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April 2021

How Arsenal got into this mess, and the one thing they must now do.

By Tony Attwood

Slowly, very slowly, there are a few people in the media who are starting to consider the wider issue of the Kroenkes influence on Arsenal in recent years. The issue that is slowly, very slowly, being raised is, is the downturn in Arsenal’s fortunes of late due to poor management by […]

As Arsenal sink lower changing the manager again is not the answer

By Tony Attwood

And so we have now had the first suggestion that we should get rid of Mr Arteta and bring in… Brendon Rodgers. That’s the media’s idea of course, I’ve no idea what other Arsenal fans think of it. Not something I’d like to see.

But it goes on and on. We got […]

Deluded Arsenal fans shamelessly exploited by misleading publisher

By Tony Attwood

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There seems to be no end of ways in which websites, newspapers and broadcasters can mislead – but seizing hold of comments by two or three supporters which are simply untrue, and then republishing them as if […]

This is the worst Arsenal season in 25 years. But can we do what we did back then?

By Tony Attwood

And so the noisy fans with their little banners and rather small protest marches have had their way. Two managers out and millions upon millions upon millions spent on players – just as they demanded. And for what?

Well, in order to get us seven points above relegation

Team P W D […]

Kicking Arteta before he’s even started

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We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

by Bulldog Drummond

Thus we have kicked out the most successful Arsenal manager of all time, in terms of trophies and in terms of win percentage, and replaced his with the second most successful manager […]

You want to see media bias and inaccuracy? Try this.

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We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

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The 14 men tipped to be Arsenal’s next manager (although hopefully not all at once).

By Adam Up


Untold Gooner News video: A lesson in how to silence the critics


The Daily Mirror has done an update of the list of men said to be “in the running” for the job of Arsenal coach, and what do you know. Although the list is remarkably similar to the […]

Why Arsenal might consider Eddie Howe as the next manager

By Tony Attwood

Here is a list of the Premier League clubs that have won the Premier League, plus two that are conventionally included in the “big six” list but who have not won the Premier League at all.

In the second column we see the number of managers they have had, then how many […]