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July 2008

Setanta/Sky desparate to avoid repeat of 2007 embarrassment over Arsenal

The opening half of the 2007/8 season is one the schedule writers at Sky and Setanta certainly want to forget.

Convinced by the propaganda put out by their own pundits that Arsenal would sink to mid-table obscurity they abandoned us to a round of 3pm saturday kick-offs (apart from the ones the police moved to […]

This Arsenal page says nothing about Nasri

I love Goonernews and always try to ensure its on blogs and the like, but sometimes for reasons that no one quite knows, they don’t run all the exciting and wonderful stories that we cover.

So just in case you are fed up with 20831 different sites telling you that we signed this French guy, […]

Why all Arsenal fans should rejoice in the end of Luton Town

Now it is rather churlish I know to kick a little person when down, so laying into Luton Town may look a trifle unbecoming.

But they give me bad memories, and they have clearly done a lot that is wrong. So I think it is time if not for a kick, then at least a […]

Oh look what the Sun said about Arsenal

Yesterday (10 July) the Sun wrote some stuff about the Arsenal. And somehow I just wish that it were true. Because they also wrote some amusing bits about the lovely people who live down the Lane – the Tiny Totts, not to mention Liverpool Weetabix.

First, that BarbarByesome Blacksheep are buying Hleb for £15 million. […]