But we were told that “among those to leave the north London club is head of youth scouting Steve Morrow, who was told he is no longer needed in his role.”   Later the piece added, “The others staff members who are believed to have been axed include Kevin Beadell, Dan Rice and Dave Lee, who each held recruitment positions at the Emirates.”  This showed a certain lack of proof reading (it should be “other” not “others”) and more importantly a lack of sustainable facts indicated by “believed to be”.

And then it gets really murky because it says, “The Daily Mail reports that the departures are yet to be formally confirmed by the club, but the wheels are firmly in motion.”  Yet in fact the Mail was citing the Mirror in this case – in other words each is quoting the other with no one taking responsibility for the story.  And when journalists won’t take responsibility it usually means it is a load of baloney.

There is some agreement in the media that Steve Morrow did leave the club (although not everyone on line concurs that this happened) and of those who say he has left not everyone agrees he was sacked.