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March 2021

Hull v Arsenal, Saturday 17 September 2016. The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

The referee review from the Southampton game is waiting for Walter’s input on his return from holiday as there were a number of controversial decisions which require his input.

For our game against Hull the match officials are :-

  • Referee – Roger East : a 51 year old from Wiltshire who has been on the select list since 2013
  • Assistant 1 – Darren Cann : from Norfolk
  • Assistant 2 – Matthew Wilkes : from West Midlands
  • Fourth Official – Paul Tierney : a 35 year old from Lancashire and another Select Group Referee

Clearly no geographical conflicts for any of the officials.  Roger East is the oldest referee on the Select Group list and in now 51.

Last year 2014-15 we had him for two home games

Ref Review: Arsenal – Bournemouth

67% overall weighted score, bias against the two teams 69/31 and two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow, red cards, penalties and goals.  Arsenal should have been given a penalty in Min 45+1 for a foul on Giroud by Francis and in Min 59 Bournemouth should have had a penalty for a foul on Gosling by Gabriel.  Arsenal won the game by two goals to nil so the wrong decisions would have made no difference to the score.  Correct win for Arsenal.

Ref Review: Arsenal – Crystal Palace: again no penalty for Arsenal

67% weighted score, bias against the two teams 78/22 and one wrong Important Decision when in Min 24 Delaney fouled Koscielny following an Arsenal corner.  This game finished one all so here the wrong decision probably cost Arsenal two points.

In the 2014/15 season we only had Mr East on one occasion interestingly in our home game against Hull :-

Referee review : Arsenal – Hull : East, West not the best

62% overall score, bias against both teams 82/18 and one wrong Important Decision when in Min 17 the Diame goal for Hull should not have counted due to a clear foul against Flamini in the buildup.  The game finished as a two all draw, had the goal been correctly disallowed a game that Arsenal would probably have won.

There are no league games prior to this for Arsenal with Mr East in charge.

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Rather like last week’s review then there isn’t a lot of information to go on.  There are two consistent features though – all of his weighted scores have been similar and below the minimum 70% acceptable mark (two at 67% and one at 62%).  His bias is at typical PGMO levels at 69, 78 and 82% against Arsenal.

He has failed to award penalties in two of the three matches reviewed, two that chould have been given to Arsenal and one to Bournemouth

Worryingly he failed to disallow a goal despite a clear foul in the build up – not  a sign of  a referee on top of his game.

I hope I am wrong, but Mr East isn’t an official who inspires me with confidence.  I always feel that an important errors is about to happen.

After the first three matchweeks during which Mr East was in charge of two games our review of major wrong decisions by referees shows a total of three – One each of red cards, Penalties and Goals.  Against that he has correctly made one red card and two penalty calls so he can get it right.  I would hope that referees would have a better result than 50/50 on these important decisions (although this has rarely been the case in our analyses).


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From the anniversary files

16 September 1970: Lazio 2 Arsenal 2.  (Radford 2).  After the match the two teams were to have a meal together but a fight broke out, into which most of the players joined.  In 2016 at an AISA AGM Bob Wilson said much of the problem came from the fact that the Lazio team were given a banquet and the Arsenal players simply had scraps.   Arsenal won the return leg 2-0.

You can find 5000 Arsenal anniversaries arranged day by day on the Arsenal History Society site.


11 comments to Hull v Arsenal, Saturday 17 September 2016. The Match Officials

  • para

    For the moment it seems as though they have been reading Untold, as the refs are amazingly decent(well, so-so) with us and even giving penalties too.

    Lets hope this carries on and i can live with “general” mistakes even though they are also serious, but as long as Arsenal are not singled out…

  • omgarsenal

    Excellent analysis Andrew, as always. Officials are well aware of their errors and missed calls because they are reminded by the official assessor, by reviewing their games when writing up their game report and of course by the media,fans,managers and other sources of critique they face each post-match period.

    Contrary to what UA maintains, I do not believe that the PIGMOB officials willingly, and out of spite or whatever, alter their behaviour and decision-making to hinder Arsenal. They seem to be pressured to make certain calls ubiquitously, regardless of the teams involved, and also to take a laissez-faire attitude towards serious foul play all too often, in the name of promoting non-stop Football. I can personally attest to the number of mistakes an official makes in a normal professional game, It averages around 1 every 15 minutes or so. That makes about 6-8 mistakes per game. such mistakes can be missing fouls, offsides, throw-ins, types of free-kick awarded, cautions, etc.This is ordinary human fallibility. Anything more and we get very suspicious about what is going on. 6-8 mistakes per game mean a score of around 80-85% accuracy in a normal game.

  • Norman14

    Robert (Call me Bobbie) Madeley has been demoted to 4th official for TWO games this weekend, no doubt as punishment for letting us win against Saints last week.

    Not normally a watcher of Friday Night Football, but I’ll be watching the two managers very closely tonight. You cannot have inconsistency in a simple thing like staying in the technical area. At least tell the manager what he’s done wrong and what you want him to do, even if it is a tosser like Hughes!

  • Norman14


    80-85% accuracy would be acceptable – but not 65% or less.

    Nobody believes Riley when he says 96% of decisions are correct, because that would be nigh impossible.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    From the East cometh my help. Both Hull and Arsenal will look on to Ref’ Roger East for lawful helps in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the game and his appointment as a Premier League referee. Anything short of a high quality performance referring in this match tomorrow by Mr East will be unacceptable.

    Le Prof has said in his press conference today that Olivier Giroud is a doubt for the Hull game tomorrow. Since a doubt is hovering on his head and Walcott too is not totally absolved from this doubt, I think it will be better for Arsenal if Le Prof leaves the duo altogether out of this match. Hull will be a tough nut to crack and we can’t be going to the KCOM stadium with Gunners who are a doubt and leave behind Gunners who are fully fit.

    Consequently, I am updating the starts and bench I made early this morning on this site for this match as follows. And see if they will tally with those of Le Prof when he made his own available tomorrow..

    My reversed starts and bench:
    Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Monreal.
    Xhaka Cazorla.
    Iwobi Ozil Perez.

    Bench: Ospina Debuchy Holding Gibbs Coquelin Oxchambo Akpom.

    I’ve not made any changes to my starting line-up but I’ve introduced one change which is Akpom on my bench. I know Le Prof must have earmarked him to start the Nottingham Forest ELC match. But as I’ve pointed out, Hull could be stubborn to subdue under Mike Hasley their new manager who has show how difficult it was for the stars studded Man Utd to nick one goal past them. Akpom being such a natural striker who scores goals with some ease could complement the goals scoring efforts of the team as he comes on from the bench if Le Prof included him in his 18 man match day squad for Hull.

  • Diego Simeone7/1 to take over arsenal…….

  • Gord

    Well, I guess I should tell Wenger what to do as well.

    Martinez in goal
    Debuchy Koscielny Holding Gibbs
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    With that mess for a lineup, I will leave the bench to Wenger to sort out any problems I might have created. 🙂

    And I see in the news, that Lord Bendtner is getting acclimated to the Nottingham Forest.

    Congratulations to Danielle Carter on the hat trick.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Mr East for this one….can see the concern, but none of our nightmare refs yet…we just know what’s coming against Chelsea

  • Gord

    Google News headlines popped up this little wonder:

    > “It would also give more ammunition to the anti-Arsene Wenger Arsenal fans who bombard the radio phone-ins after every Gunners setback.

    Now, if some BBC person is smart enough to realize this, which can’t they figure out their muppets are not wanted? Or maybe that we would prefer to watch games, without one or idiots babbling along. Just give us the crowd noise.

    I kind of wonder about the “massive injury to Giroud”. He got that in the last game, and it is only today that some medja sites have clued in?

    Some medja sites just cannot leave the trasfer business alone.

    Okay, I will make a transfer prediction. In 7 years time, Arsenal will be the first team in the world to sign a pair of mirror hyphenated players. One player will be named Jones-Smith and the other one will be named Smith-Jones.

  • Norman14


    Well, it can’t be Atkinson as they had him last night.

    Which leaves MIKE “SHIT” DEAN 🙁

  • Norman14


    Agree, who needs “commentary” by “experts” ?