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March 2021

How Arsenal got into this mess, and the one thing they must now do.

By Tony Attwood

Slowly, very slowly, there are a few people in the media who are starting to consider the wider issue of the Kroenkes influence on Arsenal in recent years. The issue that is slowly, very slowly, being raised is, is the downturn in Arsenal’s fortunes of late due to poor management by […]

63 players tipped for Arsenal! Pre-window transfers reach an all time record

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I think I am right in saying that never before in the history of never before, have so many players been tipped by so few to go to the Arsenal before the window swings open.

There are 42 days before the window swings open (do remember if writing about transfers the […]

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the agents (Shakespeare, almost)

By Tony Attwood

OK, you might be expecting me to argue in a piece about what is wrong with football, that the force blocking all change is the notoriously conservative Football Association, and yes’ I’d go along with that.

But there is another force acting against all change, and they are much more powerful than […]

The 49 players now tipped for Arsenal this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

A quick peek in through the shuttered windows of the Toppled Bollard (favourite drinking house of football journalists across London) reveals the awful truth. It’s shut.

Which is why the rumour mill has gone into hyperplus overdrive as those who make up the summer transfer tales eschew their normal drinking […]

£4.5bn is in outstanding transfer fees, and few have got the money to pay.

By Tony Attwood

Slowly it has been realised: the clubs across Europe owe around £4.5bn in transfer fees.

Of course in one way it can be said that that is not a crisis since everyone owes everyone else, so if A pays B then B pays C etc and […]

Is this a real attempt to undermine Arsenal, or just whacky gibberish?

by Sir Hardly Anyone

“The six players Arsenal must sell this summer to give Mikel Arteta the squad he needs” is a challenging headline. Six? I mean really six? More than half a squad??? All sold at once???

Of course, some of them might be youngsters or players who are already out on […]

The eight Arsenal transfer stories currently being talked up – all gathered together.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Although the media started the enforced Winter Break by shouting about the players Arsenal were going to buy and should be selling, they have settled down a little, seemingly finding few new names since the initial outburst to pull out of imaginary hats – perhaps because this imaginary transfer window […]

The 42 players tipped by all-knowing journalists to be signing for Arsenal.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Strangest headline of the day: after months of knocking Mustafi at every turn Goal gives us this one, “Arteta confirms Arsenal looking for reinforcements after Mustafi injury blow”. Two weeks ago an injury to Mustafi would have been hailed in the media as a bonus for Arsenal! Now it […]

Number of players now tipped to be coming to Arsenal this month reaches 40. Here’s the list.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Follow the video on Untold Gooner News

According to the latest gossip Pablo Mari is on the verge of a move to Arsenal after the Spanish defender flew into London to complete the formalities of a £7million transfer from Flamengo.

So says the Telegraph. Is it true? At the moment, I’ve […]

No agreement on transfer regulations as Britain leaves the EU heralds league chaos

By Tony Attwood


Untold Updates videos

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There are still no signs of an agreement as to which footballers will be allowed to play in the UK in the aftermath of Britain leaving the European Union.

The initial worry […]

All the players Arsenal are going to sign this window

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

Just Arsenal have an interesting take on Arsenal’s future with the headline “The Arsenal board are close to sabotaging Mikel Arteta”. The headline leads to a statement that the Arsenal board needs to back Mikel Arteta, but that they are not. The point is made that “Arteta is having […]

Transfer table update: the 23 players Arsenal are tipped to be buying

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I am not sure there has ever been a transfer window like this with such a paucity of transfer news as we have in this one. Normally by now we’d expect to have 40 to 50 men coming to Arsenal, but this January, its very poor. Very, very poor. Just 23, […]

Arsenal players must be sold as new tactical approach revealed, but no money

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Having more or less run out of players to tip as being the men about to join Arsenal, the media have reversed their strategy today and are now looking for players that they can claim are about to leave.

Unfortunately one of the pre-requisites for being a football journalist these days […]

The signings we are going to make in January and the players being promoted

By Sir Hardly Anyone

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Oh yes. We have a new manager so now we have a list of all the players that we are going to buy. And here, right before […]

Is Monreal really leaving? A lack of alternatives could be worrying.

By Roger Miller

Arsenal could be shorn of the services of fan favourite Nacho Monreal after he was heavily linked with a move back to Spain. The left-back was one of the few Gunners stars to emerge with any credit from a dismal 2017/18 campaign as he impressed with some solid displays.

He […]

Strikers: the second Arsenal gamble of Summer 2015 (and will we buy this summer?)

By Tim Charlesworth

My last article talked about the two big gambles that Wenger took in constructing the squad in the summer of 2015. The first gamble was in midfield and the second was in the striker/no 9 position. So now we take a look at last season’s strikers. We went into […]

Untold internationals (or the interlull as @arseblog calls it!)

As the cleaners move in to tidy up all the shards of glass that were smashed when the transfer window slammed shut we woke up to find we have one extra international footballer. Welcome Danny Wellbeck!

Once before I attempted to see where our current squad would be getting injured while away from Arsenal duty, […]