Who are Arsenal selling this summer & what do we need to do?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Preparing for the regular review of who is tipped to be leaving and who is tipped to be coming into Arsenal this summer I came across a previously un-noted (at least by us) website “Top Flight”, which has the headline, “What the Gunners need to do to get back to the Wenger days”

Now I found that interesting because most bloggers and journalists refused to admit there ever was such a thing as the Wenger days in a positive sense, and many including those with their little “Wenger out” banners and occasional aeroplanes seemed to feel there was nothing good about the past.

As we were told by the online gooner and other plotters, over and over “Fourth is not a trophy”, and perhaps they are now pleased that we are no longer challenging for fourth.

But Top Flight seem to suggest that the Wengerian Era which came before the Emeratian Interlude and the Arteta Arrival, maybe wasn’t quite so bad after all, and now we need to recover something of that time.

To do this, they tell us that “Arsenal need a new defence” stipulating that “players like Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Mustafi and David Luiz all need to be sold in the up and coming transfer window.”

That would of course leave us with pretty much no defence at all, and given the way these “supporters” have denigrated those players, little income either, since their value must have dropped significantly as a result of the relentless attacks on them.

But for such writers, money seems to be something that is always available no matter what, and so the bold announcement is made that, “Arteta needs to bring in quality defenders that can grow with the club and his ideology, as well as improve the team. Even if he brings in just two top defenders, this would help stabilise the team and bring some peace of mind to the forwards and remove some unwanted pressure.”

There is however a problem here.  New players who can come in and instantly make an impact in defence rather than grow into the team over a period of their first season, are very hard to find.   Vieira most certainly did it from the moment he came onto the pitch for his first match.  Tony Adams picked it up very quickly, as did David O’Leary, but those were players who understood the club from the start.

But most defenders take their time.  Koscielny for example became a key part of the team, but he looked anything but that at the start.

At such a moment the manager needs to hold his nerve – which can be difficult at Arsenal where the anti-fans express their opinions very quickly and repeatedly and can unnerve the best of players.

Anyway, TopFlight seems to suggest that one only has to bring in the “right” players and then all is fine, forgetting perhaps that Mustafi was indeed considered as a top defender across Europe when he was signed, until the AAA destroyed his confidence because, well, just because they think it is a fun thing to do.

Apparently we also need a creative midfielder and the publication suggests Coutinho is available in the market and Arsenal should make a move for a player of his quality.

“He will bring flair and provide goals from the midfield, which the Gunners lack at the moment,” they say.

Unfortunately not all agree as FourFourTwo state that “A transfer to the Premier League won’t reverse Philippe Coutinho’s fall from grace,” adding, “The Barcelona playmaker has been linked with Tottenham and Chelsea – but after a wrong career step it’s hard to shake his new image as a complementary midfielder.”

And this really is part of the problem.  For every opinionated scribbler who tells us who we need to buy there is someone else saying “don’t”

And then there is Sky Sports endlessly telling us what a cock up we made of it all by not signing players even if the players themselves chose not to come to Arsenal.  As with their current piece, “Riyad Mahrez, Wilfried Zaha, Marco Reus: Arsenal’s top 50 signings that got away.”  No, not got away, were never coming.

Meanwhile here are just some of the players who are not coming but going – at least according to the media…

Player Why Source Where to
1 Aubameyang Desperate to leave Express PSG
2 Guendouzi Annoying the manager Star, FoLo ?
3 Lacazette Exchange for Lemar Metro, HITC Atletico Madrid, Inter
4 Maitland Niles Only himself to blame Pain in the Arsenal AC Milan
5 Mustafi Fans hate him TDfichajes AC Milan
6 Ozil Media campaign Every outlet Turkey
7 Sokratis Newsbytesap Roma
8 Tierney Arsenal willing to accept less  than they paid to raise cash 90 Min, HITC, Sport Review.  Talk Sport say no, HITC covers that. Leicester want him for “cut price” deal
9 Xhaka Had enough of fans Pretty much everywhere Hertha Berlin



4 Replies to “Who are Arsenal selling this summer & what do we need to do?”

  1. Tony

    “And then there is Sky Sports endlessly telling us what a cock up we made of it all by not signing players even if the players themselves chose not to come to Arsenal. As with their current piece, “Riyad Mahrez, Wilfried Zaha, Marco Reus: Arsenal’s top 50 signings that got away.” No, not got away, were never coming.”

    Even if, as you say Tony, these targets didn’t actually ‘get away’ as they probably were ‘never coming’ in the first place, that’s not the point, because yet again all it is, is an opportunity to bash Arsenal, irrespective of any credibility or context what so ever.

    To do that they would need to do 2 things that they clearly never do:

    1) Show some evidence that any of the players mentioned were ever coming.

    2) Show why Arsenal alone are deserving of being singled out for ridicule like this by demonstrating exactly how it is Arsenal differ from any other club with regards to actual targets that ‘get away’. Are they saying no other clubs have players on their ‘wish list’ that they fail to acquire. That seems highly unlikely to me, but where’s the list of Spurs targets that got away for example?

    To get an idea of just how ridiculous this sort of pathetic nonsense is you just have to take a look at the latest count of Arsenal ‘targets’ this year alone.

    I know it’s more, but for ease lets say it’s a nice round 100. And lets say we actually do acquire 5 of them. I know that’s more than the usual accuracy but again just for the hell of it.

    That means that this year alone SKY could quite easily run the headline:


    If you went back over the last few years Untold has been running these lists of ‘supposed’ Arsenal targets I would suggest if SKY had been so inclined they could of ran the headline: THE 600 PLAYERS ARSENAL LET GET AWAY.

    That is how pathetic that article really is.


    I find it beyond belief that anybody can still deny this anti Arsenal bias in the media exists. Tony, you have highlighted article after article of complete and utter garbage that is mostly, or often as not, completely fictional and almost always without either evidence or context at all.

    I am still waiting for the Untold Police (he knows who he is) to show us any similar made up nonsense about any other PL Club.

  2. I wonder if Liverpool are getting crucufued for letting Werner be snatched up by Chelsea… I mean they are a totally incapable lot, are they not ? The guy is german like their manager, the deal was done, etc etc. And now they screwed up. Guess they must be as incompetent as Arsenal. who’s talking about it ?

  3. Chris

    Re Werner.

    As I said above, I’m sure our very own one man police force will be showing us that, as well as all the other examples of endless criticism that is apparently being aimed at Liverpool, Spurs, Utd, Chelsea etc. like it is us.

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