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August 2009

What you should know about Arsenal Independent Supporters Assn

On a day when that wonderful organ, your soaraway Sun, which apparently has reporters who are all nine feet six tall is reporting (and its amazing, I’ve never heard this before) that Barca are mounting a bid for Cesc (and indeed – and here I quote – Arsenal are “sweating on the deal”) it is […]

Denilson and the Defensive Midfield Role

Denilson and The Defensive Midfield Role – by “LRV”

Quite a lot of football fans in Britain seem only able to notice and applaud Defensive Midfielders when they bully or break legs. Understanding of their role and the part which others need to play to enhance it, counts for nothing as far as they are […]

The Arsenal approach looks like being the only answer, as rest of big four discover problems

In the Old World there were four models for football teams:

a) The KGB Fulham approach in which rich owners spent anything they wanted to buy success

b) Manchester IOU and Liverpool I spend more on new players than they receive each year in the hope that one day someone will buy them out

c) […]

The worst ever trip to Arsenal

This article by Walter Broeckx is reprinted from – the Arsenal site for fans in Belgium and Luxemburg. It has been translated by the author.

In the year 1979 I went to Highbury for the first time in my life and saw them lose to Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1. It was still the old North […]

Why the banks support Liverpool & don’t like Arsenal

In an unexpected (by me at least) development the bank RBS (which owns Nat West) sneaked out a statement while I was on holiday, explaining why it keeps on lending money to Liverpool – and why it wants to do it more and more.

These wonderful and exciting people said, “In our view and that […]

How Arsenal share an approach with the Royal Shakespeare Company

These days watching a Royal Shakespeare production is a bit like watching Arsenal at Barnet. The players are there, the skills are there, but the auditorium isn’t.

If you are not devoted to Shakespeare, or you don’t live in England, you’ll not know that about three years ago the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford […]

Welcome to Season 91. Plus Amazing growth of the soaraway Sun

Welcome to Season 91. In September 1919 Arsenal started to play in the First Division, having been awarded a place in the reshuffle that followed the end of the First World War.

The top division was expanded by two clubs at that time, but the issue of promotion was made very murky because the […]

The 10 big assumptions you have to make if you want to assume Arsenal will fail this year

Going off on holiday for a couple of weeks always makes me feel that when I return there ought to be something BIG – some incredible news that has changed the world while I have been away.

Of course it is rarely like that and I returned late last night to see that Newcastle are […]