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November 2008
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November 2008

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Arsenal one goal down at half time twice

Funny old game. At half time it was Bristol 1 Arsenal 0. Or if you were watching the other one it was the Russians 1 Arsenal 0.

Given that Arsenal had won every single game this season, and last season the score at Bristol, where I was, was a bit of a shock.

You know […]

Time for something different

The point of life is to keep changing.

(OK no one else has to follow my dictum of course, but that’s what has kept me going all these years, and it seems to serve me well).

So today I am venturing (in an hour or so) to do something very different. Instead of sitting watching […]

All football ticket prices down as VAT reduced…

Well, that’s the theory. VAT comes down on Monday from 17.5% to 15% and there is, of course, VAT on ticket prices.

So will we see a decline in prices?

If Arsenal applied the discount then £50 tickets would be priced £48.94. Since they won’t do this then the club is in effect raising prices […]

Eduardo plays, Gazidis is signed, the injured returned, Flamini is a twirp

This week Jonathan Neale forwarded me a great article on the new man Ivan Gazidis and from reading that it seems that everything about him is good. It is doubtful that after all this time Arsenal would have done anything other than get the very man they want, and that could mean some significant success […]

Arsenal and the world tomorrow

Consider this:

Manchester Bankrupt draw two games 0-0, and even Sir Alex F-Word wakes up to the reality of rotational fouling – commenting on the way it is done on C Ronaldo

Milan’s star player says he wouldn’t mind moving to the EPL to play for Man City, while the same C Ronaldo as above […]

The French agree, the British journalists are after Arsenal

It has been a regular theme here that British football journalists make up stories morning, noon and night. I say that because in an earlier life I worked as a journalist.

During this time I worked for a year in Algiers where the main source of news for me was the French papers. From day […]

Arsenal plagarists rampant

It has come to my attention that some people have copied some of my ramblings on this site and posted them elsewhere under their own name as their own work.

I can’t imagine why anyone would bother to pass off my work as their own on the internet – it just seems daft – I […]

Chelsea v Arsenal, a tiny problem

It was deeply shocking to find that some 800 seats were unsold for the game last night. Arsenal meandered into the knock out stages for something like the sixth year running, using mostly a reserve team (Ade, Sagna, Kolo, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, Theo, Eboue… none of them could play). It does seem that it is […]

Negativity is everywhere, but it shouldn’t be at Arsenal

Liverpool, it pains me to say, are jumping around in first or second place in the EPL/

Yes I know this is an Arsenal blog, and if you have ever read it before you will know that nothing will ever shake my belief in Arsenal, but I mention this thing about Liverpool Insolvents because of […]

It is not so easy to do an Arsenal

I’ve always believed the Mr Abramovich is a complex man – loads of cash, of course, no worries how his businesses do business, obviously, but something else too. My view (and of course I have no inside information from his psychiatrist) is that he not only has to win at his game, he has […]

When lots of blogs say the same thing about Arsenal…

I do find it interesting when a theme emerges and lots of blogs, or indeed lots of journalists, all go down the same route, saying much the same thing.

One of the key blog themes at the moment, in seems to me, is the issue of the Lord Wenger’s “stubbornness”. In that everyone in the […]

New Arsenal management committee makes changes

The Arsenal Management Committee made up of blogmasters from the around the world (except me – they wouldn’t let me play and took the ball away), has made radical changes to the club.

As I exclusively revealed just before I had the last drink, Arsenal supporters now run the team and the club, in the […]

These developments at Arsenal must be for the good

This blog is about supporting Arsenal, deifying the Lord Wenger, and saying what a load of silly people all the other football teams are. (Apart from Torquay United, who I also support for reasons that will not become clear at this time).

But of course a quick glance at the EPL table will suggest that […]

Meet Mr Usmanov


Alisher Usmanov owns about 24% of Arsenal, which makes him close to being the biggest shareholder – Danny Fiszman has just about the same level of shareholding. Mr Usmanov is what the newspapermen (in that funny sort of shorthand way that they have) a “metals magnate” which presumably means […]

How to alienate your fan base

When football clubs are run by money grabbing Americans who are intent on filling the club with debt while having no sense of what a British football club means to its supporters then two things happen.

One is the club ultimately goes bust, but meanwhile while this is happening, it alienates everyone and the supporters […]

Theo should be ready for the next game

The problem is, that means the next game for England.

On a different matter, one of the interesting things about yesterday’s little piece about the Lord Wenger leaving the club was the way the commentaries on the piece could be analysed. Including not just the comments that went up on the site, but also those […]

Wenger resigns

Following weeks of anguish and annoyance expressed by fans, the Lord Wenger has agreed to step aside as Arsenal’s manager.

Sir Peter Hill-Wood has announced that in a revolutionary move the manager will be replaced by a committee of fans who will decide who to play, who to buy, and who to sell, how much […]

Arsenal put 30,000 up for sale

In a radical move Arsenal FC has announced that it is to offer a number of its supporters for sale in the January transfer window.

“It is important to be able to rotate the fans as well as the team,” said the Head of Things, at the Emirates Stadium. “Some of these supporters have been […]

Anti-football develops another tactic

From the start of football there have been tough players – defenders for example who would say to a passing forward “go past me once more sunshine and I’ll break your jaw”. And he would and the ref would give a freekick. Maybe.

The first manager I ever heard talk openly about playing Anti-football as […]

Nasri to Barca, Cesc to Real M, Henry to Arsenal

If you have never read it, and you like a spot of laughter, it is always worth taking a peek at page 338 on BBC Teletext.

It is a summary, updated daily, of the madcap ramblings of a drunken bunch of nae’r do wells with nothing else to say (ie Fleet Street’s Finest). Each story […]

How Arsenal are producing English superstars…

In deepest darkest Hertfordshire (Shenley to be exact) there is a biological laboratory. Surrounded by armed guards and men in track suits, it houses one of the most extraordinary genetic experiments ever seen on British soil.

For it is here, no less, that the Genetic Research Experimental Facility is based. Funded by Arsenal FC the […]

Arsenal and that “Little squad” problem

Arsenal, we are repeatedly told has a little squad. That’s why they can’t win things. To win things you need a Big Squad. With a Big Squad you win things.

Its worth putting both ways round because it is said so often. You know the game – one journalist says it so another says it, […]

How quickly these cynics deny what they said

Have you noticed the change in the way the wind blows?

And how everyone in the world of journalism is now denying they were puffing in the opposite direction?

Until a few weeks ago the Lord Wenger was the total enemy of English football, singlehandedly destroying our chances of playing in European matches and winning […]

Mimicking Arsenal doesn’t work

According to the Sun (that great vanguard of truth and taste) Ray Wilkins of CSKA said exciting things about Arsenal’s cup win against Wigan.

Things like “You enter a competition to win the competition. Why go into it if you’re not concerned whether you win it? Playing a young or weakened team undermines the value […]

Liverpool & Everton will be the first to crash financially.

On the day when everyone is raving (quite rightly) about our team of 3 year olds there’s nothing more to add on that front – save to reiterate that it was possible to get a ticket for £10. If we had been playing the Tiny Fantasists they would have demanded the standard A prices […]