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November 2008

Lincoln City teach Tottenham how to do it

While the Tiny Fantasists (managed by Harry Hotspur) and Portsmouth (previously managed by the self same chap) have both utterly failed to do anything about one of the awful outbreak of racism and homophobia against Sol Campbell, and while the EPL and the FA have likewise failed to take any action whatsoever over the action […]

If Hleb and Flamini had stayed put…

Of course these conditional exercises are difficult to see through – there are always far too many variables, but still it is interesting to look at the options…

Thinking of Hleb I think we would have been far worse off. Nasri would not have been signed, and we would have had a lot of dribbles, […]

Anotther day, another crisis

Except today’s crisis isn’t at Arsenal – its with Manchester City who have spent the megabillions and don’t seem to win very many matches.

There is talk of their manager known (in this house at least) as The Ooze, being given the push. Ever since he had his spat with Cesc and asked for an […]

We had it all; can we do it again?

Of course no one needs me to say that yesterday at the Ems everything was lovely – apart from the fact that I lost my voice (which of course is irrelevant). The guy behind us apologised to my partner at the end of the game for his language which basically managed to use the f-word, […]

Just 9 weeks to go.

So, its 9 weeks until the transfer window, so the stories are starting to go around that Cesc is off to Barca, Adebayor is off somewhere else, and 62 year old Bob Dylan is going to play at right back tomorrow.

OK so I made that last one up, but it might as well be […]

Should Arsenal go where Liverpool and Manchester have gone?

I suppose in the end it is a matter of one’s perspective over time.

The media aided by the PR machines of Manchester, Liverpool and Chelsea, and supported by a number of Arsenal blogs, have suggested that we must win something this season otherwise it is all some sort of unspecified disaster.

Who knows – […]

Wenger or Usmanov, that’s the choice

Reading the blogs and news groups today the comments have reached near hysteria. But there are still a couple of points that haven’t been fully explored.

First, there is the rather obvious fact that anything less than fulsome support for the team in forthcoming games will serve no one but the opposition. It’s obvious but […]

Bischoff starts to show why we bought him

Bischoff came to Arsenal as a injured player who had been out for something like a year – with an injury. He came to us from Werder Bremen.

He is, in my view, worth watching because Wenger said signing him was a gamble, he’s a central midfielder and it turns out he’s rather good.

He […]

Bischoff scores

Just thought you might like to know, Bischoff has just scored his first ever goal for Arsenal. He did a neat flip of the ball over the Fulham defender’s head and flipped it over the keeper from outside the area, to give Arsenal Reserves the lead on 40 minutes.

The recovery continues and all being […]

Let’s imagine Wenger leaves

Reading through all the current stories on Gooner News, and looking at today’s posts on the RedAction news group it is clear that a substantial majority of people who post articles believe that the Lord Wenger is no longer a Lord, and not even a Sir, but in fact little more than a guy who […]

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Levy

In December 2003 Tottenham Hotspur announced that they were going to raise £15m through a share offer.

Then they did something very funny – they told potential investors that the club was a good investment for despite having been knocked out of the diddly widdly cup early on, and not being in Europe, they […]

Territorial Misdemeanours

This weekend the team at the bottom of the league beat the team at the top of the league. The team who were a couple from bottom beat the team who were 4th.

The first story seems to be full of Harry Hotspur and the miracle of the man whose only previous achievement is to […]

What every true Arsenal fan should do now

It is quite simple – what we should all do is turn up at the game against Fenerbahce and support the team as much as we would if we were in the middle of the Unbeaten Season.

That is what support means, and for anyone who thinks it is clever or good to start moaning […]