Arsenal’s record breaking cup final run and Arteta’s amazing Wembley record

By Tony Attwood and Christophe Jost

These days it is not so hard as it used to be to knock up appearances at Wembley Stadium since FA Cup semi-finals and the Community Shield games are played there as well as the final.  But even so what Mikel Arteta and Arsenal have done of late really is rather amazing.

For we must remember that Arteta has appeared of late at Wembley in cup semi-finals and finals with Arsenal as a player and as a manager.  I don’t have the wherewithal to check if that has happened before, but I rather suspect not.  At least not this many times.

What is certain is that Arsenal have now won the FA Cup four times in seven seasons.   The only other team to do this was Blackburn Rovers at the turn of the 19th / 20th century when of course the competition to win the cup was far less intense.

Again I don’t have all the data available, but the number of clubs involved in the FA Cup in earlier times was often around 100 to 200, whereas today the number is around 750.    But I am not sure too many, if any, have exceeded Mikel Arteta’s recent record in FA Cup matches at Wembley in such a short period of time.

The previous FA Cup record we had of note for a particular person was seven FA Cup win in 20 years for Mr Wenger as manager.  Maybe Mikel Arteta fancies chasing down that all time record.

And even his achievements have been surpassed by Arsenal as a club.

Here’s Arsenal’s Wembley appearance record of late.  First the semi-finals

Year Round   Winners Losers Score
2014 Semi-final Arsenal Wigan Athletic 1–1 (4-2)
Final Arsenal
2015 Semi-final Arsenal Reading 2–1
2017 Semi-final Arsenal Manchester City 2–1
2020 Semi-final Arsenal Manchester City 2–0

And the finals

Year Winners Losers Score
2014 Arsenal  Hull City 3-2
2015 Arsenal  Aston Villa 4-0
2017 Arsenal  Chelsea 2-1
2020 Arsenal  Chelsea 2-1

And then the Community Shield

Year Winner Score Losers Crowd
2014 Arsenal 3–0 Manchester City 71,523
2015 Arsenal 1–0 Chelsea 85,437
2017 Arsenal 1–1 (4–1 on pens) Chelsea 83,325
2020 Arsenal 1–1 (5–4 on pens) Liverpool 0

Mikel Arteta himself played in the semi-finals and final of the FA Cup in 2014 and 2015, and the Community Shield match of the same years.

As a manager he managed Arsenal to the victories in the FA Cup and Community Shield of 2020.

So Arsenal have now obviously won the FA Cup four times in seven years.  The only other team to do this was Blackburn at the turn of the 19th / 20th century when the competition itself was far less intense. No other team has even reached four finals in just seven seasons.

The top ten teams for appearances in the semi-finals are

Team Appearances Won Lost
Arsenal 30 21 9
Manchester United 30 20 10
Everton 26 13 13
Chelsea 24 14 10
Liverpool 24 14 10
Aston Villa 21 11 10
Tottenham Hotspur 21 9 12
West Bromwich Albion 20 10 10
Blackburn Rovers 18 8 10
Newcastle United 17 13 4

And for the final itself here are the figures taken from Wiki’s table of cup finals.

Club Wins First final won Last final won Runners-up Last final lost Total final
Arsenal 14 1930 2020 7 2001 21
Manchester U 12 1909 2016 8 2018 20
Chelsea 8 1970 2018 6 2020 14
Tottenham Ho 8 1901 1991 1 1987 9
Liverpool 7 1965 2006 7 2012 14
Aston Villa 7 1887 1957 4 2015 11
Newcastle U 6 1910 1955 7 1999 13
Manchester C 6 1904 2019 5 2013 11
Blackburn Rovers 6 1884 1928 2 1960 8
Everton 5 1906 1995 8 2009 13
West Bromwich  5 1888 1968 5 1935 10
Wanderers 5 1872 1878 0 5

I’d say that is all rather jolly.

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  1. I’m not that enamoured with loans that appear to be continuous.
    If Ceballos is good enough for Arsenal, then we should press for a sale.
    Otherwise he could become a vital member of the first squad, following which R Madrid could demand his return.
    Not a satisfactory situation.

  2. Ehehn. So, Danni Cebbalos is coming back to Arsenal this summer for one more year. And is that really a good news for Arsenal? Maybe Yes or No depending which of the options divide one ascribed himself to. But for me, I prefer to sit on the fence not taking side but to watch what kind of quality game Cebbalos will bring to Arsenal to play for the club next season when he comes that will be higher in difference to the last average quality game he brought to Arsenal last season that he played for the club. But take it from me, I am not castigating him. Because he could improved on his last season average quality performance forArsenal to perform highly in quality for the clung next season. But consistency is the key but not just one or two top quality performance show up in games for Arsenal in the PL that matters. Because the PL season campaign is long and Arsenal will need top quality players who can perform consistently for the club at the top level of the game throughout the entire course of the season. campaign. But according to the rumours that are emanating front the media and being pedeled, the rumours making rounds in the corners is having it that Arsena could sign one of Houssem Aouer 22 from Lille. again. Or Barca’s Philippe Cortinoh 28 all central attacking midfielders whose quality is believed to be higher than that possessed by Cebbalos. But, Aouer is reported to have been Covid-19 struck. Maybe that has made Arsenal to cool their interest in him. And the money that will bring Cortinoh to the Ems this summer if he becomes available and Arsenal are to sign gimmick this summer could be colossal. So, it isn’t surprising then to see Arsenal went for a cheaper option in Cebbalos, But to think of it, I have been browsing on the internet visiting almost all sites that needed visiting since morning to see if I will come across any current or fresh Arsenal transfer news to read, but I must have missed the latest news on Cebbalos as it is has been the recycled old Arsenal summer transfer news that I have come across and have been reading.

  3. After reading my last comment posting when it has been published, I have seen there are many typographical errors in spellings on it. So, UA I apologize for this my errors in spellings which in the first place should have rendered my comment not good enough for publishing. For, I could be laughed at. But despite this, the UA still did me a favour by going ahead to published my comment. I think henceforth, I will try to prove read my comment postings several times to stop any possible errors making on them and correct them before clicking on the Post Comment button to send.

  4. It’s interesting seeing Arsenal fans long for CL qualification. The entitled brats mocked 20 consecutive entries.

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