, and the number of fouls before a yellow card.

If all things were […]

Tim Sherwood, football management’s grand failure, says Arsenal are no good!

By Tony Attwood

I have regularly argued that the football media in this country regularly refuses to tackle certain issues, such as the oddity of the way refereeing is organised in the Premier League, and issues of corruption.

Instead the media use the “gaslighting” technique of turning the conversation to something else in order […]

Is football seriously corrupt? It depends on your starting position

By Tony Attwood

One of the great problems within football is the problem of gaslighting – the refusal by those who talk and write about football to engage with certain issues. Indeed on this site you’ll find a six part series on gaslighting in football reporting concerning the refusal even to engage in discussion concerning […]

Arsenal are constantly putting out the youngest team in the League. Is that a good idea?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Here’s a strange statistic. For six of the seven league games played this season, Arsenal have put out a team younger than any other team used by any other club in the Premier League.

For the only exception to this approach this season Arsenal put out a team that was notably […]

The effect on Arsenal of changing managers

Although measuring the results of games from the start of the season is ultimately what matters – obviously at the end of the season – measuring the last ten games as well as all the games so far this season, can give a better vision of where the team is vis a vis the rest […]

Brighton v Arsenal: the teams and Arsenal’s progress since Christmas Day

By Bulldog Drummond

Slowly, very slowly, others are catching on to the fact that if one wants to know how teams really are progressing one doesn’t just measure results from the start of the season to the end, but rather if you really want to know what is going on you should also take a […]

Brighton v Arsenal: the history between the two clubs

By Bulldog Drummond

Brighton and Hove Albion joined the Football League with the creation of the Third Division after the first world war, moving with most of the Southern League First Division clubs into the 3rd Division, which then after one season became the 3rd Division (South).

There they stayed until they won the league […]

Brighton v Arsenal: the injuries and the tackles / fouls / yellow ratios

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal really do seem to be at the bottom of the Premier League for injuries! According to the Premier League injury site the ranking is (and for a change I shall move from the bottom to the top)

Arsenal: 1 Tottenham Hotspur: 2 West Ham United: 2 Brentford: 3 Leicester City 3 […]

Brighton v Arsenal: an apology, last 10 games, home and away, transfers

by Bulldog Drummond

First up, an apology. The apology should be given by Tony, but he’s currently hiding under the sofa, far too embarrassed to come out.

The fact is Tony proclaimed to a fanfare of trumpets and associated brass instruments the fact that across the last ten league games Arsenal were the second most […]

Arsenal Women September 2021 review – with added video footage

by Andrew Crawshaw

Wednesday evening’s 5-1 victory over Tottenham brought a close to a really good September for Arsenal Women. Please note that the embedded links are to the FA Player highlights, you will need to log in or create an account to view the footage.

WSL Arsenal v Chelsea 5 September

We started our […]