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Premier League Betting and Odds

Premier League debts have surged to what look like dangerous proportions

By Tony Attwood

In the article that follows I am deeply indebted to The Swiss Ramble (@SwissRamble) for data that appears on his Twitter account – always most certainly worth a read. The conclusions drawn from the data are entirely mine.

In this case he is outlining debt levels of […]

As the League starts to reign in Saudis: what does it mean for Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

Imagine – just imagine – that you had spent oh, I don’t know let’s say $3.5 billion on your football and as a result won the league and other competitions lots of times.

And then someone else comes along and effectively says that’s chicken feed. We’ll invest $30 billion – more if […]

That James McArthur was not sent off, tells us a lot about refereeing in the PL

By Tony Attwood

The assault on Bukayo Saka last night has quite rightly caused some protests, even from the normally referee friendly media.

Aubameyang has already said he couldn’t believe that James McArthur wasn’t sent off for his challenge on Saka. And indeed even the normally Arsenal-negative Daily Mirror commented on the situation by saying […]

Tonight’s team and update on entry regulations to the ground tonight

By Tony Attwood

The story so far

Arsenal v Palace. Patrick’s arrival reminds us how we have fallen (according to some) Arsenal v Palace: What’s happened to Patrick Vieira as manager Arsenal injuries, the home/away portents and past matches with Crystal Palace. How can some clubs commit fouls with impunity while others get card after […]

Arsenal v Palace. Patrick’s arrival reminds us how we have fallen (according to some)

By Bulldog Drummond


Arsenal v Palace: What’s happened to Patrick Vieira as manager Arsenal injuries, the home/away portents and past matches with Crystal Palace. How can some clubs commit fouls with impunity while others get card after card?

Of course, all the negative coverage about Arsenal is continuing in the face of Patrick […]

Arsenal v Palace: What’s happened to Patrick Vieira as manager

By Bulldog Drummond

As you know, of course, Patrick Vieira (oh oh) returns to Arsenal on Monday.

Patrick retired as a player in the summer of 2011, and went to work with the youth development team at Manchester City with the grand title “Football Development Executive” working alongside another ex-Arsenal man, Brian Marwood.

He […]

Arsenal injuries, the home/away portents and past matches with Crystal Palace.

by Bulldog Drummond

The injury table retains its somewhat unusual look with Arsenal retaining their place either at the top or the bottom, depending on your point of view and which way you are holding up your computer. Curiously, Crystal Palace are right next to us.

Indeed being in the south of the country is […]

How can some clubs commit fouls with impunity while others get card after card?

by Tony Attwood

In case you like statistics, here are a few that have never been published here nor anywhere else before – at least as far as I know.

These figures look at tackles, fouls and yellow cards and show that we are keeping our numbers considerably below the clubs that go overboard on […]

These days Arsenal players are taught not to tackle. Maybe they shouldn’t talk either.

By Tony Attwood

While the media is of course mentioning the return of Patrick Vieira to Arsenal in his new role as manager, few if any have yet started to comment upon how Patrick’s team is behaving on the pitch in comparison with how Vieira himself was seen as a player.

Patrick got 76 yellows […]

Why rule changes happen – but we never get the one rule change we need

by Tony Attwood

There is an article in Le Matin, (the Swiss newspaper that is, not the long-defunct French publication), which looks at some of the developments being suggested for football, such as the automatic detection of offside using technology rather than assistant referees.

The writer of the piece notes that Julian Nagelsmann, the “progressive […]

“Supercomputer” predicts just one away win for Arsenal this season

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Every year we have the story that a supercomputer has been used to predict the outcome of the Premier League after half a dozen or so matches. And each year we make the point that this is extremely unlikely, given the demand on supercomputers’ time and the cost of hiring one […]

Revealed: how the media campaigns constantly to stop Arsenal signing players

By Tony Attwood

If you ever wanted to undermine a football club the way to do it would be to set up what appears to be a serious news service about the club and then pour forth negative stories all based on the same concept of incompetence spiced with a few quotes from people […]

Has Aretea really overlooked a key problem at Arsenal?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal are in a “good place” – but he may have overlooked problems

“…more injuries could rock the boat and Granit Xhaka’s knee injury – expected to keep him out for the rest of the calendar year – is a warning for Arteta.”

That is the opening of […]

Behold: the first admission in the national media that there is a referee problem

By Tony Attwood

There is an article in the Guardian “VAR still a work in progress so expect more controversy and occasional fury” by Barry Glendenning which (obviously) takes a look at the issue of VAR this season.

In the midst of this article, the author turns to criticising commentator Richard Keys, […]

Why does the media always excuse the FA when there is chaos at a match?

By Bulldog Drummond

The headline in the Daily Mail expresses the media’s attitude: “Time to ban Hungary thugs”. Their article opens,

“The Football Association vowed to launch an investigation and file a report to FIFA after racism from Hungary fans marred yet another World Cup qualifier with England and they were also involved in […]

The hidden problem within football is that problems remain hidden

By Tony Attwood

The thesis that underpins this website is simple: there are many football stories of interest that newspapers and broadcasters will not touch. Plus many more that might be mentioned briefly but never in depth. And because these stories vanish from the media, are trivialised or indeed never appear at all, they don’t […]

Arsenal’s key transfer targets for January 2022 revealed – and you won’t believe it!

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Arsenal’s summer transfer window was an utter disaster… for the pundits. With 136 players highlighted as being ready to be signed by the club, only a handful made it. Meanwhile with every single player in the first team squad headlined as being in line for a transfer or simply a give-away, […]

Why do many believe that vaccination can harm, while few believe that refs are biased?

By Tony Attwood

Apologies for the delay in publishing this article. This was due to a technological failure requiring immediate action on my part. Or put it another way, my glasses broke and I had to go to the opticians to get them repaired.

But now on with the show…

In Britain today a seemingly […]

Why the world’s media is alarmed at what the Premier League is now allowing

By Tony Attwood

The general consensus is simple: Newcastle United is now the the richest football club in the world, Of course it is not their own money earned by having a big stadium packed with fans (as per Arsenal’s 1930s model) or a world-wide marketing system (Manchester United’s approach in the 1960s). No […]

Could it be that Newcastle’s success isn’t quite as guaranteed as some imagine?

By Tony Attwood

There are a number of issues floating around the issue of Newcastle’s purchase by Saudi Arabian forces. Some affect football as a whole, as we have seen, another is that there is opposition to the move within English football, and the other is that the financial structure of English […]

Mikel Arteta is a worthy manager of the month, but the media can’t say why

By Tony Attwood

There is an article on the Premier League website under the headline “Find out how the awards for players, manager and goal of the month and season are decided.” However you might not want to spend too much time there as there is no clue as to how the debates go, only […]

Compare: Kroenke blood sports TV channel and Mohammed Bin Salman on human rights

In July 2017 Stan Kroenke announced that he was bringing his bloodsports TV channel “My outdoor TV” to England. We covered the issue in a number of articles on Untold at the time. Untold didn’t get nearly as upset as some people did in relation to the issue, but we did say that we […]

Football is absolutely not sustainable like this: here are the six crash points.

By Tony Attwood

So now we have another club with access to more money than is imaginable, while we have a controlling body in terms of Fifa, meandering around attempting to fine Arsenal £34,000 because of what it felt was a misuse of sell-on clauses in contracts.

But there is a wider problem here. […]

What does the purchase of Newcastle by Saudi Arabia mean for Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Obviously Newcastle United are not the first club to have been bought either by a state, or by a person with access to the massive funds of a state. Although it is probably the first club to be bought and then generate the lines in a national newspaper:

Infuriating tracksuit […]

Suddenly Saudi Arabia is being allowed into Newcastle

By Tony Attwood

We’ve discussed Saudi Arabia before. And there is now a certain irony that of all clubs being taken over by Saudi Arabia the one selected is the one most closely associated with beer. It’s illegal in Saudi Arabia.

But maybe if this rule is applied to Newcastle United once the Saudi takeover […]