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April 2021

As Arsenal sink lower changing the manager again is not the answer

By Tony Attwood

And so we have now had the first suggestion that we should get rid of Mr Arteta and bring in… Brendon Rodgers. That’s the media’s idea of course, I’ve no idea what other Arsenal fans think of it. Not something I’d like to see.

But it goes on and on. We got […]

Premier League: The best bromances of the league

Premier League: The best bromances of the league

For centuries, football has always gathered millions of fans around the world regardless of race or religion. However, apart from this solidarity around football fans, it also happens that links are formed between players of the same team.

We tend to forget it but football is above […]

Premier League: No one seems to have planned for anything to go wrong.

By Tony Attwood

In the last set of figures presented via annual accounts, the 20 clubs in the Premier League were shown to have a turnover of £4.827 bn. Which is quite a lot of money.

Their wages bill was just over half that. 58% to be (more or less) exact.

Now obviously the virus […]

Do Granit Xhaka’s yellow cards make him an absolute liability?

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By Sir Hardly Anyone

We all know that Granit Xhaka gets yellow cards. All the time. Which means that he spends most of his playing time being doubleplus extra careful, hardly daring to do another tackle […]

Why football journalists should learn from their political colleagues and start asking questions

by Tony Attwood

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It is rare for journalists to be banned by football clubs.

It has happened in a few cases in the old days when local newspapers held sway in provincial towns, and could often have sports sections that […]

Why Arsenal might consider Eddie Howe as the next manager

By Tony Attwood

Here is a list of the Premier League clubs that have won the Premier League, plus two that are conventionally included in the “big six” list but who have not won the Premier League at all.

In the second column we see the number of managers they have had, then how many […]

Back to business – The EPL 2011/2012 Season Visualised!

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By DogFace

After last night’s brave show of spirit I thought it was about time to regain some focus and get back to the business at hand, and that is, of course, the Champions League… or more to the point – the qualification thereof […]