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August 2021

Untold Ref Review: Stoke 2 – Tottenham 1; one of the worst ref performances all season

By Ref Reviewer 03

For the game between Stoke and Tottenham we had ref Chris Foy coming out of his bed. How did he do this game?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
5 OTHER Shotton Bale NC Shove/Trip – not given 0 0
7 OFFSIDE Adebayor C Assumed correct 1 1
8 OTHER NC Throw-in wrongly given to Stoke, ball last off Woodgate 0 0
10 OTHER Walters Walker C Looked a fair challenge but without a replay, I’ll give ref benefit of doubt 1 1
11 OTHER C Van der Vaart’s corner curled out for goal kick 1 1
13 OTHER Crouch Friedel NC Used arm to hold off keeper – not given 0 0
13 OTHER Crouch NC Controlled ball with arm – not given 0 0
13 GOAL NC Irregular goal awarded – crouch handled in the build up then assisted to Etherington 0 0
15 OTHER Walters Parker NC Push – not given 0 0
16 OTHER Gallas Crouch C Trip 1 1
17 OTHER Whelan Parker C Trip 1 1
21 OTHER Assou-Ekotto Whitehead NC Led with forearm/elbow to win header 0 0
21 RED Assou-Ekotto NC This was violent play – should have been sent off 0 0
24 OTHER Van der Vaart C Handball 1 1
25 OTHER Bale Whitehead C Kicked ball and player 1 1
29 OTHER Woodgate Lennon C Trip 1 1
29 YELLOW Woodgate C Unsporting behaviour 1 2
34 OFFSIDE Adebayor C Assumed correct 1 1
34 OTHER Crouch Parker C Trip 1 1
35 OTHER Walters Assou-Ekotto C Trip 1 1
38 OTHER Shotton Assou-Ekotto NC Pulled him back – not given 0 0
43 GOAL C Etherington – goal okay 1 3
Half time 13 16
CORRECT 59,09% 55,17%
YELLOW 1 1 100,00
RED 0 1 0,00
GOAL 1 2 50,00
OTHER 1 3 33,33
3 7 42,86
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
Second half
47 OTHER Whitehead Parker C Foul 1 1
53 OTHER Etherington Van der Vaart C Pull 1 1
55 OTHER Crouch Adebayor NC Climbed on him – not given 0 0
58 OTHER Kaboul Walters NC Trip – not given 0 0
61 PENALTY Whelan Modric NC Blatant dive by Modric – ref got it wrong 0 0
61 YELLOW Modric NC Should have been booked for diving 0 0
62 GOAL NC Adebayor scored from a wrongly awarded spot kick 0 0
63 OFFSIDE Adebayor C 1 1
66 PENALTY Shawcross Kaboul NC Held his arm preventing him from playing ball – not given 0 0
66 YELLOW Shawcross NC Should have been booked for unsporting behaviour 0 0
66 YELLOW Kaboul C Dissent 1 2
68 OTHER Van der Vaart Whitehead C Shove 1 1
70 OTHER NC Goal kick wrongly given to Stoke instead of corner 0 0
72 OTHER Walker NC Stole 10 yards on throw-in 0 0
74 PENALTY Shawcross Gallas NC Pulled his arm back to stop him playing ball in front of net 0 0
74 RED Shawcross NC Denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity – not given 0 0
74 PENALTY Shawcross NC Blocked shot off the line with elbow 0 0
74 OFFSIDE Adebayor NC Was played on by Wilson 0 0
74 GOAL NC Adebayor’s goal wrongly ruled out for offside 0 0
77 PENALTY C Crouch fell but Bassong had position – good no-call 1 3
78 PENALTY C Ball hit Whitehead’s arm unintentionally – good no-call 1 3
79 OTHER Adebayor Woodgate C Shove 1 1
81 YELLOW Wilson C Time-wasting 1 2
82 OTHER Kaboul Walters C Bumped into him 1 1
82 YELLOW/RED Kaboul NC Walters was going away from goal and went down easily – not worth 2nd yellow 0 0
86 OTHER Adebayor Shawcross C Used raised arm to win header 1 1
90+2 OTHER Parker Crouch C Tripped from behind 1 1
90+2 YELLOW Parker C Deserved 1 2
90+3 OTHER Whelan Modric NC Won the ball fairly 0 0
90+4 OTHER Giovanni Whitehead NC Trip – not given 0 0
90+4 OTHER Giovanni C Improper throw-in 1 1
90+5 OTHER Bale Palacios C Late lunging tackle – advantage played 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 15 22
% CORRECT 46,88% 39,29%
YELLOW 3 6 50,00
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 2 6 33,33
GOAL 0 2 0,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
6 16 37,50
OFFSIDE 0 1 0,00
TOTAL 28 38
% CORRECT 51,85% 44,71%
YELLOW 4 7 57,14
RED 0 2 0,00
PENALTY 2 6 33,33
GOAL 1 4 25,00
OTHER 2 1 200,00
9 23 39,13
OFFSIDE 2 3 66,67
Correct calls For Stoke 19 67,86%
For Tottenham 9 32,14%
Total correct calls 28
Wrong calls Against Stoke 9 34,62%
Against Tottenham 17 65,38%
Total 26
Total fouls made by Stoke 16 59,26%
Tottenham 11 40,74%
Total 27


it was probably a day he probably wishes he had stayed in bed. This is one of the worst performances by a ref I have seen this season. Not only did he score an extremely low 52% on the day, he missed several important calls such as only getting 1 of 4 goal decisions correct.

The majority of the wrong decisions went against Tottenham although they were lucky that Assou-Ekotto wasn’t sent off in the first half for leading with his forearm when running in for a header, catching Dean Whitehead square in the face.

Tottenham can feel aggrieved that Stoke opened the scoring after Peter Crouch used his arm to control a ball into the area before squaring the ball back for Matthew Etherington to slot home from close range. That was the first goal that shouldn’t have counted and it wouldn’t be the last.

In the 61st minute, Modric dribbled the ball into the area when Glenn Whelan stuck his foot out and then quickly pulled back. It looked like Whelan didn’t touch Modric but the Croatian took a couple of steps and shamelessly threw himself to ground. Surely it should have been a booking for simulation but Chris Foy instead awarded the spot kick to Tottenham which Adebayor calmly put away to get a goal back for the Spurs though it shouldn’t have counted.

In the 66th minute Kaboul was furious when someone had apparently forgot to tell Shawcross that this is not rugby for the Stoke defender blatantly took strong hold of Kaboul’s arm preventing him from heading the ball from a corner kick into the area. Perhaps Foy was second guessing himself after awarding Modric a dodgy penalty and from then on you couldn’t buy a penalty. But it was a clear penalty nonetheless and Shawcross also escaped a booking for his part.

The 74th minute was arguably the most controversial in the match. In the space of 10 seconds Tottenham lost 2 penalty appeals and had a perfectly good goal disallowed.

Modric’s cross into the area was spilled by Sorensen and Gallas was there to tap in. However Shawcross had hooked the ex-Arsenal defender’s arm, pulling him back and preventing him from playing the ball. This was from 3 yards out with the goal at his mercy. It should have been a penalty and a red card for Shawcross.

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Then Shawcross had enough time to get back on his line to clear Kaboul’s follow-up shot off the line using his elbow. Sometimes this is hard to see for a ref or a linesman, but the ball was saved unfairly and it should have been a spot kick.

And finally after the ball came back out after Shawcross had cleared it with his elbow it was played back in to Adebayor who slotted home past Sorensen. However the linesman incorrectly ruled him for being offside because Stoke defender Marc Wilson was late getting back upfield and played Adebayor onside by a good 2 yards.

Tottenham’s chances of salvaging a point from the contest were later damaged by the 82nd minute sending off of defender Younes Kaboul who had been previously booked for dissent. Walters who had a hint of offside from his run was caught in the thigh by Kaboul’s knee. Walters dropped to his knees under what seemed to be slight contact and appealed to the ref who then sent off Kaboul for his second yellow. A foul it was but not a booking in my opinion and it was very harsh to send someone off for a somewhat innocuous challenge especially as Walters looked like he was heading more towards the corner flag than the goal.

So overall it was an absolute shocker for Chris Foy. Wrong decisions favoured Stoke by nearly 2:1 and he only got 1 out of 3 calls right for Spurs.

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8 comments to Untold Ref Review: Stoke 2 – Tottenham 1; one of the worst ref performances all season

  • Tasos

    Shocking performance from the officials.
    Although C Foy gave Spurs a debatable penalty (I thought there was contact) I got the impression throughout the game that he favoured Stoke in any 50/50 calls and almost every major decision.

    It would be easy to just laugh at treatment given to Spurs but the bigger picture here proves just how corrupt the league has become and someone obviously felt the need to bring a halt to their good run. To My mind Spurs had become a real threat and received the kind of biased performance from the officails that we have seen dished out to Arsenal on many occasions in recent seasons.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Tasos, I have been thinking the same about that.

    And in a way we laughed about it when it happened just as other teams would laugh with it when it happened to us. In fact most supporters laugh it away as long as it doesn’t happen to their own team.

    I think this is where we do a great job. Our ref reviewers are not afraid to call a bad call a bad call even when we gladly accept the consequence of that bad call (spuds losing points). But as a reviewer we take note, we count the numbers and make our judgement based on our views and most of all the numbers.

    So even when tottenham is on the receiving end, we still call it how it was. Thanks to my ref reviewers for this.

  • Tasos


    Agreed. The Ref reviewers are doing a great job. Keep it going.

    Happy new year.

  • Kentetsu

    Great review of a shocking ref performance. One thing about the table for total scores, though… a 200% score for the other decisions? Please explain.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Should have been 50% Kentetsu, glad you noticed it so we can change it

  • This is a great job – thanks Reviewer 03 for not wearing your Arsenal specs for this one, it’s so important we try to remain impartial when doing analysis.

  • Chris Foy should stick to what he’s good at: track cycling 🙂

  • bob

    Of interest is that SAF (aka Don Fergus) has just recently told the media that Spuds right now are playing like the best team in the EPL. Perhaps this is code to those with ears to listen to take heed — that something must be done to derail this threatening run of form. Indeed, when the Don speaks, there are still those who take heed and can take action. Sleepers who are activated when the favors are called in. In any case, despite all of MU’s many injuries, the Don is (tied, but still) at the top of the table. (ManShitty also just being thwarted.) And so,(Irony Alert:) If, through thick and thin, burdened with so many injuries, this courageous, bloodied but unbowed, 70 year old avatar is still there, gazing down from on high, then he is still truly in contention for the Fergie XX. A miracle slowly being born. Who could possibly imagine that, under such duress, that anyone else could prevail? Surely an Anointment could be on the way; and lo, the House of Lords would hold his chair-to-be in ever-reverent readiness. . .